A look at Doom Patrol season 2, episode 5 (Image: DC Universe/HBO Max).

Doom Patrol Season 2 Previews Really Do Depend on How Much You Blink

With Danny in a new "tire-rific" form (let us have that one) and sex demon Shadowy Mr. Evans (Brad Brinkley) sent back to his dimension, it looks like this week's episode of DC Universe (tick… tick… tick…) and HBO Max's Doom Patrol slows the action (but not the weirdness) down a bit to do a […]

A look at Matthew A. Cherry's Young Love (Image: HBO Max).

Young Love: HBO Max, Matthew A. Cherry Developing Hair Love Series

Matthew A. Cherry isn't quite done with the Young family from Hair Love, not by a longshot. The filmmaker is teaming with Sony Pictures Animation for Young Love for HBO Max, an all-new, 2D animated series based on his Academy Award-winning short. The series was created by Cherry, who is set to serve as co-showrunner […]

Watchmen: The Art Of Storytelling | HBO

Watchmen "FYC" Emmy Video Reveals The Art Behind The Storytelling

It feels like Damon Lindelof's Watchmen is as much in the pop culture conversations of Summer 2020 as it was when it first debuted in October 2019. Much of that has to do with the way the series eerily reflected our society six months before we would see it play out for ourselves in real life. […]

A new image of the Batmobile from The Batman as shared by director Matt Reeves.

The Batman Director Matt Reeves Inks Overall Deal with WBTV Group

Director Matt Reeves is extending his stay in Warner Bros.'s creative sandbox, and he's looking to the small screen this time. The Batman director's 6th & Idaho production company has inked a multi-year overall deal with Warner Bros. Television Group for all of the company's upcoming television projects. Those projects will be produced in association […]

Perry Mason: Prohibition Cocktails - Hanky Panky | HBO

Got Time for A Little Hanky Panky? Perry Mason Wants In

Combine a July 4th weekend and the next episode of HBO's Perry Mason and for some, you have the makings of a fine day for a drink or two. To help those who would be so inclined, the cable giant has invited back The Educated Barfly to offer up a drink recipe to match the […]

Batwoman, BTS Army, NASCAR, WWE, Live PD & More: BCTV Sunday Slices

Lili Reinhart, Colin Kaepernick, Katy Keene & More: BCTV Sunday Slices

Welcome to BCTV Sunday Slices, our little slice of weekly heaven where I look back at Bleeding Cool's television (BCTV) coverage from the past week to bestow some incredibly not objective, totally opinionated wisdom on what has become of the television landscape. The week leading into a July 4th weekend tends to be a bit […]

A look at series finales for Breaking Bad, Dexter, and more (Images: AMC/ViacomCBS).

Breaking Bad, Dexter & More: BCTV's Finale-O-Meter Rates Series-Enders

So if you're like me, you've spent way too many 3 am's in a diner booth (substitute your stomping grounds here) in a "heightened sense of perception" and getting into one of a thousand possible geek debates. The one that always gets me going? Series finales: the ones that worked, the ones that sucked, the […]

A scene from Perry Mason "Chapter 3" (Image: HBO)

Perry Mason Chapter 3 Preview Finds Mason Needing Answers from Drake

We see what you did there, HBO and Perry Mason. You tricked us into believing that the Matthew Rhys (The Americans)-starring series was going to run for eight episodes. You even put together an impressive cast that included John Lithgow, Tatiana Maslany, Juliet Rylance, Chris Chalk, Shea Whigham, and more to make it look convincing. But […]

A look at Doom Patrol "Sex Patrol" (Image: DC Universe/HBO Max)

Doom Patrol Season 2 Review: Every Good Party Ends with Sex… Men

The second season of DC Universe and HBO Max's Doom Patrol continues its mission to be utterly bat-flap crazy, mixing emotional trauma and dysfunction with superpowered shenanigans in a heady mix of surreal madness and gleeful snark. Things continue to be dire in "Sex Patrol", the fourth episode of the second season. This time, the […]

A look at Doom Patrol "Sex Patrol" (Image: DC Universe/HBO Max)

Doom Patrol Season 2 Preview: Ain't No Party Like a Doom Patrol Party

A week doesn't seem like a long enough time enough to process the trifecta of delicious weirdness that our eyeballs and head ramen were fed during the three-episode season premiere of DC Universe and HBO Max's Doom Patrol. A Jack the Ripper (Roger Floyd) wannabe with a god complex? A broken Danny the Brick? Our […]

New key art and poster for Lovecraft Country (Image: HBO)

Lovecraft Country Sets August Premiere Date, Releases New Key Art

Viewers excited about HBO's upcoming supernatural drama Lovecraft Country should mark down August 16 on their calendars, because that's when the eagerly-anticipated series is set to make its debut (and also stream on HBO Max)- and we have new key art in honor of the announcement. Adapted from Matt Ruff's best-selling 2016 novel of the […]

Curb Your Enthusiasm

Curb Your Enthusiasm: Larry's as Upset as You are Over Season 11 Order

While it would be easy to focus on the success HBO had had with its recent run of new series like Watchmen, Euphoria, The Outsider, and Perry Mason, we're pretty sure the old, funny curmudgeon in the corner over there would make it a point of reminding us that he's not going anywhere. And that […]

John Lithgow in Dexter (Image: Showtime/ViacomCBS)

Dexter Star John Lithgow on Fans' Ironic "Love" for Trinity Killer

If you're checking out Sunday night's second episode of HBO's Matthew Rhys (The Americans)-starring mystery drama Perry Mason, then you recognize the actor portraying Elias Birchard "E.B." Jonathan, struggling attorney and a semi-regular employer of Mason: award-winning actor John Lithgow. With an actor like Lithgow, it's not a matter of if you've heard of him and […]

Perry Mason: Prohibition Cocktails - Bee's Knees & The Scofflaw | HBO

Perry Mason: Enjoy an Episode 1 Cocktail with Our Episode 2 Preview

Before we offer up the overview and preview images for this week's episode of HBO's Perry Mason (appropriately titled "Chapter 2 since it's… well… the second episode of the season), the fine folks at the eyeball-grabbing limited series and cable giant think you might be in need of a drink. Or two. No, it's not […]

A scene from Adventure Time: Distant Lands- BMO (Image: HBO Max)

Adventure Time: Distant Lands BMO Review: Magical, Bittersweet Return

HBO Max's Adventure Time: Distant Lands premiered its first episode this week, and "BMO" did not miss a beat. It was back as strong and magical and fun as ever. It was a real adventure. Adventure Time has been such an amazingly inspiring ride in my life that has brought amazing art and stories. It […]

Undertaker, Blackface, South Park, Anime & More: BCTV Sunday Slices

Undertaker, Blackface, South Park, Anime & More: BCTV Sunday Slices

Welcome to this week's edition of BCTV Sunday Slices, our little slice of weekly Heaven where I highlight some of Bleeding Cool's television coverage from the past week while bestowing some incredibly not objective, totally opinionated wisdom on what the past week brought to the television landscape. In the BCTV Comments section below, you are more […]

: BCTV Top 30 Influencers 2020 Mid-Year Report Card

Star Trek, Lucifer, AHS & More: BCTV 2020 Influencers Mid-Year Report

So back at the beginning of the year, we published The Bleeding Cool Top 30 TV Series Influencers 2020, a look inside the BCTV "crystal ball" to predict the broadcast, cable, and streaming shows that would have a major influence on our viewing habits as we rolled through 2020 – and beyond. We made some changes […]

The teaser logo for Game of Thrones spinoff series, House of the Dragon (Image: HBO)

Game of Thrones: George RR Martin Offers "Dragon," TV Projects Update

It's been a while since we last checked in on George R.R. Martin and Ryan Condal's Game of Thrones spinoff series House of the Dragon. Written by a writing team headed by Condal and based on Martin's novels, House of The Dragon has tapped popular Game of Thrones director Miguel Sapochnik to direct the pilot and […]

Joel from The Last of Us (Image: Sony and Naughty Dog)

The Last of Us: Troy Baker on Who Should Play Joel in HBO Series Adapt

It's safe to say that fans still have a bit of a wait ahead of them before their eyeballs are graced with Chernobyl writer Craig Mazin and game writer/creative director Neil Druckmann 's live-action series adaptation of popular video game franchise The Last of Us. But fans being fans, it's never too early to get the flames […]

Doom Patrol-- Ep.201 -- "Fun Size Patrol" -- Photo Credit: Mark Hill/ 2019 Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Doom Patrol Season 2 Review: Once More into The Wacky Breach!

DC Universe and HBO Max's Doom Patrol, the best superhero show on TV precisely because they're awful and messed up and just barely do the right thing, is back. It has one of the best opening credit sequences to depict abstract images that sum up the dilemmas and personalities of each of the characters. The second […]