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Batman/Superman Year of the Villain Teaser Wants to Know Who's Infected

Uh, is DC Comics up to date on their vaccinations? The comic book publisher is giving off an anti-vaxxer vibe with their latest teaser for Year of the Villain and the upcoming Batman/Superman series, asking the question: "who are the infected?" Why do you want to know, DC? Oh, we suppose a press release might […]

Harley Quinn Knows How Every Year Of The Villain Comic is Going to End This Month (Spoilers)

Do you remember the Convergence event at DC Comics, where every comic was replaced with a two-issue Convergence mini-series, all of which began the same way and pretty much ended the same way? That was a tortuous month for DC Comics zombies. Well, it seems as if this month may strike a similar vibe – […]

Riddler Butthurt He Didn't Get Lex Luthor's

Lex Luthor is going around the DC Universe making "The Offer" to all of the best super-villains, and bestowing upon them "The Dark Gift," which, yeah, we gotta admit, definitely sounds like he's banging them. But actually, it's about helping them reach their full villainous potential or something. There's just one problem: one of the […]

Brian Bendis Addresses Retailers About Event Leviathan at Diamond Retail Summit

At the Diamond Retail Summit, DC Comics has been laying out their event plans for the rest of the year and in 2020… with these presentation slides showing how Batman Who Laughs' final seventh issue will lead right into Batman/Superman and beyond. How DC's Year Of The Villain will continue up to the end of […]

Lex Luthor Goes Full Blown Stalker in Harley Quinn for Year of the Villain

The big DC ultra-super-mega-crossover event Year of the Villain centers around Lex Luthor visiting superheroes and making them "The Offer," which certainly sounds creepy enough to begin with. But when Year of the Villain comes to the pages of Harley Quinn in August, Lex Luthor takes things to the next level. "Harley's tried everything to […]

Batman/Superman, WildCATs, Year of the Villain, and More in DC Comics August 2019 Solicitations

Sinestro probably misses the good old days, when all he needed to do to defeat a Green Lantern was poke them with a yellow pencil, or min-conjure up a yellow horse and lance to joust against Hal. Now, he's running errands for Lex Luthor, picking on old gods, and weilding a new power ring that […]

DC's 'Black

Roman Sionis has been aiming for bigger and better things, moving from caper to caper looking for that perfect score. That's a lot of ambition for someone who was dropped on his head at birth- but you know what they say about going bigger and better, right? This August, the Black Mask will be shooting […]

Which Side of Year of the Villain is Harley Quinn on Anyway?

Year of the Villain is a celebration of DC's bad villains, one which sees each of the villains' headshots commemorated on $4.99 cardstock variant covers. But what we've found interesting is which characters that are not straight up bad that grace a few of these covers. Like Catwoman, who we know will be getting "The […]

Which Side of Year of the Villain Will Catwoman Be On Anyway?

Catwoman has long toed (or is it clawed) the line between hero and villain, but a penchant for kleptomania aside, she's fought on the side of the good guys for a while. Well, that is if you can consider her ex-fiance who dresses up as a bat to beat the crap out of mentally ill […]

Acts of Evil - Another Marvel Event Launching in July?

Marvel is teasing yet another event coming this Summer, adding to an already full event slate. Marvel editor Chris Robinson, along with several other editors, posted the following teaser image on Twitter with no explanation: So what is Acts of Evil? Allow us to take a stab at it. Acts of Vengeance was a 1989 […]

Year of the Villain

DC Comics has revealed the details of their Year of the Villain event conglomerate super-mega-crossover event launching this May with the Year of the Villain One-Shot, which will lead into major villain-centric stories in Justice League, Event Leviathan, and Batman. From the press release, these are the Justice League details: JUSTICE LEAGUE In DC's YEAR […]