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Doctor Who Series 11: A Darker Season Than You First Thought
Doctor Who Series 11 feels different from the previous seasons because it feels more like a social drama, there's less continuity-heavy lore, the stories aren't high in the "cosmic universe-in-danger sense" and sometimes feels slighter than before. BBC But there are moments from this season that are loads darker than they first appear – here's a look[...]
But as the Doctor, Graham, Yaz and Ryan answer nine separate distress calls, they discover the planet holds far more secrets Who is the mysterious commander with no memory? What lies beyond the mists? Who or what are the Ux? The answers will lead the Doctor and her friends towards a deadly reckoning. Starring Jodie Whittaker,[...]
Representation Matters: Why Now Is The Time For A Female Doctor
And there were certainly plenty of scenes to choose from with Smith. The Doctor changing gender makes similar sense For a while now, the show has played with the idea that Time Lords are not restricted by gender — and before someone mentions the argument of "They're called Time Lords, not Time Ladies," let's remember another[...]
Sherlock Holmes Meets The Doctor In Newzoids Sketch
Seems the folks at Newzoids on ITV have decided not to wait for Moffat and make their own sketch about the day The Doctor meets Sherlock Holmes. [youtube][/youtube] Ever since Steven Moffat took over Doctor Who and created the series Sherlock, some folks have been wanting the two characters to crossover[...]
Full Official Trailer For Doctor Who Season 8
BBC just posted the full official trailer for Season 8 of Doctor Who and we get a few better looks a Peter Capaldi as the Doctor and some of the upcoming bad guys The new series kicks off Saturday August 23rd. [youtube][/youtube] BBC just posted the full official trailer for Season 8 of Doctor Who and[...]
Every Good Cosplayer Needs A Minion – Taking Your Costumes Up To Eleven
Or your entrance as the Doctor is proceeded by that heart-warming sound of the Tardis materializing. The guys at VFX Creative Studios want to make that happen. They were designing large puppets for haunted houses and tried to find a special effects system that they could use Once they found one that worked, the realized how it could be[...]