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Frank Underwood Was Meant To Play The Last Of Us In House Of Cards Season One
However, his first appearance playing video games was with Killzone 3 in season one. However, according to voice actor Troy Baker, that wasn't always the case Speaking to me at the BAFTA Game Awards tonight said that his seminal title The Last of Us was meant to be that game When talking about working with screen actors,[...]
Metal Gear Solid 5
Troy Baker is probably the most famous voice actor in video games right now He is in just about everything, and even if you don't know him, if you've played more than a handful of games in the last few years, you will have come across one of his performances. He is going to be playing[...]
Did This Voice Actor Out The Last Of Us 2?
(I have my doubts though Speaking at a panel at MetroCon, of which there is video, the voice actor said fairly nonchalantly: For now I know they're doing Last of Us 2, but my character in Last of Us kind of met an untimely demise. However, Troy Baker, voice actor of protagonist Joel in the series, has been out[...]
The IGN Convention In Dubai Has Few Guests But The Appeal Of An 'Everything' Con
The top guest was voice actor Troy Baker, who now voices the Joker in Batman: Arkham games and Joel in the excellent The Last of Us Baker was joined by Champion fighting pro-gamer, Ryan Hart, who happily wiped the floor with all who challenged his Street Fighter/Tekken mastery Folks from NVidia and Microsoft, and local[...]
Batman: Arkham Knight Delayed Until June 2015
It comes with all of the above along with a transformable Batmobile statue. Kevin Conroy (Batman) and Troy Baker (Joker) are scheduled back and we know that Harley Quinn is supposed to be a playable character this time around Also Riddler, Penguin and Two-Face have already been confirmed as villains in the game. The third and[...]