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Deborah Ann Woll Talks Taking On Daredevil Role After 7 Years Of True Blood
With True Blood wrapping up last night, Deborah Ann Woll can turn her attention to her next project, the upcoming Netflix / Marvel series Daredevil  She talked with Zap2it about playing Matt Murdock's love interest Karen Page But after playing Jessica Hamby for seven years, how do you approach taking on a new character: I'm already[...]
The Scars Remain The Same…
[Mark's Edit — the True Blood poster is basically a fan photoshop, not an official image] I am probably not the first person to point this out… This was a promo piece from the first season of the CW's Arrow showing Stephen Amell with the scars he got from his five years missing. This is a promo[...]
IDW Solicitations In September 2012
Beagle's poignant novel of of memory, despair and love on the other side of the ruins! What's it like to die? Can an ex-pharmacist camped out in a New York cemetery explain the secrets of life and death? Can the talking raven who steals sandwiches for him? And will the ghosts listen? FC • 32 pages[...]
Straw Dogs – The Bleeding Cool Review
Straw Dogs isn't just a remake, it's a loving tribute to a classic movie that was notorious in its day. But do we need another siege at Trencher's Farm? Even if it's a pretty as this one?
From Zomnibus To Archie – An IDW September Cover Gallery –
We already know about the intriguing Star Trek #1, but September also brings True Blood, Turtles, new Ghostbusters, The Cape, a Locke & Key guide to the Keys, GI Joe stuff, Doctor Who stuff, Jurassic Park stuff, Transformers stuff, Godzilla, Dukem Nukem, Crysis, DC Dungeons & Dragons, Anne Rice, Wormwood, Metal Gear Sold, Crawl To[...]
Saturday Runaround – True Blood, Hard Cover
If anyone's going, get in touch, I have a story I need some confirmation on… WaterWatch: DC Comics tease exactly what is going on with Aquaman by dropping the title "AquaWar"… Atlantis Attacks anyone? TradeWatch: IDW are collecting True Blood for February in a trade paperback Watch it outsell everything on the stands as the real mainstream[...]