The Orville Season 3 Producer Shares Some NDA-Friendly "Space Things"

So the last time we checked in with how things were going with production on the third season of Hulu and Seth MacFarlane's The Orville, editor & co-producer Tom Costantino was sharing some in-the-moment looks behind the scenes (with a guest appearance from Chad Coleman as they checked in from the "planetary union covid testing facility") while MacFarlane offered props to the show's the camera operators and Steadicam operator Bill Brummond in particular for their "eye-popping" work this season. Now we're back to check in with Costantino to see if he will, in fact, be our favorite source for updates on how things are going- and it turns out we were right.

The Orville - Scott Grimes, J Lee, Seth MacFarlane, Adrienne Palicki
The Orville (Image: FOX)

First up, viewers get what Costantino describes as a "good accidental NDA friendly" action shot from the series return; and following that, a look at a previous post that the editor/co-producer described perfectly: "space things":

In December 2020, viewers learned that filming had resumed on the series, with the news made official via Twitter and Instagram with the image of a clapperboard (which also happens to list MacFarlane as directing). Here's a look at the Instagram post that brought a cautious smile to The Orville fans' faces:

With the series having been hit by COVID-related delays much like dozens of other productions, things had been quiet for some time. Then during an Instagram chat in September with Jessica Szohr, MacFarlane offered viewers an update. "All I can say is we are working on it. We're working on it very hard, we got hit by this just like everyone else but we're working on it," MacFarlane explained at that time. "We will be back soon, folks. There has been a lot of speculation online: Will the show come back? The show is still a huge priority for me and for the cast and everyone else. We do have a season to finish, and we are going to finish it." For MacFarlane, it all comes down to safety first and foremost. "For a show with a lot of prosthetic makeup that requires close contact, a lot of background artists… it's a big job, and you want to make sure you do it in a way that keeps everyone safe and secure," he explained. "Once we have those protocols figured out, we will start up again and you will get more Orville."

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