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The Heartfelt And Emotional Appeal Of The Rat Queens Special: Braga #1
From Image Comics, written by Kurtis Wiebe with art by Tess Fowler, the story follows secondary character, Braga, who has been featured in a few of the normal Rat Queens issues You might question what interest you would have in a secondary character in a series that has been leaving us hanging for months, but[...]
Ch-Ch-Changes – Rat Queens To Red Hood
A look through a few solicitations changes between Previews and publication…. Guardians Team-Up #2 will now have cover art by Stephanie Roux, above. All New X-Factor #20 will have art by Carmine Dia Giandomenico and Will Sliney, not the previously solicited Alex Garner. Captain America And The Mighty Avengers #4 will now have art by Iban Soria as well as Luke Ross. Orders for[...]
CONFIRMED: Stjepan Šejić Is The New Artist On Rat Queens
Wiebe will welcome a new artist: Stjepan Sejic of the #1 Amazon bestseller SUNSTONE for issues 9-11. The RAT QUEENS SPECIAL: BRAGA #1 will feature guest artist Tess Fowler and release on January 14 Sejic's art will premiere in the following issue, RAT QUEENS #9, on February 25 The series will be monthly with #12 soliciting[...]
Tess Fowler Shows Us Her Powerpuff Girls Cover Alternative
Tess Fowler wrote, Just because the erotic art in question was made by a woman, it does not invalidate the argument that one more piece of erotic comic book art might in fact be one piece too many. "Dude You're so stupid The artist is a GIRL." is the overall commentary lighting up forum boards right[...]
The Shaming Of Sexual Harassment By Social Media
Last month, Bleeding Cool ran an article quoting comic creator Tess Fowler, in which she detailed what she saw as unforgivable behaviour towards her at the hands of another comic book creator However, since Tess Fowler didn't choose to name names in her tweets, we respected that, and closed the message board to prevent in-thread[...]
Tess Fowler And Modern Day Misogyny In The Comics Industry
Tess Fowler is a remarkably accomplished cartoonist with past work published by Zenescope and currently with upcoming graphic novel The Rascals to her name As part of a recent discussion, she tweeted to Brandon Graham about her own experiences with misogyny in the comics industry. Everybody's mad at @royalboiler for speaking truth lol I wish MORE[...]
Shining A Spotlight – Tess Fowler
I will be looking for more artists to feature in this column as it goes forward and would be interested in ideas of artists I should look at. This week we're going to take a look at artist Tess Fowler An extremely talented artist who started her professional work doing likeness books (Charmed) as well as[...]