Chilling Prometheus Viral Stars Michael Fassbender As David

I can carry out directives that my human counterparts might find distressing or unethical. David the android in the subject of this new Prometheus viral that takes an earlier clip and builds on it It's actually rather powerful.I wonder if there's a lot of misdirection at work here, or if David is really going to play[...]

Real News… Fake Zombie?

there's a simple explanation for this, if you look beyond Deadspin's seemingly contrived-to-go-viral clip.Here's the full news item that lead up to the appearance.So it's not the end of the world, it's an advert Boo? It was looking like Channel 4 news may have, in an incredibly low key fashion, brought us the beginnings of[...]

Amazing Spider-Man Viral Leads To New Video

Supposedly anti-Spider-Man it contains such treats as this viral video:Users can submit images of Spider-Man committing misdemeanours Essentially this is going to mean lots of silly cosplay, like this:Wanted posters seen around Wondercon are leading fans to the Webbed Menace website Supposedly anti-Spider-Man it contains such treats as this viral video:Users can submit images[...]

Dazzling New Image From Prometheus

Earlier tonight, the Prometheus viral took another turn, and resulted in the unveiling of a new, quite absurdly complex image I missed it all going on in real time, but was able to catch up from the film's Facebook page.You'll want to see this at full size.We know this is the chamber in which the[...]

Amazing Prometheus Promo Video – A TED Talk From The Future

Pearce has said he only appears "for a minute" in the movie, which, if literal, would mean he gets more screen time in this viral.Sounds like an awful lot is going to go down in the next eleven years Anybody else surprised how early in the Alien timeline that these events are taking place? Also:[...]

Video: Muppets ARG Takes Over Disney Cruise Ships

The Disney imagineers have devised a kind of ARG detective adventure for passengers on Disney Cruise Ships. The appeal, for me, is Muppet shaped. This video explains the idea better than I ever could. [youtube][/youtube] Okay, maybe not ever, just on a lazy Saturday. Should I find myself on a Disney Cruise for any reason […]

Viral Video For New Sci-Fi Film The Europa Report With Sharlto Copley

io9 have discovered a viral site for the film, masquerading as the website of Europa Ventures There's plenty of verisimilitude woven around the site, including links to an official Twitter feed, Facebook page and YouTube channel There's also this mission statement: For decades, scientists have theorized the existence of liquid water oceans on Jupiter's moon, Europa[...]

Watch: Full Sequence From Sound Of My Voice, Complete With Interactive Hotlinks

Ahead of schedule, the first twelve minute chapter of Sound of My Voice has gone live for preview. Interestingly, the video features a number of little hotlink icons that, if you click on them, divert you to other videos and interactive doodads. I recommend you just watch the sequence from start to finish then use […]

Let Me Give You A Helping Hand With This Amazing Spider-Man Viral Treasure Hunt

A viral promotion for The Amazing Spider-Man is underway, based around the website Mark of the Spiderman It's looking to be one of the more elaborate, real-world ARG affairs, complete with hidden swag.Earlier today, a twitter feed associated with the "Mark" site distributed a series of geo co-ordinates, each leading to a local comic book[...]

Puss In Boots Does Old Spice

The Puss in Boots viral videos continue, and may even have  reached their pinnacle with this pastiche of the Old Spice campaign.[youtube][/youtube]Again, the comic mileage in his machismo and cattiness seems endless.The more I see, the more I think this film is going to be both the most cogent and the most rich of all[...]

The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo Fake Leaks Continue

Earlier this year, the original "red band" trailer for David Fincher's The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo was "leaked" online. Pretty soon, it was sniffed out for what it was – a marketing ploy by Sony (or perhaps Fincher and his cohort, but I'd expect the studio were at least complicit). And they're at it […]

Asterix Viral Video Sees Gerard Depardieu Make A Mess On A Plane. Again

maybe?Or maybe what actually happened looked a bit more like this viral video featuring Depardieu and Baer in the roles of Obelix and Asterix, as we'll see them in next year's God Save Britannia.[youtube][/youtube]Okay, maybe not.The Wrap have provided the following translation, or something like it[...]

Where's Wall-E? Bonus Question: How Many Can You Name?

Emily Caffrey has done somne viral damage to Twitter by propogating this hunt-the-robot game, Where's Wall-E? Not sure where it originated, however.Click through on the image above, or THIS LINK, for a larger version.Let's see if we can get a complete list of the "robots" featured in this image going in the forum.[...]

Super 8 Has A New UK Viral With News From The Past And Mysterious Polaroids

I couldn't really get with the US "Rocket Poppeteers" viral campaign for Super 8, but a new clips that seem to launch a UK campaign has already interested me I've uploaded the clip so you can see it Here's hoping this viral actually spins out into something more and more fun and creative.This first video[...]

Harry Potter's Parseltongue Translator

This is a touch more creepy than those university courses for people wanting to learn Klingon – and let's face facts, they were pretty darn creepy to begin with. By using the "Parseltongue Translator" on the Harry Potter movie website, you can find out how the evil serpents and Parselmouths of Potterworld would say "You […]

New Cars 2 Promo Has Lots Of Car And Prime Time TV Puns

Get your groan box ready. [youtube][/youtube] I do have a weakness for puns, I have to admit, though some of those were weak enough by themselves already. And I have no idea what the "Leaking" one was about at all. We'll be giving away some tickets to an early London screening of Cars 2 later this […]