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The Anti-Christ Joining Teen Titans Academy?
The new Teen Titans Academy series has a bunch of new characters appearing in the series From all manner of backgrounds, across the DC Universe Yes, it's basically Marvel's Strange Academy, but with less of a magical focus. Teen Titans Academy #1 That's Dane arriving late, we'll get to him later. Teen Titans Academy #1 The listing for the[...]
my hero academia
That's why we need a little imagination in our team-ups: what if all the next generation of animated teen heroes across the board were to link up to defeat villains? Brilliant, right? Teen Titans are of course the first team that comes to mind – they have "teen" in their name! Young Justice is another[...]
Wonder Woman 1984 Credit Scene Revealed (Spoilers)
Teen Titans Academy #1 is published this Tuesday Bleeding Cool had previously leaked the news that there appeared to be a dig against fellow DC Comics/Warner Bros property, Harry Potter, and its creator JK Rowling, when Nightwing, in his tutor role at the new Roy Thomas Academy makes a reference to teaching "defence against the[...]
DC Comics Teen Titans Calls JK Rowling & Harry Potter "Problematic"
Teen Titans Academy is a new DC Comics title launching next week, which will see the classic Teen Titans group, including Nightwing, Starfire, Raven, Cyborg, and Beast Boy, running a school for young wizards super-powered youngsters Some will end up as superheroes, at least, some may end up as supervillains, but the school hopes that[...]
Why A Teen Titans Film Could Be Beneficial for the DC Roster
Teen Titans is one of the more established titles of the DC universe, having seen various incarnations with animated series, a live-action series, and consistent publication for decades.  When (the now-defunct) DC Universe came into existence, their idea to launch original series required a grab like Titans to entice subscribers, and fans of that series will[...]
"Who Is Red X" Mystery Continued In Infinite Frontier and Teen Titans Academy
The mystery of who the new Red X character for Future State: Teen Titans was not revealed in January or February, despite –  or maybe because of – jumping in value on eBay and getting a special combined third printing Red X appeared as a longterm prisoner of the future Titans, and has been teased[...]
Future State Teen Titans Gets A Special Red X Two-Issue Collection
DC Comics has told comic book retailers that, to follow the second printings of both Future State: Teen Titans #1 and #2, DC Comics will, instead of third printings, be collecting the two issues in a 48-page cardstock comic for $5.99, $4 less than the cover price of both original card stock covers, and $2[...]
Red X Revealed In Future State: Teen Titans, But No One Any The Wiser
It's Red X time! As Bleeding Cool mentioned earlier, DC Comics is still keeping the identity of Red X secret – though they did give some more clues in today's Future State: Teen Titans #2 from DC Comics today As we pointed out, is clearly still a mystery in Titans Academy out in March. Infinite Frontier #0 You[...]
Red X And Nightwing – Or Is It D*ckstroke? It's Better Than Shazadam
It's Nightwing time! Good luck getting a copy of Future State: Teen Titans #2 from DC Comics today, as some folk have been playing silly buggers on eBay and driving the price sky high over the appearance of Red X I mean, not that they are going to reveal who Red X is in this,[...]
Next Week's Future State: Teen Titans Explode On eBay
Future State: Teen Titans #2 is published next week by DC Comics, But already the card cover version featuring Red X has seen one store sell 35 copies for $25 in advance, and another store, A And Z Comics, sell around eighty copies for $20 in advance. Future State: Teen Titans #2 card cover It's not just[...]
Other History Of The DC Universe #2 Review: "They Were Children"
With the framing device of two people considered less relevant heroes, the development of the Teen Titans and events of much of the 1980s in DC Comics is explored in The Other History Of The DC Universe #2, which is a deep but strangely unsatisfying take. The Other History of the DC Universe #2 Cover Credit:[...]
DC Comics Has Turned 5G Into Future State Imprint
So how has all this fuss been affecting the sales of comic books on eBay? Both the Future State titles and other back issues which may have had their profile raised for other first appearances? Here are the latest highs on eBay. DC Future State Future State: Teen Titans #1, out this week, has sold for $20[...]
More DC Future State Second Prints - But What About Swamp Thing?
Three more of DC's Future State titles have gone back for a second printing, two from this week, one from last week – Teen Titans, Superwoman and The Flash. All are for this week's FOC – which is three days earlier than usual, set for midnight tomorrow. FUTURE STATE TEEN TITANS #1 (OF 2) Second Printing Retail: $3.99 1120DC841 |[...]
DC Future State Gossip: What Future Is There For Teen Titans?
It's future Titans and Teen Titans time Because in January and February, DC Comics will be running a two-month event, Future State, looking at potential and possible futures for the DC Universe, their most prominent characters and their successors Originally planned as the ongoing nature for these titles as 5G or Generation Five, it was truncated[...]
Sneak Peek At The Last Stories Of The DC Universe - Death Metal
Teen Titans There have been a lot of them And now, for Death Metal, all that are still around come together in one place, with Donna Troy, Beast Boy – and everyone else who is still around Even Damian Wayne counts… here's the preview for Dark Nights: Death Metal: The Last Stories Of The DC[...]