Titans Costume Designer Posts Rare Pic of Season 1 Finale Batman

Considering the news and rumor pipeline for now-HBO Max's (???) Titans was running pretty dry over the past several months, the series made quite an impact at last month's DC FanDome event. After a season that saw death, loss, rebirth, and the shadows of the past haunt the team, we learned from executive producer Greg Walker that the series' action will shift to Gotham City for the third season. Not only that but viewers should prepare to meet Dr. Jonathan Crane aka Scarecrow, Commissioner Barbara Gordon, and Curran Walters evolving into Red Hood.


So with all of this talk of Batman's old stomping grounds, series costume and prop designer Andrew Speranza (A.S. Creations) posted a look back to the first season "What If?". In the image below, we get a clear look at the Batman costume that was designed for the season and "how the finale could of gone": with Batman leading his two Robins. We'll put it out there: the costume looks pretty badass, and we're fans of they're not being a blatant bat-logo on the front. It looks practical, and the pants look almost too comfortable:

Speaking with Variety last week, Warner Bros. TV Group president and chief marketing officer Lisa Gregorian was already expressing the company's interest in going the DC FanDome route again- though not at expense of having a presence at physical conventions when they return. "There's a place for both," says Gregorian. "I don't think one negates the other. I just think that under the circumstances that we were in we were able to come up with a solution for how to stay connected with our fans."

Latest DC FanDome Allows Complete Custom Experience
DC Fandome Logo with Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman in Wonder Woman 84. Image courtesy of Warner Bros

In the same article, Gregorian also explained why the once all-encompassing DC Fandome ended up being split into two sessions: August 22nd and September 12th. The short answer: there was just too much to cover in one day. "I think there was a certain point where Blair and I were just saying, 'There is just so much programming,'" said Gregorian. Next month's "DC FanDome: Explore the Multiverse" will differ from the August session in that it will be an on-demand event, with all panels and programming going live at once, giving viewers the ability to curate their own virtual con experience over 24 hours.

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