Bucks to Defend AEW Tag Belts Against Santana and Ortiz Next Week

Greetings, comrades! It is I, your El Presidente, currently multi-tasking as usual. On the one hand, I am chilling at the Trump Impeachment afterparty with my boys, the House Impeachment Managers. On the other hand, I am recapping AEW Dynamite. And on the third hand, I am writing this article about breaking news for next week's episode of Dynamite.

"But Your Excellency," you ask. "How do you have three hands?" Easy, comrades. I just had my secret police arrest one of my political adversaries and chip his off! Haw haw haw haw haw! But seriously, I am here to talk about a Tag Team Championship match set for next week, as the Young Bucks have offered to defend the titles against Santana and Ortiz on next week's Dynamite.

Best frenemies The Young Bucks and The Good Brothers discuss tag team title defenses on AEW Dynamite
Best frenemies The Young Bucks and The Good Brothers discuss tag team title defenses on AEW Dynamite

From my AEW Dynamite recap, currently in progress, here's how it all happened, comrades:

In an interview filmed earlier, Dasha asks the Young Bucks about losing in the Battle Royal last week. The Bucks blame the Good Brothers, and what a coincidence comrades, here they are! The Bucks say that the Good Brothers blew it because the Bucks would have chosen them for their Revolution opponents if they had won, but since the Good Brothers distracted them, now that can't happen. But the Good Brothers say they were trying to distract their rivals for the Impact tag belts, Private Party, and that the Bucks should have beef with the Inner Circle, who won the match. The Bucks suggest they may defend the titles next week against Santana and Ortiz. The Good Brothers want to exchange Too Sweet hand gestures, but the Bucks are a little reluctant. The Good Brothers reference the NWO Wolfpack and go looking for Sting for a Too Sweet. Somewhere in Connecticut, comrades, Jerry McDevitt is furiously typing out a cease and desist letter.

AEW has not yet made the match official, but come on, comrades. Why would they bring it up if they weren't going to do it? so look for this tag team championship match to take place next week on Dynamite. And check back later tonight for El Presidente's full AEW Dynamite report. Until next time, my friends: socialism or death!


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