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"Star Trek: Picard": Michael Chabon Answers Questions, Nerdsplains Culture Changes [VIDEO]

To say Star Trek fans are among the most dedicated in science fiction is an understatement. Despite Picard's success among critics and audiences alike, there are a few sour grapes who take issue with the franchise's creative changes. While the griping became more prevalent with Discovery, some carried over to the latest CBS All Access series. Luckily, one of the series creators Michael Chabon took to Instagram to answer a few of those issues.

Santiago Cabrera as Cristobel Rios in Star Trek Picard
"Absolute Candor" — Episode #104 — Pictured: Santiago Cabrera as Rios of the CBS All Access series STAR TREK: PICARD. Photo Cr: Trae Patton/CBS ©2019 CBS Interactive, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Chabon responded to a number of questions and nitpicks that some Star Trek fans had issues with. Among them are sunglasses on a Vulcan, vaping and cussing, which the writer gladly took time to respond in his video. The "video" looked more like a mute 5th grade PowerPoint presentation.

The first question asked about Commodore Oh (Tamlyn Tomita) and her sunglasses. The fan added, "Everyone knows Vulcans have evolved an 'inner eyelid' to protect them from the intense glare of their homeworld's three suns!" Chabon responded, "Hmm…What, therefore, might we logically infer?" as a tongue-in-cheek response.

Star Trek: Picard Michelle Hurd
CBS All Access

Vaping, Seriously?!!!

The second question inquired about Raffi (Michelle Hurd).

"Is Raffi vaping? Please tell me Raffi is not vaping."

Chabon responded, "Raffi is using a traditional Orion 'flashpipe' known as a horgl, employed for centuries on that world to sublimate the fleshy tendrils of an intoxicant plant known as horx or, popularly, 'snakeleaf.'"

"Star Trek": What The Future's "Supposed to Look Like" in 2020?

The next fan followed with, "Okay, but sunglasses, and vape pens horgls… and… and… like, Jurati uses earbuds. Even if people use those things in 2399, shouldn't they be more, well, futuristic?" The writer provided more an outlook of the universe's conceptualized future.

"You know what? We actually thought about this a lot. When you are making a show that's set in the future, you have to ask yourself constantly how people will be meeting daily needs and performing everyday tasks. One guiding principle is that some fundamental objects and tools evolve an ideal form – efficient, economical, comfortable, durable, practical, effective, useful—and afterward change very little, except as subject to fashion—which itself is often retrospective.

Certainly, any human civilization in which all the objects and appurtenances of everyday life were brand new, of recent invention, and thoroughly contemporary in design, would be fairly unprecedented."

Chabon's "presentation" addresses other "yeah, buts" – likely not the last video exploring a "Brave New Trek World."

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