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The Orville: A Happy Refrain is Rom-Com Ex Machina [SPOILER REVIEW]

'The Orville': "A Happy Refrain" is Rom-Com Ex Machina [SPOILER REVIEW]

If there's one way to describe The Orville– it can be a little too eager to please. The episode offers a payoff of sorts to the relationship between Dr. Claire Finn (Penny Jerald Johnson) and Isaac (Mark Jackson). The episode begins with Finn wanting to show her appreciation to Isaac for everything's he's done for her […]

The Orville Soundtrack is Coming Listen to a Track Now [EXCLUSIVE]

'The Orville' Soundtrack is Coming, Listen to a Track Now! [EXCLUSIVE]

If you're like us and are also huge fans of Seth MacFarlane's The Orville, you'll be thrilled to find out that La-La Land Records will be bringing out a two-disc set spanning all 12 of the premiere-season's episodes comprising more than 2 and a half hours of music. Composed by four multiple award-winning composers, including Bruce […]

Bad News The Orville Fans- Yes [SPOILER] Has Exited Fox Series

Bad News 'The Orville' Fans- Yes, [SPOILER] Has Exited Fox Series

If you have NOT caught up on season 2 of FOX's The Orville, you probably should before reading further, as there will be some spoilers. No really–if you didn't watch the most recent episode, "Home", you should probably do that. Okay, if you're still here, that means you know exactly what transpired at the end […]