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Primer: Clashing Colors
Announced in 2019, DC Comics' middle-grade graphic novel starring an original character Primer, returns next year, in a second volume which sees her trying out to be in the Teen Titans Primer: Clashing Colors, will be published in comic book shops and bookstores on the 5th of September 5, 2023. Primer Tries to Join Teen Titans[...]
Voice Actor Tara Strong on How Harley Quinn Empowered Her Life
Strong has over 600 credits to her name, including Teen Titans Go!, Rugrats, The Powerpuff Girls, My Little Pony, and the Disney live-action series Loki as the voice of the animated Time Variance Authority mascot Miss Minutes The actress spoke with Variety, breaking down some of her iconic roles like Harley Quinn and Batgirl and[...]
Who Will Black Adam Choose To Lead The Justice League? (Dark Crisis #2 Spoilers)
Though it now looks like Pariah may have just saved them for later. But he also dissed Superman's son, Jon Kent – the new Superman of Earth – for putting together a new Justice League to replace the dead one. And suggesting one man to lead a new Justice League. But the Teen Titans didn't have a great[...]
DC Comics Prepares For Next Week's Dark Crisis #1 (Spoilers)
The Great Darkness, perhaps? With the Society of Super-Villains resurrecting him and serving him. Dark Crisis #1 preview And in previews of Dark Crisis #1, as the Teen Titans and others hold a vigil for the Justice League, he – and they – are standing watching on Part of the vigil? It seems not Previews also showed[...]
DC Comics
Matthew Price is a member of the Teen Titans Academy, who fell out of the sky, and was rescued by the U.S.S Eisenhower missing all his memory He has powers of flight, superhuman hearing, durability and strength, as well as a form of heat vision, triggered by a change in emotion But this wannabe Superman[...]
DC Comics
Today is the final issue of the Teen Titans Academy #15 series from DC Comics, by Tim Sheridan and Tom Derenick Though it remains in the DC Universe, and we get a glimpse of the new students joining Teen Titans Academy for the new year Hang on, is that Krypto? Anyway… Teen Titans Academy #15 The comic[...]
Cover image for Teen Titans Academy #15
Preview Teen Titans Academy #15, the final issue of the series, before it's gone for good Check out the preview below. TEEN TITANS ACADEMY #15 DC Comics 0322DC157 0322DC158 – Teen Titans Academy #15 Todd Nauck Cover – $4.99 (W) Tim Sheridan (A) Tom Derenick (CA) Tom Derenick, Matt Herms FINAL ISSUE! In the shadow of the new Titans Tower, the[...]
George Perez Inspires A New Character In Today's Teen Titans Academy
And with both Marvel and DC Comics running tributes to the man, Teen Titans Academy – with the team he is probably most associated with after his long career have a tribute of their own Making George Pérez one of them. Teen Titans Academy #14 With new Teen Titans Academy member Chupacabra, Diego Pérez, named in honour[...]
George Pérez Teen Titans And Avengers Original Artwork At Auction
Today's Heritage Auctions' Signature Internet Session has run George Pérez's original artwork for a number of projects from the seventies, eighties, and nineties, including Teen Titans, Avengers, Infinity Gauntlet and the History Of The DC Universe Take a peek and start counting your change, they all go under the hammer today. George Pérez Teen Titans, Avengers,[...]
DC Comics
We've heard about Teen Justice, the Earth-11 Multiversity team getting its own series spinning out of Dark Crisis, while in Dark Crisis we get a new Young Justice… but first a look at today's Teen Titans Academy and a new team being formed from the bones of the old one. Teen Titans Academy #13 With certain students[...]
Cover image for Teen Titans Academy #13
Raven has an "impossible choice" to make in this preview of Teen Titans Academy #13, which might mean in this issue a Titan… WILL DIE!!! Or maybe two? Beast Boy and Cyborg aren't looking so good Besides, this series is ending soon If DC can kill off the Justice League, why not the Titans as[...]
George Perez Teen Titans Goodness On Auction At ComicConnect
George Perez is known for many things, but I will always love his work on Teen Titans the most With everything happening right now with him, I have been revisiting some of my favorite works of his Boy, as good as events like Crisis and JLA/Avengers are, not to mention his Avengers runs, his work[...]
Teen Titans Original Artwork By George Pérez Up For Auction
His work includes Deadly Hands of Kung-Fu, Creatures on the Loose, Action Comics, Crisis on Infinite Earths, Wonder Woman, Avengers and Teen Titans It was that eighties run with Marv Wolfman on New Teen Titans that would prove so popular it would crossover with Marvel's X-Men, and in the early nineties, he would work with[...]
Red X Identity Revealed In Tomorrow's Teen Titans Academy (Spoilers)
Even if a few scabs need pulling off first. LITG: Red X Revealed and the ten most-read stories, yesterday Red X Revealed In The Daily LITG, 23rd February 2022 Red X Identity Revealed In Tomorrow's Teen Titans Academy (Spoilers) Futurama: Community Star Yvette Nicole Brown Supports John DiMaggio Marvel Legends First Livestream Of 2022 Reveals Galore TMNT, Predator, Toony Terrors, More…All[...]
Teen Titans Academy #12 Swerves Into Its Future State (Spoilers)
Today sees the publication of Teen Titans Academy #12, including a certain revelation as to the identity of the Red X who has been plaguing them so long Well, one of them at least And it also ties in with the Future State version of Teen Titans Academy in more ways than one…  remember the[...]
Last night, Bleeding Cool dropped the bomb about a) the identity of Red X in the Teen Titans Academy books but also that b) everyone had probably guessed who it was Because they pretty much had… Who's The Daddy? Teen Titans Academy #12 and Blue & Gold #6 Spoilers … thanks to DC Comics' consistent colouring schemes[...]
Red X Identity Revealed In Tomorrow's Teen Titans Academy (Spoilers)
The identity of the new Red X in Teen Titans Academy has caused much speculation as to the identity of this character this time around Even as a Future State version of the comic book had still preserved the mystery, somewhat. But in tomorrow's Teen Titans Academy #12, the cat is out of the back And[...]
Cover image for Teen Titans Academy #12
Teen Titans Academy may be canceled in May, but it's February, and here's a preview of Teen Titans Academy #12 Enjoy it while it lasts! Check out the preview below. TEEN TITANS ACADEMY #12 DC Comics 1221DC134 1221DC135 – Teen Titans Academy #12 Todd Nauck Cover – $4.99 (W) Tim Sheridan (A) Mike Norton (CA) Rafa Sandoval It's all come down[...]
DC Cancels Teen Titans Academy in May
Teen Titans Academy will end with May's Teen Titans Academy #15, series writer Tim Sheridan revealed on Twitter today, with the tweet subsequently sent to us by a little bleeder Responding to a tweet asking about the potential for a future storyline, Sheridan tweeted: Alas, I'm afraid there won't be time for any further story arcs,[...]
DC Comics
Risk first appeared in Teen Titans #1 in 1996 Cody Driscoll was abducted by the alien race H'San Natall, but was able to escape with other abductees, who learned that they were all cuckoos, half-alien, half-human as part of a sleeper programme With enhanced strength, speed and ability to take chances, he rebelled with the[...]
Teen Titans Go
Teen Titans Go Undead? DCeased was a series of comic book series spanning a parallel DC Universe where Cyborg's body is used as a carrier for a technological virus version of the Anti-Life Equation that turns the population of the world into zombie-like creatures And that includes a lot of superheroes and villains Created by[...]
Welcome to Saturday Night Previews, where we attach snarky headlines to previews of next week's comics and call it "journalism." Debate over Coronavirus prevention measures have gotten heated lately, but in this preview of Teen Titans Academy #11, the titular Titans are accused of wanting to kill a student Check out the preview below. TEEN TITANS[...]
Conner Kent, Superboy, Gets A New Name In This Week's Titans United
The character was retconned in Teen Titans #1 in 2003 as a Kryptonian/human hybrid made from the DNA of Superman and Lex Luthor. In recent years, Conner Kent was excised from continuity as he was considered too confusing, as Jon Kent, the son of Lois Lane and Clark Kent become the new Superboy He has recently[...]
Misgrndering In DC Comics Today - Teen Titans And Action Comics
Teen Titans Academy #10 sees Stitch going up against the Titans on a major point of principle But also throws in a more minor one We start with the idea of the Titans considering the possibility of killing a teenager, Dane, one of their own students, to avoid an apocalypse. Teen Titans Academy #10 In Teen Titans[...]
It's not the birth of the baby Jesus being celebrated in this preview of Teen Titans Academy #10, but it is the secret origin of Dane! Check out the preview below. TEEN TITANS ACADEMY #10 DC Comics 1021DC152 1021DC153 – TEEN TITANS ACADEMY #10 CVR B FICO OSSIO CARD STOCK VAR – $4.99 (W) Tim Sheridan (A) Mike Norton (CA)[...]
Just like mom used to make them! In this preview of Teen Titans Academy #9, Wally West learns that the man he sort of murdered is alive again Don't look so surprised, Wally It's comics Check out the preview below. TEEN TITANS ACADEMY #9 DC Comics 0921DC179 0921DC180 – TEEN TITANS ACADEMY #9 CVR B PHILIP TAN CARD STOCK[...]