WWE Survivor Series- Team Raw Owes Lana Big for Victory Over Smackdown

Survivor Series entered their fifth match of the night with Raw and Smackdown standing tied in victories for the evening, with Sasha having a surprising underdog triumph over Asuka. It was time for the two conglomerates to put their best women to the test in the second five-on-five bout for the pay-per-view.

WWE Survivor Series ket art for Sunday night's PPV (Image: WWE)
WWE Survivor Series ket art for Sunday night's PPV (Image: WWE)

WWE Survivor Series Results Part 6 – Team Raw vs. Team Smackdown

Previously, Raw absolutely dominated their five-on-five bout, losing none of their men to a tap out and easily taking out Smackdown's best roster due to issues within the rank and the latter's disdain for actual cooperation. Facing similar issues in lack of leadership as their male counterparts, Team Raw also seemed to have no defined captain.

Nia Jax entered the ring for Monday Night Raw first, having been previously shown instructing her teammates not to tag in Lana at all. In fact, she put such a beatdown on Lana during Monday night that it was surprising that Lana wanted to be part of the team at all. Jax was then joined by Shayna Baszler, who also participated in Lana's epic schooling in body-slamming. They were quickly joined by Southern Belle Lacey Evans and Peyton Royce (her debut in Survivor Series). Last and in the eyes of Team Raw, the very least, Lana entered the ring as the only woman who earned her way onto the Monday Night team. In fact, Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler so carefully orchestrated their group in a multitude of violent acts against anyone they didn't want joining them in Survivor Series that it was a surprise that Lana made it to the arena at all.

Leading Team Smackdown was Bayley, the longest-reigning champion in Friday night history. She was followed by Bianca Belair, Ruby Riott, Liv Morgan, and finally Natalya. The camaraderie in the Friday Night Team was already evident with the ladies in blue, which would not bode well for Team Raw early on, as they already considered themselves one woman down before the match even started.

Lacey stepped into the ring against Bayley first, and on par with the men's strategy, there was a quick tag in to get veteran Natalya into the fight early on for Team Smackdown. Peyton debuted her first Survivor Series with a beautiful drop by teammates Belair and Natalya, taking consistent blows and even getting put in a pin (but she did quickly out). Riott then found herself face to face with Baszler, and the most brutal blow of the match so far was the latter brutally assaulting her opponent's spine. Lana managed to tag herself in against Liv Morgan and very nearly eliminated her, but before she could manage a run of success, she found herself staring down Natalya. Although the two were inseparable in their past, Natalya and Lana had no love lost as her former friend nearly tagged out her Raw counterpart. Despite her teammates refusing to support her, Lana held her own, even banishing her to the steps after forcefully tagging her out.

Team Smackdown reveled in the bullying, rallying in their corner and even using the break to give Bayley enough time to gather her strength and give Peyton a brutal beating and well landed suplex. Belair came in against Peyton next, lifting the woman over her head with ease and launched her into the turnbuckle in a hard-to-watch snake eyes. Peyton was nearly tagged out, but her team came to her aide quickly and caused all the women to enter the ring only to be thrown out with ease by Nia Jax. Peyton took advantage of Bayley's gloating and threw the former champion off the top rope into her entire Smackdown Team. She dragged a spent Bayley center ring and eliminated the self-proclaimed Smackdown captain, and won first blood of the match for Team Raw.

WWE Survivor Series ket art for Sunday night's PPV (Image: WWE)
WWE Survivor Series ket art for Sunday night's PPV (Image: WWE)

Natalya attempted to avenge her teammate and exchanged blows with Peyton, eventually dominating the Survivor Series rookie and eliminating her via tap out in a sharp-shooter. Lacey quickly planted a Woman's Right on Natayla, now setting the match in a 4-3 advantage for Raw. Now that Natalya and Bayley were eliminated, Smackdown was absent their strongest veterans.

Bianca Belair showed her inexperience with her lack of focus, allowing Baszler to distract her so Lacey could take advantage of the ruse and launch Belair into a high flying Spanish Fly. Belair was nearly tapped out but was saved by the Riott Squad, who ended the count early. The two women quickly tagged one another in as their only answer against powerhouse Nia Jax, whose only saving grace was Baszler entering the ring and laying blow after blow on Ruby. Jax almost distracted the official from seeing Baszler's pin on Ruby, but she effectively put her opponent to sleep and eliminated one half of the Riott Squad to the three count.

Liv responded in kind by eliminated Lacey Evans, the fury of seeing her friend knocked out gave her obvious new strength. At this point, it was Belair and Morgan versus Nia and Baszler (and Lana, who stood forgotten and disgraced on the sidelines). Liv did attempt to give the same offense against Nia, but unlike with Lacey, she could not overpower the leader of Team Raw and ended up getting eliminated for her efforts. Belair now stood alone for Team Smackdown, but there was not much she could really do against the efforts of Jax and Baszler attacking her back to back. In the same tenacity she showed in the Royal Rumble earlier this year, Bianca stood up from Baszler's kirifuda clutch. She fell against the ropes, effectively disqualifying Baszler, who did not let go in time. She gave it her best and recovered quickly enough to go blow for blow with Nia outside the ring, but neither woman made it back into the ring before the official's ten count.

That left none other than Lana standing center ring as the very last woman standing in the second five-on-five match for Survivor Series, despite her teammates looking on in obvious disgust. In the ultimate irony, she may have been easily eliminated early on had they just let her participate as planned. It is unsure what Lana's punishment will be in the upcoming weeks at the hands of the very, very jaded Nia Jax.

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