Finally, Former WWE Star Enzo Amore Has Launched an OnlyFans Page

Following in the footsteps of WWE Hall-of-Famer Sunny, former WWE star Enzo Amore has finally launched his own OnlyFans page. No word yet on whether Enzo, like Sunny, will be selling his used panties, but he will be teaching aspiring wrestlers about the business. A tweet from OnlyFans reads, "Please join us in giving a big OnlyFans welcome to Pro-Wrestler, Enzo Amore, @real1. Time to buckle up and learn things that can't be taught. Join the 'realest champ in the room' with his exclusive wrestling school over on OnlyFans: #WelcometoOnlyFans" Enzo's career as a pro wrestler has been on hold lately while he concentrates on his successful music career, having recently released the song of the summer, COVID-19 Anthem. I've been bumping that track in the Miata for months.

Enzo Amore returns from injury to RAW, courtesy of WWE.
Enzo Amore returns from injury to RAW, courtesy of WWE.

As soon as I learned that Enzo had opened this OnlyFans wrestling tutorial series, I immediately told my wife, Keighleyanne. "Sweetie, Enzo Amore has an OnlyFans page!" I shouted at her excitedly. She seemed just as interested as I was because she immediately grabbed her phone and logged in. Afterward checking it out, she did seem disappointed, like she was expecting there to be more wrestling lessons available from Enzo at launch, so I told her she should try DMing him on Twitter with her feedback. I saw her sending him some photos earlier, so she must have some ideas about the design of the page too. My Keighleyanne really is a multi-talented woman. The thing is, she needs a perfectly quiet environment to work in, which is why she's now locked herself in the bathroom. I think she may be working on some kind of 3D model for Enzo because I'm pretty sure I can hear the dremel running.

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