WWE Raw Report – So is Kevin Owens the Leader of Retribution Then?

It's been a weird night on WWE Raw, but there's one extremely positive thing we can say about it: it's almost over. Welcome to the fourth and final part of our Raw report.

Oh no! Retribution have even hacked the Raw logo in this article!!!
Oh no! Retribution have even hacked the Raw logo in this article!!!

WWE Raw Report for September 14th, 2020 Part 4

Charly Caruso talks to Drew McIntyre backstage about his match with Keith Lee. Drew says he didn't mean to interfere with Keiths match last week, but Keith had been hit with the RKO. He's continuing, but Lee interrupts. He's taking what Drew said personally like Drew is implying Lee was gonna lose, and Drew did him a favor. He says the only match that Drew didn't interfere in; Lee did beat Randy Orton. He says Drew is concerned that Lee will beat him tonight and then again at Clash of Champions. Drew says he's not afraid of anybody. Lee says he should be afraid. Things are getting tense between these two friends. Lee keeps putting his hand on Drew's shoulder, and Drew slaps it off. He dares him to do it again. Lee does. Drew punches him in the face. They brawl in the backstage area. Officials break it up. Let these hosses fight, dammit!

Titus O'Neil enters Raw Underground, where Braun Strowman is trashing a jobber.

Raw Underground

Braun Strowman beats up a jobber. Then Riddick Moss, who Strowman already fought earlier, gets in the ring again and gets his ass kicked. Maybe they filmed these out of order and forgot? Titus O'Neil gets in the ring and gets immediately choked out, but Strowman won't stop beating on him until Shane breaks it up.

Kevin Owens and Aleister Black are in the ring already but barely start fighting before Raw takes a commercial break. The timing of the show feels really off tonight.

Kevin Owens vs. Aleister Black

  • It's nearly 10:30 at this point, and in addition to this match and, presumably, more Raw Underground, there's still a women's tag team match and Keith Lee vs. Drew McIntyre. It seems like a lot to fit in.
  • Owens and Black have a fight. Black works Owens' leg during most of it.
  • It pays off when Owens hits a superkick with the hurt leg and then immediately falls down to sell it.
  • Owens can't stand up, allowing Black to set up for the finish… but the lights flicker, and Owens hits a stunner.

Okay, so Kevin Owens is the leader of Retribution then? Drew McIntyre is getting ready for his match when Keith Lee attacks again. Adam Pearce gets in the middle and tells Lee he'll cancel the match, and Lee won't get a shot at Clash of Champions if he doesn't stop. Raw takes a commercial break.

The Riott Squad comes to the ring. They are wearing three different matching colors of plaid. Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler are at the commentary table for this match. In a pre-recorded video, Ruby Riott and Liv Morgan cut a promo on how much Nia and Shayna's friendship suck. They're gonna show them what a real team looks like at Clash of Champions. Natalya and Lana come out.

Riott Squad vs. Lana and Natalya

  • Nia Jax is obnoxious. I think she injures my ears.
  • But I'd rather listen to her for hours than watch Lana wrestle.
  • Thankfully, Lana gets pinned in about 30 seconds.

Baszler and Jax beat up Natalya and Lana after the match. Nia Samoan Drops Lana through the announce table. Keith Lee and Drew McIntyre are seen walking backstage. Raw takes a commercial break.

Raw Underground

Braun Strowman murders another jobber. Then Riddick Moss wants another round. Dolph Ziggler joins him again. They double-team Strowman. Strowman kicks their asses anyway. Dabba-Kato tries to get in the ring, but Shane stops them. He says this is gonna happen next week.

Drew McIntyre comes to the ring. Keith Lee follows, looking mad as hell that no one has fixed his shitty entrance music yet. Michael Cole explains the convoluted stipulation here. Drew McIntyre is set to face Randy Orton in an ambulance match at Clash of Champions, but Orton might not be healthy enough to compete, so if Keith Lee wins tonight, and Randy Orton can't compete, then Lee will face McIntyre instead. But at the same time, McIntyre has a jaw fracture and if he takes one bad punch to the jaw, it could cause him to be unable to make it to Clash of Champions and have to forfeit the WWE Championship. Come on, guys. Just say it's a three-way and get it over with.

Drew McIntyre vs. Keith Lee

  • This match starts off with an exciting set of commercials.
  • It's a hoss fight—lots of meat slapping against other meat.
  • Of course, Retribution decides now is the time to interfere.

About twenty members of Retribution surround the ring. They charge and beat down Lee and McIntyre while piped-in crowd noise boos wildly. Hurt Business's music hits, and Hurt Business comes out. They begin to disrobe at the top of the ring as Retribution lines up at the bottom of the ramp. Hurt Business charges and the brawl is on—the fake crowd cheers.

So who is getting buried here? Hurt Business, or Retribution? The answer is both of them! Lee and McIntyre hit running flips over the top rope and take out everybody. What a crap ending to a crap show.

Raw sucked tonight, even more than usual. The show was boring up until the botched Mickie James vs. Asuka finish, and then it was just a mess after that. The Retribution angle shit the bed weeks ago, but it's still inexplicably going and getting worse. Raw Underground makes no sense and isn't exciting, and if WWE thinks people are tuning in next week just to see Braun Strowman and Dabba-Kato have a 30-second brawl with no stakes in a wrestling ring with no ropes, they've totally lost their minds.

Smackdown has seen ratings rise in the last few weeks because they have interesting storylines going on, and the show doesn't bore the crap out of everyone watching. Somehow, both of these shows are run by the same damn people. Get it together, WWE.

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