Wolverine And The X-Men

Sixteen Thoughts About Sixteen Of Todays Comics &#8211 Superman No Place Like Home All Star Western Wolverine And The X-Men Teen Titans Sixth Gun Rasl Justice League Dark Flash Dark Knight Mondo Prophet Mighty Thor Aquaman I Vampire And Fantastic Four

Sixteen Thoughts About Sixteen Of Today's Comics – Superman, No Place Like Home, All Star Western, Wolverine And The X-Men, Teen Titans, Sixth Gun, Rasl, Justice League Dark, Flash, Dark Knight, Mondo, Prophet, Mighty Thor, Aquaman, I Vampire And Fantastic Four

What with Uncanny X-Men and Wolverine And The X-Men, this really is one of those golden moments of X-books you'll look back fondly upon...It's good to see Richard Jordan of the Image number one out this week, No Place Like Home, channelling his inner Steve Pugh/Phil Winslade I miss this kind of thing.Celestials Vs Galactus[...]