RWBY Volume 4 Will Make Your October A Little More Monstrous

I first heard about RWBY from Adi Tantimedh's 2014 NYCC interviews and panel coverage of the anime-inspired web series for Bleeding Cool, and the scope of the series and its fandom have both grown at an amazing pace since then. Judging by the stream of reaction videos that just autoplayed their way across my latenight […]

The Crossed DOA Webcomic Reaches Its Very Bloody Conclusion

The new webcomic episode of Garth Ennis and Daniel Gete‘s Crossed DOA is ready and waiting for you.  And the previous 11 chapters are ready to be caught up with.One's sins will catch up with you and as we reach the end, we revisit the beginning...As well as the regular request to consider donating to the[...]

Be Thankful For Garth Ennis – A New Free Chapter Of Crossed: Dead Or Alive

The Crossed: DOA Crowdfunding has jumped to almost $10,000, to fund a serious of webisodes written and directed by Garth Ennis, depicting the world of the Crossed onscreen for the first time.And because it's Thursday we get the third chapter in the free Crossed webcomic by Garth Ennis and Daniel Gete As our protagonist starts[...]