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Adam Green And Joe Lynch Explain Chillerama – A Love Letter To A Century Of Cinema

Luckily, it's something remarkable - an absurdist assault on Hitler by way of Universal horror that Mel Brooks would have to be proud of.Filmed last weekend, here's a video featurette with Adam Green and Joe Lynch, who are two of the film's four directors alongside Adam Rifkin and Tim Sullivan, trying to answer eachother's questions[...]

Chillerama And The Knights Of Badassdom – A Joe Lynch Pawprints Special

Showing in its entirety will be Chillerama, an anthology horror picture which teams Lynch with Adam Green, Tim Sullivan and Adam Rifkin Each has directed a short horror picture in a different style, and paying homage to a different era of drive-in schlocker.The stars of this poster are caricatures of the four directors.Each director is[...]