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Viola Davis Says Amanda Waller Role Was 'Something So Often Not Given To Women'
What's sad about that is the film housed some great performances from Margot Robbie's Harley Quinn and Jai Courtney coming to life as Captain Boomerang. Another was Viola Davis' wonderful turn as Amanda Waller It was fearsome and scary in equal measure, and Davis clearly went for it Now, it seems despite the reception to the movie,[...]
'Fences' Stumbles From Lack Of Understanding Of What "Adapting" Means
It made for a strange viewing experience but it makes up for it with the performances. Viola Davis' Rose is the standout and she does a fantastic job She is raw and puts everything on the screen She is a character that we've all seen before but she also is someone that feels so real[...]
Fences' Second Trailer Asks The Hard Questions
It looks like it is sporting a pair of killer performances from Denzel Washington and Viola Davis The first trailer was well done, not showing much about the story, but asking tough questions. The second stays in the vein, with themes such as the sacrafice of being an adult and crush dreams This looks properly good[...]
Viola Davis On What Makes Amanda Waller Tick
I knew what it was having already known the character, but someone I saw the movie with didn't know her backstory and it turned her off to the character. But that backstory is there, in this interview with actress Viola Davis, she talks about what makes Waller tick and how that is what made her want[...]
Suicide Squad – Puppet Masters Trailer
In the newest trailer for Suicide Squad, we focus on the folks who pull the strings… in this case it's Amanda Waller (Viola Davis) and Rick Flag (Joel Kinnaman) We see that Flag is the consummate soldier and leader while Waller is much more of the 'get it done by whatever means necessary'. Suicide Squad opens[...]