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Project Cars Officially Cancelled For Wii U
A few months ago we heard from Slightly Mad Studios who said that the Wii U version of the game was struggling considerably Perhaps that is why it shouldn't be surprising that the game has now been officially cancelled. Speaking to Nintendo Life, developer head Ian Bell, confirmed the version was no longer imminent, but hinted[...]
E3: Star Fox Zero Gameplay Shown Off During Nintendo Direct
Star Fox is probably one of the only series I get genuinely nostalgic about so the fact that we now have seen the long awaited Star Fox Wii U game has me buzzing. The game is called Star Fox Zero, is being design by Shigeru Miyamoto and it is coming Holiday 2015 This trailer shows old friends[...]
Project Cars Is Struggling To Run On Wii U Meaning It Might Wait For NX
Speaking on the developer's forums, boss Ian Bell explained that the promised Wii U version is struggling He spoke quite candidly about how the game is failing to reach standards on the technically under-powered console He also explained that the promise of the NX has caused the studio to wait on pulling the trigger on[...]
Zelda Wii U Is No Longer Planned For 2015
In a move that should surprise no one, Nintendo have today announced that the untitled Zelda Wii U game is getting pushed out of 2015. In a video message to fans, the game's producer Eiji Aonuma addressed the problem directly saying: I must apologize to all of you who were expecting the game by year's end, but we are[...]
Of Fan Disappointment and Nintendo Directs
But there is some disappointment that we as fans can control, and that's what this article is about. To discuss this, I will use the latest Nintendo Direct and the general fan reaction to it as my primary example.  For those of you who were unaware, in the latter part of the Wii's lifetime, Nintendo introduced[...]
E3: Talking To Jessica Crockett Of The Avengers: Battle For Earth Kinect Hands-On
[youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KX9FMdxaN_Y[/youtube] Nerdy Show reports from E3 for Bleeding Cool. Earth's Mightiest Heroes Assemble for a new fighting game experience on the Kinect and WiiU Watch Cap and Matt pose like Wolverine, Hulk, Thor, and Magneto and smash each other into a bloody pulp (virtually) We interview Jessica Crockett, product manager for Ubisoft's Avengers: Battle For Earth, and[...]
Swipe File: Fear Itself Vs Monster Hunter III
Are they just generic serpents? Or are the insidpred by too much late night playing of the Wii game Monster Hunter Tri? Specifically the levels with the Lagiacrus? Only you can decide! Relentless Eternal Busted? In Swipe File we present two or more images that resemble each other to some degree They may be[...]