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Margaret Atwood's Angel Catbird Audio Drama Coming from Audible in February
Angel Catbird, the critically acclaimed, NY Times bestselling graphic novel by Margaret Atwood, Johnnie Christmas, and Tamra Bonvillain, is being adapted as an audio play by Amazon-owned Audible.com as one of its Audible Originals, a series which has also included an adaptation of Locke and Key as well as The X-Files: Cold Cases Atwood wrote[...]
The Wicked + the Divine Christmas Annual #1
Oh, and if you are a fan of WicDiv, then you HAVE to get this issue. The Wicked + the Divine Christmas Annual #1 cover by Jamie McKelvie Okay, The Wicked + the Divine Christmas Annual #1 from Image Comics by Kieron Gillen, Kris Anka, Jen Bartel, Dee Cunniffe, Matt Wilson, Rachel Stott, Ludwig Olimba, Tamra Bonvillain,[...]
Firebug Cover
A press release provides the details on the comic by cartoonist Johnnie Christmas and colorist Tamra Bonvillain: A volcano goddess named Keegan is loose in the world, and the prophecies are unclear whether her coming will bring humanity's destruction or its salvation. In the shadow of a sacred volcano from which Keegan derives her powers, lies the[...]
Howard Chaykin And The Trans Image: Obsession With A Theme
We've discussed, seemingly at length, about the controversy surrounding Howard Chaykin's latest work, the Image Comics release The Divided States of Hysteria; its inclusion of graphic trans panic violence, released on the first week of Pride Month and even with the option of a Pride Month variant cover, and Image Comics lack of response or[...]
A Shaky Start Leading To An Enjoyable Read – Alters Volume One Review
In this, we learn that with each issue, Jenkins would learn new things, that the project included trans consultants as well as trans colourist Tamra Bonvillain, and that Jenkins was working hard to be as informed as possible, whilst also being open to correction and new lessons. And as the story, which follows Charlie a.k.a[...]
So Much Better Than Necessary – Will There Be More Sleepy Hollow From Boom?
Hat tips to colorist Tamra Bonvillain and letterer Jim Campbell for bringing such a sense of polish to the finished product, too The colors suit the subject matter perfectly–making even the creepy vibrant and compelling, and the lettering carries some at times seriously dense dialogue effortlessly, making words a big part of the entertainment behind[...]