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Is Jupiters Legacy the Best 2018 Series That 2021 Could Hope For

Is Jupiter's Legacy the Best 2018 Series That 2021 Could Hope For?

This is going to be one of those posts where the writer starts off with a bunch of "but first, we just want to say…" stuff before taking a 180-degree deep-dive into a topic that's not nearly as pleasant as it started out being. So with that in mind, we're here to talk about writer […]

Is AEW Teasing Kurt Angle As Their Big Hall of Famer Signing

Is AEW Teasing Kurt Angle As Their Big Hall of Famer Signing?

When Paul Wight made his AEW debut on Dynamite this past Wednesday night, he sent the wrestling universe into detective mode overdrive when he promised that another "hall of fame worthy" superstar would be signing with AEW and would debut at tomorrow night's Revolution pay per view.  This was expanded on by AEW President Tony Khan during an appearance […]

WandaVision Review [Spoilers]: Sugar Spice &#038 Everything That Sufficed

WandaVision Review [Spoilers]: Sugar, Spice & Everything That Sufficed

With WandaVision in the books with an episode non-imaginatively titled "The Series Finale", let's look at Marvel Studios' first television series on Disney+. The show starred one of the more underdeveloped Avengers in Wanda Maximoff (Elizabeth Olsen) and Vision (Paul Bettany), which largely served as auxiliary characters in the grand scheme of things. For a […]

The Walking Dead S10E18: 15 Spoiler-Free Thoughts on Find Me

The Walking Dead S10E18: 15 Spoiler-Free Thoughts on "Find Me"

Welcome back to another round of spoiler-free thoughts on the newest episode of AMC's The Walking Dead Season 10C- the six "extra" episodes serving as a bridge between the 10th and 11th seasons as well as filling in gaps in the post-Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) time jump. As will be the case the whole season, AMC+ […]

Next WWE Raw: Lashley Celebrates Strowman Wants to Cancel Shane

Next WWE Raw: Lashley Celebrates; Strowman Wants to Cancel Shane

Two segments are set for this week's episode of WWE Raw. Bobby Lashley and the Hurt Business will celebrate Lasley beating The Miz for the WWE Championship, which isn't really such a bug thing to celebrate. I mean, it was The Miz, after all. In addition to that, Braun Strowman is looking to cancel Shane […]

UFC 259 Kicks Off Tonight- Now Heres How to Watch It

UFC 259 Kicks Off Tonight- Now Here's How to Watch It

UFC 259 is tonight, starting in a few hours actually. In the main event, the Light Heavyweight tilt between Jan Blachowicz and Isreal Adesanya. Under that fight, women's GOAT Amanda Nunes puts her Featherweight title up for grabs against Megan Anderson, and in the third title fight, champ Petr Yan takes on Aljamain Sterling in a Bantamweight title fight. Below you can find the entire […]

Lucifer: Chris Rafferty Checks In Clarifies S06 Episode Confusion

Lucifer: Chris Rafferty Checks In; Clarifies S06 Episode Confusion

Over the past few days, we've been covering production on the sixth season of Netflix's Lucifer as it nears its end. That's included some touching and heartfelt posts from co-stars Lesley-Ann Brandt and Tom Ellis as well as writer Chris Rafferty, who penned the Kevin Alejandro-directed penultimate ninth episode "Goodbye, Lucifer." But some confusion developed […]

Smackdown Video Highlights Natalya Tamina Put Division on Notice

Smackdown Video Highlights; Natalya, Tamina Put Division on Notice

Bianca Belair and Sasha Banks may be WrestleMania opponents, and Banks may be the WWE Smackdown Women's Champion, but at WWE Fastlane, they'll be teammates, taking on WWE Women's Tag Team Champions Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler. Another tag team on Smackdown finds that to be unfair. Natalya and Tamina went full Karen last night, […]

WWE Smackdown Ratings Up Mysterios Gloat After Victory Over

WWE Smackdown Ratings Up; Mysterios Gloat After Victory Over

WWE Smackdown's ratings improved this week by 100,000 viewers, and they didn't even need Shaq to get the bump. Smackdown drew an average of 2.166 million viewers on hours of 2.153 million viewers and 2.179 million viewers. In the 18-49 demo, both hours of Smackdown earned a .6. WWE Smackdown was the second highest rated […]

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier Try Defining Their Relationship

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier Try Defining Their Relationship

So that now makes it 13 days until Disney+ and Marvel Studios' Anthony Mackie and Sebastian Stan-starring The Falcon and the Winter Soldier looks to clear the high bar of creative quality set by the recently-ended WandaVision, it seems like the perfect time for a new teaser. While it will be tough to compare what appears […]

Cody Rhodes Would Love to See a Trios Tournament in AEW

Cody Rhodes Would Love to See a Trios Tournament in AEW

It's no secret that AEW has a deep tag team division, but the company has so many wrestlers on the roster, many of whom are affiliated with each other in some way, that AEW could probably sustain a trios division as well. It's something people have talked about wanting to see from the company for […]

Heels: Stephen Amell Updates Premiere Alexander Ludwig Hair Statuses

Heels: Stephen Amell Updates Premiere, Alexander Ludwig Hair Statuses

After a rough bunch of months due to COVID-related production delays, STARZ's Stephen Amell (Arrow) and Alexander Ludwig (Vikings)-starring series Heels has been having a nice run of positive updates to report on (CM Punk, Mick Foley, on set pranks, etc.)- and Amell had even more to offer this week. Taking to Twitter on Friday evening, […]

G4 B4G4 Recap: WandaVision Easter Eggs Mean Fan Comments &#038 More

G4 B4G4 Recap: WandaVision "Easter Eggs", Mean Fan Comments & More

After a week that saw it turning over its programming block to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the world-consuming Pokemon franchise, G4 relaunch series B4G4 is back to its programming ways with The BLEEP Esports Show, Attack of the Show!, and X-Play- but that's not all. The interim "big cheese" is checking in to let […]

The Witcher Star Paul Bullion Shows Off New Season 2 Garms

The Witcher Star Paul Bullion Shows Off New Season 2 Garms

The last time we checked in on how things were progressing with production on the second season of The Witcher, the show's social media Jaskier was sharing poetic Valentine's Day offerings while series creator and showrunner Lauren S. Hissrich was honoring the one-anniversary since the start of filming on the second season with a heartfelt post […]

Cody Rhodes: The Diversity is Paramount in AEW

Cody Rhodes: "The Diversity is Paramount" in AEW

During a conference call Wednesday ahead of the AEW Revolution PPV, Cody Rhodes discussed the topic of diversity, calling it "paramount" to AEW. Rhodes also talked about the history of the wrestling business and how diversity was viewed in the past. Rhodes says he plans to step up scouting wrestlers from around the world when […]

American Gods S03E08 Preview: Wednesdays Ready to Throw Down &#038 More

American Gods S03E08 Preview: Wednesday's Ready to Throw Down & More

Viewers are now down to the final three, Season 3 episodes of STARZ's American Gods, and remember all of those plans everyone had at the beginning of the season that involved not getting involved with the old gods/new gods war? So how's that working out for everyone? Except for Bilquis (Yetide Badaki) season-long moment to […]

The Great North Creators On Early-Renewal Freedom S01E05 Previews

The Great North Creators On Early-Renewal Freedom; S01E05 Previews

Not often do creators find early comfort in developing a series, but the Molyneux Sisters found it when their passion project, The Great North, received early renewal. Due to the recent ups and downs for the television industry when it has come to developing and producing a series during the pandemic, not everyone has felt […]

Daniel Bryan vs. Roman Reigns Set for WWE Fastlane

Daniel Bryan vs. Roman Reigns Set for WWE Fastlane

Daniel Bryan will challenge Roman Reigns for the Universal Championship at WWE Fastlane. Bryan won the opportunity by defeating Jey Uso in a steel cage match on WWE Smackdown on Friday. If Bryan wins the title, he'll go on to main-event WrestleMania with Edge. Of course, that's not going to happen. provides some SEO-keyword-rich […]

Tony Khan Talks Crowd Size at AEW Revolution COVID-19 Safety

Tony Khan Talks Crowd Size at AEW Revolution, COVID-19 Safety

Ahead of AEW Revolution this weekend, Tony Khan was the guest on the AEW Unrestricted podcast this week. One of the topics that came up is the crowd for the show, for which more seats were opened up this week. AEW will also broadcast the PPV to movie theaters so people can experience the thrill […]

WWE Smackdown: Is There a PPV Coming Up or Something

WWE Smackdown: Is There a PPV Coming Up or Something?

As WWE Fastlane fast approaches, WWE remembers it better book some matches. Plus: what's going on with Apollo Crews? And: the return of Ding Dong, Hello! All in our recap of WWE Smackdown. WWE Smackdown Results – March 6th, 2021 Michael Cole is in the ring to kick off the show, so you know this […]