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#InclusionAndCocktails: An Evening with Female Showrunners
Inclusion and cocktails sounds like the perfect Twitter hashtag to support tonight's event, An Evening with Female Showrunners. Perhaps you'll recall Variety's… faux pas…with their most recent version of their ongoing writers' room event Out of 12 gathered professionals, only one was a woman This, of course, caused a number of questions to be asked —[...]
'13 Reasons Why', 'Heathers', and Why TV Should Make You Angry [The Weekly Static s01e43]
Presidential Election…and the promise that each and every one of you takes a few minutes to make sure those you care about are doing okay – physically and mentally. can't be loaded because JavaScript is disabled: '13 Reasons Why', 'Heathers', and Why TV Should Make You Angry [The Weekly Static s01e43] ( 2019 Miss America Competition:[...]
Bill Hader attends Premiere Of HBO "Barry" at the Neuehouse, Hollywood, CA on March 21, 2018
One of the best interview series around this last year has to be Variety's Actors on Actors series presented by Shutterstock I mean, seriously — Kate Winslet interviewing Gary Oldman, Michael B Jordan and Issa Ray  chatting, and Allison Brie talking with Jessica Biel, just to name a few. Bill Hader attends Premiere Of HBO "Barry" at the Neuehouse, Hollywood, CA on March 21, 2018Credit:[...]
1 Female Writer out of 12: Variety's A Night in the Writers' Room Event
It appears that Variety's A Night in the Writers' Room event happening on June 14th has one lone female tv series writer out of the gathered 12 I thought we were getting better about this, Hollywood folks. The annual event will mix writers from both drama and comedy genres in a discussion about their processes and[...]
'Handmaids Tale' Author Margaret Atwood Talks Star Wars and Terrorists
Margaret Atwood as earned the right to some strong opinions in her rather successful career as an author.  Perhaps you're familiar with one of her works in particular, "The Handmaid's Tale", which Hulu adapted into an award-winning tv drama series. Editorial credit: Markus Wissmann / In a recent interview Variety did with the 78 year old[...]
Aziz Ansari Responds To Allegations of Misconduct and Assault
Serious accusations of assault and misconduct have been brought forth against Aziz Ansari, (winner of two Golden Globe awards for his Netflix series Master Of None) earlier this week.  The allegations were posted via by a woman who has identified herself as "Grace", a 23 year old photographer from Brooklyn. Credit: Kathy Hutchins / "Grace" claims in[...]
Outlander season 3
Here is the interview the three main cast gave Variety during the New York City premiere of the show: Variety: If you could travel in time, back to the day before filming on "Outlander" began, what advice would you give yourself? Balfe: Get sleep. Heughan: Yeah, me too. Balfe: You're never going to sleep again[...]
Variety And The New Ghostbusters Movie – Sony Leaks…
On August 2nd, Variety reported that "Paul Feig in Talks to Direct 'Ghostbusters' Reboot With Women" I think we can now believe that this wasn't an officially approved story.Because we've been reading more of those Wikileaked Sony e-mails. So how did Sony co-chairman Amy Pascal react to that news? how did thoes f—ckers get this!!!!! its such a big[...]
DC To Publish "The Batman Of Las Vegas"?
According to Variety, DC Comics has bought global publishing rights to The Tyrant, the protagonist of Jon Land's gangster Vegas novel The Seven Sins: The Tyrant Ascending. And with a film in the works, Variety reports that Fabrizio Boccardi, founder of King Midas World Entertainment who put together the deal, "envisions The Tyrant as[...]
Japanese Create Anti-Comics Code Authority, Boycott Convention In Protest
Variety reports a rather interesting development in Japan. That ten of the biggest Japanese comics publishers, including Kodansha, Shueisha, Shogakukan and Kadokawa have withdrawn from the Tokyo International Anime Fair (TAF), the biggest such convention in the world attracting over 130,000 visitors. The fair is sponsored by the Tokyo city government The publishers, allied as[...]