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Watch Dogs 2 Gets A Teaser Ahead Of World Premiere On Wednesday
We are close to the announcement of Watch Dogs 2, which we had been expecting for quite some time It's been confirmed for E3, and we thought we'd be seeing the game then. Well, it turns we will know about it a little earlier still It's been announced that the game will have a World Premiere[...]
Watch Dogs 2 May Have Just Been Officially Confirmed With Sunglasses
It's not going to be a surprise when Watch Dogs 2 is announced at E3 this year We've seen actors talking about it, and in earnings calls Ubisoft have directly acknowledged the game's existence Public facing, officially official, it is still supposed to be a secret though. Well, it seems that Ubisoft may have decided to[...]
Is This The Watch Dogs 2 Protagonist?
There were a lot of things I didn't like about Watch Dogs, but protagonist, the bland and morally dubious Aiden Pearce was one of the key offenders. I'm
Watch Dogs 2 Seemingly Outed By CV
There has been quiet murmurs surrounding Watch Dogs 2 over the last few months I mean, it shouldn't be surprising it's probably happening after the financial success of the first, but thus far it has remained elusive in any official capacity. Well, due to this slip up, we at least know the game is being worked[...]