The Directors Of Catfish Set For Horror Film, Viral

Graduating from Paranormal Activity sequels to an ostensibly original project, Catfish directors Henry Joost and Ariel Schulman are heading into production on Viral.As per Deadline, the film will be about:Stacey, whose suburban life with her parents and sister Emma is upturned when a lethal parasitic virus spreads to their neighborhood and they’re trapped within their[...]

Monsters University Viral Tumblr – Excuse Me, Grumblr – Offers New Images And Video

Apparently running off-radar since Boxing Day, there's a Monsters University viral Tumblr or, rather, Grumblr All the while it's been drip-feeding us new images and video.. and nobody seems to have noticed until Stitch Kingdom flagged it up today.The best bit so far is this clip.[youtube][/youtube]I like that they're not wearing kit, or even sashes,[...]

Pacific Rim Promo Video And Memo – Life During Giant Monster Wartime

Mechs movie, Pacific Rim, here's a little 'viral' video fun.The following memo and clip were premiered by Total Film.Trespasser event? I guess that's how they're referring to the first Kaiju to come through the portal and start stepping on our cities Big slimy bastard.There's a countdown on the Pacific Rim promo website, suggesting that we're[...]

Retrogamers Rejoice At This 80s-Style Commercial For Wreck-It Ralph

Not unlike Pixar's viral ads for Lotso, the bad guy bear from Toy Story 3, here's a promo for the Fix-It Felix arcade game that never was.. well, at least until last year, when Disney made some cabinets to promote their videogame movie, Wreck-It Ralph It's real now, and I've played it and it is[...]

New Paranormal Activity 4 Clip Hints At Fresh Ideas

This short assemblage of Paranormal Activity 4 footage is being called a "viral clip." I think it's the most interesting bit of promotion for the film so far as it seems to sell a couple of fresh ideas.So, there's the idea about "it" coming for kids And the "it", I'm thinking, is Katie from the[...]

Another Movie Is Using Possibly Creepy Robot Commercials For Viral Marketing

Ahead of the release of Prometheus we saw a rather superb viral clip promoting the movie's android, the David 8 It was the most memorable of the film's marketing assets and, I'd argue, the most sophisticated and interesting by some distance.Now, as we near the US the release of family drama-meets-buddy-caper Robot & Frank, which looks[...]

First Robocop Remake Images, Video And Viral – See The New ED-209 And More!

This is a real, Robocop tie-in site, ready for Comic-Con.Here's the "product line" viral video.The film itself has not yet started production and already we get to see the new ED-209, bits and pieces of the new Robocop and, crucially, the XT-908 Aerial Drones.I spoke to director José Padhila about the film a few months[...]

Play The Original Wreck-It Ralph Video Game Now

Don't we all remember this one fondly, from our youth? I can't even tell you how many dimes I pumped into the Fix-It Felix Jr. cabinet down at Litwak's Family Fun Centre, circa 1982. And now it's back. You can play the original, Tobikomi 8-bit classic on the official Wreck-It Ralph site and see just […]