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Syfy Stars Share Their Weird School Traditions
Syfy put a featurette together asking stars of their shows like Van Helsing, Incorporated, The Expanse and Wynonna Earp if they had an interesting school traditions growing up I'm not exactly sure if this connects to any of the shows, but the actors came up with some pretty odd and funny traditions to share[...]
What To Expect From Season 1 Of Van Helsing
Syfy has released this new featurette showing us what to expect from the first season of their new series Van Helsing Stars Kelly Overton, Rukiya Bernard, Trezzo Mahoro and writer Neil LaBute explain the backstory of how Vanessa Van Helsing ended up in a post-apocalyptic world filled with vampires. The series begins September 23rd. can't be[...]
Van Helsing TV Show Looks Like Bloody Fun
By Octavio Karbank Syfy's Van Helsing panel was today, and boy was it different from what we were expecting Promising a brutal, gory, and incredibly entertaining story, the TV show is set in the not-to distant future Van Helsing, or at least the first thirteen episodes that will make up the first season, tells the story[...]