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Onomatopoeia Gone Mad
Its an old story that ran in Mad Magazine #20 by Harvey Kurtzman and Wally Wood Chris Samnee posted it on his blog and it seemed like a good thing to share. I think I can run this without the Dan Slott spoiler warnings… One of the fun things as[...]
Panels That Always Work At San Diego Comic Con
Next week at San Diego, The Wallace Wood Estate (Booth 1709) will debut a print of the Wally Wood Panels That Always Work page in a 11" x 17" edition. A famous guide to increasing visual interest in an otherwise non-visual scene, the original was copied and copied across the comics industry, used as reference by many[...]
Sergio Aragones' Groo The Wanderer – The Artist's Edition From IDW In June
To date, IDW's Artist's Edition format has reprinted the original artwork of the likes of Will Eisner, Dave Stevens, Wally Wood, David Mazzuchelli, Walter Simonson and John Romita Sr Big mainstream names in serious action comics. But I understand that at Wondercon, IDW are to announce a major diversion from that And it's one that's surprising[...]
After Walt Simonson… The Wally Wood EC Comics Artists Edition From IDW
Wally Wood's EC Stories. Featuring stories drawn by Wood for EC Comics, one of the most important periods of work in American comics, and reproduced as close to the original art pages as possible The book will be published in October and cost $125 for 144 pages at a 15 by 22 inch size. Two more volumes[...]