Cody Rhodes Would Love to See a Trios Tournament in AEW

It's no secret that AEW has a deep tag team division, but the company has so many wrestlers on the roster, many of whom are affiliated with each other in some way, that AEW could probably sustain a trios division as well. It's something people have talked about wanting to see from the company for as long as Dynamite has been around, and it would add another dimension to those multi-person tag matches the company likes to book. During a conference call Wednesday ahead of the AEW Revolution PPV, Cody Rhodes discussed his love of tournaments. But casually at the end he dropped his wish to see a trios tournament in AEW.

Tully Blanchard joins FTR in a trios match against Jurassic Express on AEW Dynamite - Credit: All Elite Wrestling
Tully Blanchard joins FTR in a trios match against Jurassic Express on AEW Dynamite – Credit: All Elite Wrestling

Here's what Rhodes had to say on the media call:

Tournaments are absolutely a part of what we do. Initially, looking at AEW, we wanted to have several portions of the show provide a sports-based outlook on our industry, and a tournament's so good for wrestling because those matches in a tournament are just for the opportunity at another match. You're buying more time. You're getting more water in the glass. And I was part of the TNT title tournament, and this is just a beautiful thing. Some of my favorite shows growing up were tournaments, even the two-day classics, you know, the Crocket Cup all the way to King of the Ring. A tournament, when you do it right, is certainly something special. And I think for sure you'll see more tournaments and tournaments that, you know, right now we have one that's geared around the AEW Women's World Championship, [Hikaru] Shida being such a wonderful, wonderful, wonderful champion, just an absolute ace. And then you're going to see tournaments that perhaps have their own peripheral item that involves and things of that nature. So tournaments around the titles and tournaments around bragging rights and specific things that talents can acquire. But yeah, there'll be more tournaments for sure. I'd hope to not only see tag tournaments and singles tournaments but, somewhere down the line, I'd love to see a trios tournament as well.

Would you like to see a trios division or tournament in AEW? It looks like you might get your wish eventually. Keeping checking back, as Bleeding Cool is attempting to break the Guinness World Record for most clickbait articles churned out of the transcript of a pro wrestling media call, so we'll have lots more on the way from Cody Rhodes and AEW in the coming days.

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