"Game of Thrones": Sophie Turner on Sansa's Ending

Of all the characters that managed to survive till the end of Game of Thrones, it was probably Sansa Stark (Sophie Turner) who had the ending that felt most true to the character's long story arc.

"Game of Thrones": Sophie Turner on Sansa's Ending
Sophie Turner as Sansa Stark from HBO's "Game of Thrones"
Photo courtesy of HBO

Sansa was, from the beginning, a true daughter of the North. Sure, she was a little prissy, and longed for prissy things, but who among us wasn't a bit daft when we were pre-teens?

Sansa, through trials, tribulations, and hardship, forged herself into a formidable weapon. In many ways she learned to temper her father's heart and compassion with cunning, and her time spent learning the Game ultimately liberated the North from the rest of Westeros.

Turner recently spoke with The Hollywood Reporter about her feelings on Sansa's fate at the end of Game of Thrones. Here are some excerpts:

On Sansa Becoming Queen of the North

That was one of the first things I shot. It was a great way to begin. But it was strange because I didn't feel that sentimental when I was doing it, since it was just the beginning of season eight. I was thinking, "We've still got 10 months more to shoot." (Laughs.) But it felt really empowering, and it was a great way to start off the season, knowing that Sansa was going to be Queen in the North, and then owning that. It helped with shooting all the scenes with Dany (Emilia Clark) where she's very much protecting her home. Winterfell felt more like it was mine than ever. So I became even more defensive in those scenes with Dany.

On Ending "Game of Thrones"

Well, I don't know if it has hit me yet. I haven't watched the last episode because I would've been alone watching it, and I can't do that. So I think it'll probably hit me when I watch the final episode myself. But I can't do that right now, and I don't really want to. I don't want it to be over, but the fact of the matter is that it is, and I've just got to watch it.

On Sansa Ruling the Seven Kingdoms

I don't think Sansa would want to be queen of the Seven Kingdoms. I don't think she would've been good at it because she would've spent all of her time in the North and concentrating on the North. That's where her heart lies and has always been.

The rest of the article is a lot of fun, and goes into some great little details on Turner's last year filming Game of Thrones. It's definitely worth checking out!



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