Punch Through A Metal Door With This New 'Marvel's Iron Fist' Featurette

Iron FistNetflix and Marvel are really amping up the promo for Marvel's Iron Fist as the date for the premiere of the new series gets closer and closer. Thus far the trailers haven't been selling the show to anyone outside of established fans but this new featurette aims to fix that. Star Finn Jones gives us a little background on his character of Danny Rand, how he got his powers and what they are, and even a hint about that iconic tattoo. There still doesn't appear any shots indicating when and if he'll get some version of his iconic costume but that doesn't mean anything. We got Luke Cage's tiara and huge yellow shirt even if it was a throw away gag so they can get away with anything now. The Marvel Netflix series love to tease us until the end.

The official twitter account has a fifteen second teaser/motion poster for the series.

Marvel's Iron Fist will drop its entire first season on Netflix on March 17, 2017.

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