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Image Launches The Invincible Universe By Phil Hester And Todd Nauck In April
And that's what Phil Hester and Todd Nauck will be investigating in April with a new comic from Skybound/Image. Here's the solicitation; INVINCIBLE UNIVERSE #1 (W) Phil Hester (A/CA) Todd Nauck, John Rauch In the aftermath of INVINCIBLE 100 and "The Death of Everyone," Dinosaurus has left his mark on the world Can heroes from across the universe –[...]
When CB Cebulski Mixed Comics With Cookies
He even has his own food blog, Eataku. So with Todd Nauck, they create a scenario where cooking techniques are juxtaposed with super hero/super villain fight scenes, both in text and in visuals. The book can be read in full here But just for the record, let's take those rather entertaining juxtapostions and enjoy them together[...]
Todd Nauck's Avengers Mural For Extreme Makeover Home Editions
And this is the mural created by Marvel creator Todd Nauck for a wall on a playroom for Patrick Sharrock, a nine year old boy who suffers from brittle bone disease. It was all a Marvel Custom Solutions production… The Sharrock family home, as recreated by Extreme Makeover Home Edition, season eight finale in May[...]