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Death Stranding
Today in the world of "News We Could Have Told You a Year Ago", Death Stranding will not be playable at Tokyo Game Show Last week we told you that the game would officially be included in the lineup of games for the convention, specifically to show off the game for a stage show featuring the[...]
Square Enix Teases Left Alive for 2019 With New TGS Trailer
Square Enix teased a number of new games this morning as the build-up to their Tokyo Game Show lineup, which included Left Alive The company officially released a brand new trailer for the game along with an official release date of 2019 for North America and Europe, but would not confirm if that would be the[...]
Two Earth Defense Force Games will be Playable at Tokyo Game Show
Some cool news coming from D3 Publisher this morning as we've learned two Earth Defense Force titles will be playable at Tokyo Game Show. Earth Defense Force 5 and Earth Defense Force: Iron Rain are both slated to hit the convention floor and be fully playable for people going to the event, though the company did not elaborate[...]
Tokyo Game Show 2018 is Primed to Have Record Setting Year
Every year, the biggest gaming convention in Japan, Tokyo Game Show, seems to get larger with every passing con It appears 2018 will be no different The organizers behind the event, the Japanese Computer Entertainment Supplier's Association, have released a few details about this year's numbers both with vendors and attendance figures so far, and[...]
According to a report from Dual Shockers, Sony looks to be getting back into the business of supporting indie developers as they sent out a press release to selective media outlets letting people know they'd be sponsoring people for Tokyo Game Show The company has made it sort of a regular program in the past[...]
Tokyo Game Show & Taipei Game Show Sign New Cross-Promotional Agreement
An interesting development in Japan this weekend as CESA chairman Hideki Okamura (Tokyo Game Show) traveled to Taipei during Taipei Game Show to sign a brand new deal with CESA that will expand both brands by doing cross-promotional events as well as exhibitions beyond Japan This is basically the equivalent of Paris Games Week doing a[...]
Legend of Zelda: breath of the wild
One of the most recent accolades the Nintendo Switch launch title picked up was from Tokyo Game Show this past weekend The 2017 Japan Game Awards awarded the game the Grand Award, as well as an Award for Excellence While Breath Of The Wild stood tall on the mountain, it didn't conquer all as Final Fantasy[...]
A Better Look At 'Monster Hunter World' From Tokyo Game Show
Below is a nifty little video from Tokyo Game Show where Capcom showed off more of Monster Hunter World and a lot of aspects to the game that up until now hasn't really been discussed Aside from checking out more of the worlds you can visit, armor you can wear and the Palico Buddies, we[...]
The Last Guardian Is Going To Make Some Kind Of Appearance At TGS
I said a while back, that The Last Guardian would turn up at Tokyo Game Show in the perfect world Well, turns out we are living in a perfect world. Creative on the game Fumito Ueda's new company genDESIGN, tweeted out a picture of the BirdDog, revealed as Trinco, saying that he would be at the[...]
Sony's Tokyo Game Show Conference Has Been Dated
I'd almost forgot that Sony was having a press conference at the Tokyo Game Show next month That means we still have three major conference to come from the publisher by the end of the year, with this, Paris Games Week and the PlayStation Experience all on the horizon That is a little nuts. I was[...]
Trailers For The Latest Metal Gear Solid And Silent Hill Games
The Tokyo Game Show is going on and a couple teaser videos for popular video game franchises have hit the web from it. First up is the unreleased Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain where we get to see new series character Quiet drop into the franchise The character has some unique cloaking ability that[...]