Melina Perez Confirms WWE Return Report by Vehemently Denying It

Yesterday, a rumor made its way around the dirt sheets that Melina Perez, known only by her first name when wrestling in WWE, was signed and would make her return to WWE television within a week. The rumor began with Mike Johnson at PWInsider, normally as reliable a source as exists in the pro wrestling dirt sheet-o-sphere. Now, Melina herself has confirmed the rumor… by vehemently denying it on her facebook page.

"This makes my heart ache because I love my fans so much. I want you to realize that these sites that claim they know what's happening don't. How many times have they falsely reported things about me and said I am returning? You can't believe them because they do not report real or correct news. They often twist things up to get clicks," Melina wrote on Facebook. "I AM NOT signed with the WWE. But that doesn't mean it is not a possibility. My reason for this post is that it bothers me that these sites lie to fans. If I potentially get signed, don't forgive them for lying to you. I know there are those that aren't a fan of mine, but I still will care about them as I do my own fans. I don't like when people lie to you and/or bring your hopes up. You deserve better than that. YOU should demand better than that. They think it's ok to pull these stunts because you'll still follow or click that link. You should follow sites that don't treat you like you're stupid and do not lie to you. It seems like a lot of wrestling news sites do that, though."

Of course, wrestling dirt sheets report rumors of questionable veracity for the purpose of garnering clicks all the time. And 99% of the time, it goes completely ignored. But the only time wrestlers actually go on the record to deny they're making a big return seems to be when they are about to make a big return. See Edge.

In any case, Melina even gave away the game when she continued, "If it does happen… well, these sites ruined a great surprise. You should be upset that they cheated you of that moment if it happens."

Read the full Facebook post here. And look for Melina to probably show up on Raw, NXT, or Smackdown next week.

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