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Will Scott Snyder Write From A Villain Point Of View?
While some people asked about IKEA and his creative counterpart Greg Capullo, this one caught my attention the most… @Ssnyder1835 What Batman villains, besides Two-Face, would you love to write? I think a Mad Hatter story would be fun! — AquamAnder 🐠🔱 (@AquamAnder) February 7, 2016 Scott answered… Have stories for Ivy, Catwoman, Scarecrow, Penguin and Hatter [...]
DC Comics Brings On The Bad Guys Next Year
Bleeding Cool has learnt from a number of sources that DC Comics' Next Big Thing will be a focus on the villains of the DC Universe, and introducing a raft of bad guy characters to books, many of whom will be making their debut in the New 52. Different villains will be assigned to different heroes,[...]