The Dark Crystal

The Dark Crystal Gets A Netflix Prequel Series

 One of the darkest titles Jim and Brian Froud ever tackled was The Dark Crystal, the ground breaking puppet masterpiece of high fantasy and hope  Rumors have been swirling over the past few years that we'd be seeing something new in the Crystal world, stories about an animated series maybe, or perhaps another film never really going[...]

Relive Jim Henson's The Dark Crystal With Funko's Most Detailed POP! Vinyls

The awesome fantasy-adventure film The Dark Crystal has never seemed to leave our minds, but can you really blame us? Jim Henson is a master of puppets after all Since the films release there has been books, comics, toys, you name it Now it's time for Funko to get a piece of the action! Brace yourself, because I[...]

Director Kirk Thatcher And Producer Lisa Henson Gab About Jim Henson's Turkey Hollow

“Just some taxidermy fur and synthetic eyes.”Henson’s interest in shooting the characters in real world environments led to the creation of the Creature Shop and many of the advancements the company would develop in films like The Muppet Movie and The Dark Crystal “It was first attempt to use realistic fur colors and realistic looking[...]

Dark Crystal Fizzgig Puppet For Sale At Auction

The Los Angeles Times reports one of the puppets used in Jim Henson's 1982 film The Dark Crystal is up for auction at the Prop Store event in London, England on September 23rd.Fizzgig, a dog-rodent thing, followed main characters Jen and Kira on their journey to the castle of the Skesis to restore the crystal[...]

Dive Into The Final Installment Of The Dark Crystal Prequel This September

Archaia, an award-winning imprint of BOOM! Studios, and The Jim Henson Company, an established leader in family entertainment for over 50 years, are pleased to announce the third and final installment in the exciting prequel to The Dark Crystal film, Jim Henson’s The Dark Crystal: Creation Myths Vol 3, from writer Matthew Dow Smith (Jim[...]