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'The New Mutants': New Poster Debuts as the Film Draws Near
The New Mutants is actually coming Boy does it feel good to say that Maybe the most anticipated mutant film in a good long while, a new poster was just posted online showing the group with half x-rayed faces Very striking stuff How could one not be excited to see this at this point? After[...]
'New Mutants' Reshoots STILL HAVEN'T HAPPENED Simon Kinberg Says
Yes, we know we sound like a broken record when it comes to The New Mutants film, but, it would appear those reshoots we keep talking about STILL HAVEN'T HAPPENED Remember these were supposed to have happened back in February of 2018. X-Men producer (and Dark Phoenix director) Simon Kinberg says there's a reason for that, and it's exactly[...]
[Rumor] 'The New Mutants' Release Bumped AGAIN!?
Dear Disney, now owners of Fox- Can we maybe, possibly, get some confirmation on the status of Josh Boone's much-maligned The New Mutants movie? We ask on semi-bended knee because we'd really love to see the film at some point. According to a report from iHorror (who claim exclusive knowledge of the thing)- a new source close[...]
Maisie Williams Has No Idea WTF Is Going on with The New Mutants
"It would be ridiculously stupid if they didn't do that," Williams says. At the moment we still have no idea if The New Mutants will ever get released and in what capacity A lot of fans seem to think it's going to head straight to Disney+ now that the Fox and Disney merger has happened but[...]
The New Mutants Reshoots Still Haven't Happened
The New Mutants is the one that people are wondering about these days It has received significant delays because it needed a lot of reshoots The release date was pushed back twice from April 2018 to August 2019 and even now no one is really sure if it's going to get a theatrical release date[...]
Anya Taylor-Joy Comments on the Reshoots for The New Mutants
The New Mutants has had a rough road to get to the big screen It's a long rumored movie and then they finally got it off the ground, cast, shot, and even released a poster and a teaser trailer Then it got delayed, then it got delayed again, and fans have been worried ever since[...]
X-Men: Dark Phoenix
"We have a really great script for that, and we've met with a bunch of directors in the last couple of weeks." While Kinberg didn't directly comment on them Entertainment Weekly did provide a new image to the upcoming The New Mutants and did confirm that project known as 143 or the Kitty Pryde movie is[...]
New Mutants
Despite star Maisie Williams saying that there weren't any plans to do extensive reshoots for The New Mutants, it sounds like that isn't the case anymore According to The Hollywood Reporter, there are going to be reshoots for the upcoming horror superhero movie. And the horror-themed New Mutants will undergo a round of additional photography this[...]
Maisie Williams Denies Reshoot Rumors for The New Mutants
There has been precious little information about why Fox decided to delay The New Mutants by nearly ten months after we'd already seen a trailer and marketing had started That hasn't stopped people from speculating like crazy, though, and during an interview with Screen Rant Maisie Williams was asked about the rumors of massive reshoots. "I[...]
gambit marvel
The Hollywood Reporter is reporting that the studio is still confident in the project despite losing its third director. The horror movie The New Mutants, which was slated for an April 13th, 2018 release date, has been pushed back 10 months as it takes the February 14th, 2019 release date left vacant by Gambit This is[...]
X-Men: The New Mutants Director Josh Boone Talks A Trilogy
We just got the first look at X-Men: The New Mutants, and while speaking to IGN, director Josh Boone revealed that he already has ideas for two more movies. When asked if we were going to see any other named X-Men, Boone was hesitant to spoil anything — but did reveal who he wants to bring[...]
New Mutants
X-Men: The New Mutants dropped its first horror-filled trailer, and now we're learning more about the movie Director Josh Boone spoke to IGN about creepy things on set: "Literally every single person on my crew – all my grips – all those people had weird things happen to them while they were there I even told[...]