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Veronica Mars Returns Multiple Stars For Hulu Revival

Veronica Mars is returning in 2019 on Hulu, and we now know some of he cast that will return along Kristen Bell Jason Dohring (Logan), Percy Diggs III (Wallace), Francis Capra (Weevil), and David Starzyk (Richard Casablancas) will all return to the show Filming is going to start in October on the eight episode sort-of[...]

Hulu Eyeing 'Veronica Mars' Revival Starring Kristen Bell

It would appear the revival train isn't slowing down anytime soon, as Hulu is apparently in the very early stages of a Veronica Mars come back with Kristen Bell attached to return.Entertainment Weekly says the revival, with original creator Rob Thomas and series star Kristen Bell on board, is close to finalizing a deal for a series[...]

Brad Bufanda

Veronica Mars Actor Brad Bufanda Dies By Suicide At Age 34

In tragic news, former Veronica Mars actor Brad Bufanda passed away today at the age of 34 Bufanda died from injuries sustained after he jumped off of a building, according to Lt David Smith of the Los Angeles Country coroner's office.His death was also confirmed by his manger, Kristen Solem, who released this statement: "We are completely[...]

It's 'The End Of The World As We Know It', And The CW Feels Fine

In a move that's sure to result in an endless barrage of REM jokes (see above) and painfully overused "witty headlines" from television critics should the series turn out to be less than quality, The CW has has acquired comedy-drama The End Of The World As We Know It from executive producers/showrunners Justin Halpern and[...]

The CW To Bring The Lost Boys To TV With iZombie's Rob Thomas

And to sweeten the deal, Veronica Mars and iZombie's Rob Thomas will be part of the team bringing the film to TV and writing the pilot.The plan is to create more of an anthology series with each season telling a different story in a different decade The first year will be set in 1967 San[...]

"iZombie Less Noir Than Veronica Mars" – SDCC's iZombie Panel

Abigail Raney writes for Bleeding Cool:There's a sense that the new series from Rob Thomas is “Veronica Mars as a zombie” – and Thomas isn't necessarily discouraging the comparison “Tonally, we live in that world,” he says of himself and executive producer Diane Ruggiero-Wright And the similarities are plentiful Young, disenfranchised, female protagonist, narrating her[...]

Plot Blurb Revealed For Second Veronica Mars Novel

The Veronica Mars movie is now available on DVD in the US and UK, and region-free, import-friendly Blu-ray in the US While we wait for this thing to sell a trillion copies and get the greenlight for a sequel (please), the next best thing will be the series of in-canon novels.I read the first one[...]

Rob Thomas Interview: The New Story, New Style And New Body Of Veronica Mars

Available now via VOD and also playing in a good number of cinemas is the infamously Kickstarted revival of Veronica Mars Not only will fans not be disappointed, the film pulls off the rather smart trick of providing a new, very accessible entry point for new viewers By the end you'll see how this story[...]

New Veronica Mars Spin-Off Coming Courtesy Of CW And The Internet

Word from the TCA Press Tour is that The CW have plans for a new Veronica Mars spin-off The bad news, if it is in any way bad, is that this new show isn't for TV but for their online video site, Seed.No other details have broken yet but "spin-off" implies a Neptune setting but[...]

Full Trailer For The Veronica Mars Movie – From Where I'm Standing, This Looks Tremendous

The marketing for Veronica Mars has to walk that same old tricky line between appealing to die hard fans as well as newbies I'm so firmly in the first camp that I can't even see if it's succeeding.From here, though, this film looks tremendous.[youtube][/youtube]There are all manner of appealing elements there, one of the more[...]

Vertigo's iZombie To Become TV Show From Veronica Mars Team‏

Veronica Mars creator Rob Thomas and his co-writer on the upcoming Mars movie Diane Ruggiero are developing iZombie as a new series for The CW.Like Mars, iZombie is a mystery procedural with a young female lead This time, though, she eats human brains It's based on the Vertigo comic by Chris Roberson and Michael Allred.Here's[...]

Blimey The Veronica Mars Movie Looks Good – New Footage Explains The Set-Up

There are several brilliant little character beats, gags and story ideas on display in this new Veronica Mars featurette These writers know these characters and this world so intimately and flex those muscles in perfect tune.Honestly, this film is right at the top of my Most Wanted list because it just seems to be bang-on,[...]