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Wyrd Summons 'The Other Side' Releases for March
Wyrd Games is continuing its focus on new releases for The Other Side, their large-scale miniature combat game set in the Malifaux universe. March sees four new releases coming to The Other Side, including some very nasty looking shark dudes! THE FRENZY //Credit: Wyrd Games On the tabletop, the Frenzy benefits immensely from being a Squad[...]
The Dreamer Gets a New Look for Malifaux 3E
Wyrd Games just previewed the new Dreamer box set for the upcoming Third Edition of Malifaux, and it looks like our favorite sleepy-time fiend and his friends have grown up a bit! Courtesy Wyrd Games This week, we're revealing that the Dreamer and his Nightmare crew have all grown up It seems that Lord Chompy Bits' Earthside[...]
Wyrd Announces Open Beta for Malifaux 3rd Edition!
Here's your chance to help guide a miniatures game to greatness! Wyrd Games just announced that play-testing for the third edition of Malifaux is about to go into open beta testing! We're thrilled to announce that on Wednesday, January 16th, we will be launching an OPEN BETA for Malifaux Third Edition! Many of you have gone through[...]
Go 'Through the Breach' with Wyrd's Bundle of Holding
Wyrd Games has teamed up with Bundle of Holding to offer two really great deals for Through the Breach players, and proceeds go to a great cause with Reading is Fundamental receiving 10% of the money raised. In the magic-saturated parallel world of Malifaux, you take on the roles of unique Fated citizens, such as Gunfighters, Drudges,[...]
Wyrd Games Announces Black Friday Sale Details
Wyrd Games just released the details for their Black Friday sale for Malifaux! HEY WYRDOS, It's that time of the year again Here is our Black Friday/Thanksgiving/Birthday sale announcement! Rather than beating a dead unicorn with extra text, let's get right to the good stuff: what will be available for purchase during the sale! As you can see from the[...]
The Queen's Return: Wyrd's March Releases
Wyrd Games sent out their upcoming release schedule for March yesterday The schedule includes the Titania box set for Malifaux 2E, Wyrd Games' tabletop skirmisher Naturally, Titania's box is called The Queen's Return and belongs to the Neverborn faction  Like most Neverborn masters, Titania looks goddamn awesome Her primary mechanics are already known, and will definitely[...]