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Sunday Morning Fell, Fox, Films And Filth

FellWatch: Looks like we will be getting more of Warren Ellis and Ben Templesmith's Fell from Image Comics. Warren tweeted; Warren Ellis: just shot six pages of FELL 10 over to you Ben Templesmith: Oh you tease me sir. Warren Ellis: rub it on your fucking nipples son Ben Templesmith: My gods, he actually did. […]

Richard Pace May Confirm Existence Of Watchmen 2 Project

Getting people to go on the record about any possible Watchmen 2 plans is.. problematic.I ran the story two days ago after getting confirmation from a number of people that, yes, this was a plan at DC Comics And since publication, more in the comics creative and support community have emailed privately to confirm their[...]

Watchmen 2 – How Modern Journalism Works

So I run a well sourced story on Bleeding Cool that a series of Watchmen prequel/sequel comic book projects are being considered, even pursued, at DC Comics. Triple sourced from people who, naturally, do not wish to be named, a solid piece that reported on the current state of play, with a few illustrative aspects […]

Thursday Runaround &#8211 Were Still Standing

Thursday Runaround – We're Still Standing

Most of the major film sites followed up on the Watchmen 2 story and Twitter was full of people going "NOOOOOOOOOO!" And then other people saying they'd probably buy it anyway And yes, for conspiracy theories, it is odd that I hear this story just as DC announce they're going to expand their superhero movie[...]

Get Ready For Watchmen 2

Get Ready For Watchmen 2

First there was the story that DC Comics Publisher and President Paul Levitz had personally prevented any Watchmen 2 projects, because, despite their differences, he believed that as this would be against Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons' wishes, it would cause very bad feeling in the creative community and would be a creatively bankrupt move.Moore[...]