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Exclusive Extended Previews Of Red Sonja #5 And Xena: Warrior Princess #2
First up is Xena: Warrior Princess #2 and somehow Gabrielle ends up trapped between the past and future That sounds like an interesting trick And in Red Sonja #3, Sonja and the rebels turn to a Phoenix for help… I don't think this is Jean Gray. Xena: Warrior Princess #2 writer: Genevieve Valentine artist: Ariel Medel covers: Jenny Frison[...]
Writer's Commentary – Genevieve Valentine On Xena: Warrior Princess #1
A Writer's Commentary: Genevieve Valentine on Xena: Warrior Princess #1 Art by Ariel Medel. Welcome to the comic commentary for XENA: WARRIOR PRINCESS #1! The arc title for this is "All Roads," for reasons that become very clear very quickly To me, one of the most fascinating things about the post-time-jump canon on the show is[...]
Exclusive Extended Previews For Xena #1 And Dejah Thoris #3
Who would win in a battle between Xena: Warrior Princess and Dejah Thoris: Princess of Mars? That could be an epic battle But this week they will stand together on the comic book shelves… well one in the D's and one in the X's We have exclusive extended previews of the first issue of Dynamite's[...]
An Early Look Inside Twilight Zone: The Shadow, Xena And Miss Fury
Then we see the return to comics of Xena: Warrior Princess by Genevieve Valentine and Ariel Medel And finally the second Miss Fury trade, Walk Through The Valley by Dennis Calero and Rob Williams. THE TWILIGHT ZONE: THE SHADOW #1 (OF 4) Cover A Main: Francesco Francavilla Writer: David Avallone Art: Dave Acosta He knows what evil lurks in the[...]
The Cosplay Kids Of New York Comic Con
"She's a girl warrior, which is neat 'cause there's not too many." – Emily, dressed as Xena, at NYCC Thanks to Patrick Willems and Kendra Pettis. [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GgSmAmvK_fk[/youtube] "She's a girl warrior, which is neat 'cause there's not too many." – Emily, dressed as Xena, at NYCC[...]
Cosplay All Over The World: Shelby of Astoria, New York
I was dressed up in an early version of my Xena costume and nervous because I had never worn it out in public before As soon as I walked into the place, people were swarming me for pictures, fan-girling over me and saying the kindest things I got to bond over a mutual love of[...]