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Video: Terry Gilliam Teaches Cut-Out Animation

Terry Gilliam is one the most compelling and frustrating animators out there. I first encountered him when CBS aired Time Bandits as a movie of the week in the mid-80s. I also saw The Adventures of Baron Munchausen thanks to Los Angeles television station KTLA's impressive weekend film programs. His movies are incredible visual journeys, […]

The Lost Tale of Arrakis – Jodorowsky's Dune

By Phil Harris Frank Herbert's Dune has made a couple of trips to screen in its time with David Lynch's questionable all style, no substance and completely inappropriate character version; proving that you simply couldn't make a novel of that size into a two hour film and the more interesting Frank Herbert's Dune mini-series which […]

Reflecting On The Future Of 12 Monkeys

By Brandon Engel While Terry Gilliam may have gotten his start in the comedy troupe Monty Python, he has become something of an authority when it comes to dark, genre filmmaking. All of Terry Gilliam's early films had at least some elements of science-fiction or fantasy stories, including Time Bandits and Brazil, but he became […]

Paddington Is Love Actually Meets Brazil

The Paddington movie, out in the US tomorrow, came out in the UK at the end of the November, and I managed to find time to take the kids. I was expecting a fun movie, instead I got the kind of film which is going to live inside all our hearts and when you see it years […]

Good Signs For Good Omens – Neil Gaiman Updates Us On The Project

Good Omens, the book by Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett, has long been talked about as a possible movie or television adaptation as far back as 2002 when it was being championed by Terry Gilliam. At the time rumors included involvement from Johnny Depp and the late Robin Williams. Most of the funding was in […]

Monty Python Live (Mostly): One Down, Five to Go – The Perils Of High-Def

By Jeb D. When it was announced earlier this year that there would be a live theatrical broadcast of the final performance of the Monty Python "farewell" shows from London's O2 arena, people that know me assumed I'd be first in line for tickets. My siblings and I were what you might call "first generation" […]

Official U.S. Trailer For Terry Gilliam's Zero Theorem

The Zero Theorem is the latest film from Terry Gilliam of Monty Python and the director of Brazil and Twelve Monkeys. It was released last March in the U.K. but is finally set for a U.S. release on August 19th. The movie stars Christoph Waltz and Melanie Thierry and is said to be about a […]