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Mark Waid On The Bullying Of Comic Book Creators
Recently, Image Comics publisher Eric Stephenson talked about the bullying of comic creators by big companies. Mark Waid, ex-DC editor, ex-Boom editor-in-chief, current Thrillbent publisher has written "An Open Letter To Young Freelancers" It's hard not to see it as a criticism specifically of reported DC Comics editorial actions of late, a publisher who Waid has[...]
Mark Waid Buys A Comic Shop
Alter Ego's been pretty much a one-man operation forever; Jason's been aching to expand, to move the storefront, to grow the store's market and its community outreach…but while it's always been a worthwhile enterprise, Jason could never stretch his time and resources enough to both run the store and evolve it. Meanwhile, I–having to, on a[...]
Thrillbent Offers Direct DRM-Free PDF Downloads
Mark Waid, of Thrillbent has announced the opening of the Thrillbent store, allowing people to pay to download PDF versions of the Thrillbent comics they have been offering for free in CBZ format. And, in a model that seems to echo Bryan K Vaughan and Marcos Martin's Private Eye digital comic, they are DRM-free and, for[...]
Let's Stop Calling Them Infinite Comics. Let's Call Them Decampi Comics Instead.
They meant the layered panel digital comics that DC call DC2, that Marvel call Infinite Comics and that Thrillbent call… Thrillbent comics. They need a name But it shouldn't be the brand name of a publisher They should be named after their inventor. Alex De Campi. Just as we have Kirby Krackle, Steranko Effects and Bendis-Speak, we should[...]
James Tynion IV On Taking Horror To Thrillbent
Dylan Sutcliff writes; When Thrillbent was announced I visited the site, read a few comics for free on my laptop and was largely unimpressed The experience was disappointingly foreign and unengaging and left me thinking free was the appropriate price. Last weekend at C2E2's Digital First Comics panel, Mark Waid, James Tynion IV, John D[...]
Pop Culture Hounding Fabian Rangel Jr!
[audio:] Chris Thompson writes; It's a great start to the week as Taylor & I break open James Tynion IV & Jeremy Rock's The Eighth Seal from Mark Waid's newly-revamped Thrillbent Comics Plus we take a look at B Clay Moore & Christopher Mitten's beautiful noir-inspired one-shot, Old Dog, that was part of the recent Bad Karma[...]
Mark Waid To Write The Spot! (Possibly) – Afterwards, They Will Explode
He went and did this with Mark Waid. [youtube][/youtube] Thanks Mark! Oh, and go to Thrillbent sometime, everyone. Patrick Willems went to NYCC for Bleeding Cool He went and did this with Mark Waid. [youtube][/youtube] Thanks Mark! Oh, and go to Thrillbent sometime, everyone. [...]
Thrillbending At Baltimore Comic Con
Ryan The Great Unknown reports for Bleeding Cool; On Saturday at Baltimore Comic Con, hours before winning the Harvey Award for Best Writer, Mark Waid held a panel discussing the growth and future of, his digital comic portal Throughout the hour-long panel, Waid kept the conversation light and friendly, his upbeat attitude bringing the room[...]
Mark Waid Launches
Today, Mark Waid launches, showcasing his original new digital comic Insufferable with Peter Krause, in which a villain seems to turn to Kickstarter for his latest venture.It also hosts Luther, a digital adaptation of his Boom! zombies comic, in a venture backed up by Leverage TV's John Rogers More, much more, is to come. Scott[...]
Mark Waid Gets Thrillbent At C2E2 And Launches "Insufferable"
If you're not one of the big companies, then it won't succeed." Though he has already broken down the economics of printing comics on his website,, he broke them down again. Most comics are $3.99 (at which point he emphasized that this wasn't unfair – that was just the price). Diamond make 60% of every issue sold[...]