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Star Trek: Prodigy Star Kate Mulgrew on [SPOILER] Sacrifice & Future

As we got to know the young crew of the U.S.S. Protostar in the Nickelodeon series Star Trek: Prodigy, we come to know the experience was too good to be true, especially during the two-part season one finale in "Supernova." In the franchise's post-episode series The Ready Room, cast and crew discussed the fallout, especially star Kate Mulgrew, who reprised her role Kathyrn Janeway from Voyager in a dual capacity as Holo-Janeway, loaded in the Protostar's computer, and the older Vice-Admiral counterpart. The latter's trying to track them down but finally caught wind of their predicament of the Vau N'Akats' mission to annihilate the Federation through the Protostar. This is your major spoilers warning.

Star Trek: Prodigy Star Kate Mulgrew on [SPOILER] Sacrifice & Future
STAR TREK: PRODIGY: "Supernova Part 2" EP#119 — Kate Mulgrew as Janeway in STAR TREK: PRODIGY streaming on Paramount+ Photo: Nickelodeon/Paramount+ ©2022 VIACOM INTERNATIONAL. All Rights Reserved.

Before they talk to Mulgrew, they come to the scene where Dal (Brett Gray) comes to the realization that the crew's only choice is to destroy the Protostar in order to save the Federation, but with autopilot controls disabled, one will have to remain behind as Holo-Janeway makes the noble sacrifice. "It was a very difficult decision when we, as in a writers' room, realized we needed to destroy the Protostar and Hologram Janeway with it," executive producer David Hageman said. "But, for the type of storytelling that my brother and I like to do, we wanted a very emotionally climactic finale for our show."

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Rlee Alazraqui, Kate Mulgrew, Brett Gray, and Ella Purnell in Star Trek: Prodigy. Image screencapped courtesy of Pararmount+

The clip cuts away to Holo-Janeway, "I did what I had to so that you could fulfill your potential. Your potential is infinite." "That's a very Janeway thing to do," Mulgrew said. "I gave a small degree of sentience to Hologram Janeway in this moment because it's important to life them up by showing them through my voice and my reactions, even as the Hologram, that it is very difficult to say goodbye. Very, very hard to know that I am sacrificing myself." "For Dal, I think that was a very important relationship to him, but also a very important sacrifice for him to see as well and sort of a prestige point to know that she thought he was ready to go forth," Brett Gray said. "What that harkens back to, it's that relationship that all parents must go through of letting your child grow up," executive producer Dan Hageman said. "It's a sad moment, but it's a moment that has to happen as kids get older when they find out who they are, which is what the show's about."

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Kate Mulgrew & Robert Beltran in Star Trek: Prodigy. Screencapped from YouTube courtesy of Paramount+

When it comes to the discussion of Janeway's future, "I remember I had a little tear during the session, and the Hagemans were so, so lovely," Mulgrew said. "[Vice Admiral Janeway] is in pursuit now to find Chakotay for many, many years, and suddenly the voice is heard. So, it was emotional, and it was profound. And when I get to play those moments, it's very rewarding." "What can we tease without blowing it?" David Hageman pondered. "In season two, we're gonna see a lot more familiar faces." "Admiral Janeway has promised them a new ship, but not the Protostar," Dan Hageman added. "So I think that's something that fans can speculate on" before both promises to "deliver the goods" for season two. For more, including Gwyn and Dal's futures, how Mulgrew approaches both Janeways, how self-sacrifice is within Janeway's nature, Voyager memories, a quiz on Star Trek lore, and more, you can check out the video below.

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