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Rising Star 2 Cover Art

Rising Star 2 Receives An August 2020 Release Date

Gilligames revealed this week that Rising Star 2 now has an official release date, as it will launch on August 12th, 2020. The game has been teased for the better part of 2020 as a sequel to the fun rock star simulator game Shady O'Grady's Rising Star. The game will basically have you trying to […]

8BitDo Has Created A New Microsoft xCloud Game Controller

8BitDo Has Created A New Microsoft xCloud Game Controller

8BitDo has a brand new game controller on the way that should make mobile gamers happy, especially those using Microsoft Cloud. The SN30 Pro for Android is a slimmed-down version of the Xbox One X controller, specifically designed to be the best version of the controller you can get for mobile gaming. The controller itself […]

Hamilton Has Been Recreated In Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Hamilton Has Been Recreated In Animal Crossing: New Horizons

You knew someone was going to do it eventually. Someone has recreated the musical Hamilton inside Animal Crossing: New Horizons. The Lin-Manuel Miranda musical has barely been on Disney+ for a few days and already there's thousands of small little tributes. Including "Weird Al" Yankovic doing his own version of the musical on his YouTube […]

Kevin Conroy Would Like To See A New Set Of "Batman" Video Games

Could Microsoft End Up Being The One To Buy WB Games?

If you believe the latest from the rumor mill, it sounds like Microsoft is very interested in purchasing WB Games. As we reported a couple of weeks ago, AT&T was making it know that they were looking to sell off Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, which is the video game wing of Warner Bros. as a […]

Devolver Digital Announces Shadow Warrior 3 With A New Trailer

Devolver Digital Announces Shadow Warrior 3 With A New Trailer

Devolver Digital along with Flying Wild Hog announced that Shadow Warrior 3 is on the way, along with a brand new trailer for the game. The game is being announced ahead of the Devolver Direct livestream that will take place on July 11th, giving people a small preview of what's to come before they show […]

Pokémon Go Teases Generation Six in New Go Fest Image

Pokémon GO Fest 2020 Teaser Hints At Generation Six

Along with a new video promoting their first-ever at-home edition of Pokémon GO Fest, Niantic Labs, Inc. has released a teaser image for the event. Now, there's a lot going on here in this George Perez-esque artwork, packed to the brim with Pokémon, trainers, and Team Go Rocket villains. Let's take a closer look and […]

Tencent Games Addresses The Cheating Happening In PUBG Mobile

Tencent Games has decided they're going to become a lot tougher on cheaters in PUBG Mobile as they addressed this issue today. The company has added a fix to negate the ongoing cheat that will kill players in one shot and sent out a statement which you can read below regarding the matter. The hack […]

The Xbox Games Showcase Is Officially Announced For July 23, 2020

The Xbox Games Showcase Is Officially Announced For July 23, 2020

Microsoft finally revealed today when they would be holding the Xbox Games Showcase, as the event will take place on July 23rd. The word came down on Twitter today as the company just dropped the image below along with just the basic info that they will be broadcasting it live on their website, along with […]

Rian Johnson Directs New Commercial For Pokémon GO Fest

Pokémon GO Fest has a new commercial out, and it was surprisingly directed by an unlikely source as Rain Johnson decided to make it. With the event taking place in everyone's home due to COVID-19, the team behind the game has had to get a little more creative with the way its been promoted and […]

Review: Warhammer 40,000's Indomitus Box By Games Workshop

Review: Warhammer 40,000's Indomitus Box By Games Workshop

In the grimdark future, according to Games Workshop in their classic game Warhammer 40,000, there is only war. However, in the grimdark present, there are a whole lot of game reviews, which means that, at least for now, there's a lot of time for fun! We reviewed Games Workshop's Indomitus boxed set for the ninth edition […]

Review: Marvel Villainous, A Board Game By Ravensburger

We Review Marvel Villainous: Infinite Power By Ravensburger

Ravensburger, a gaming company well-known for its board games and puzzles, has released a whole slew of new games recently. Some of these games, such as Disney's Jungle Cruise Adventure and Back To The Future: Dice Through Time, we have gotten a chance to take a look at in the past few days. We also […]

Indie Party Crasher Simulator Game Announced For PC And Switch

Party Crasher Simulator Officially Announced For PC & Switch

Indie game developer and publisher Glob Games Studio have announced their plans to launch their upcoming game, Party Crasher Simulator, on PC via Steam, Nintendo Switch, and, according to their announcement, "most likely, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X[…]". Party Crasher Simulator is slated for a release on July 1st of 2021. In Party Crasher […]

Naughty Dog Condemns Fan Harassment Towards Cast & Crew

Naughty Dog has had to come out this week to condemn the harassment of the cast and crew of The Last Of Us Part II. The company took to Twitter today to call out all of the fans of the game who had been harassing and even making death threats toward people who had a […]

Call Of Duty League Will Play The Rest Of The 2020 Season Online

Activision Blizzard revealed today that the remainder of the 2020 season for Call Of Duty League will be played online. The move shouldn't come as a shock to anyone as COVID-19 has continued to rise in North America, and the prospect of even holding anything in-person is pretty much a foregone conclusion until 2021 at […]

Mortal Shell - Announcement Trailer

Mortal Shell Moves Into Open Beta After Fan Requests

Playstack and Cold Symmetry revealed this week that due to popularity, Mortal Shell has entered an open beta period for all to try. The game has been one that a lot of people have been waiting to try, so when the closed beta came around, the slots filled quickly and left many on the outs waiting […]

Ubisoft is Holding a "Digital Experience" with E3 2020 Now Cancelled

Maxime Béland Resigns From Ubisoft After Abuse Allegations

Over the weekend, Maxime Béland officially resigned from Ubisoft, formally leaving the company after abuse allegations arose. For those of you not in the loop, about a week and a half ago, allegations arose within the company against both Béland and Tommy François, prompting the company to release a statement saying they would be investigating […]

Rare Moltres Pokémon Card From Tropical Mega Battle On Auction

Rare Moltres Pokémon Card From Tropical Mega Battle On Auction

Heritage Auctions, an auction house based in Texas, is well-known for being a fantastic place to auction off comics, trading cards, and other forms of memorabilia. They have comics featuring various well-known characters such as Batman, and trading card memorabilia from a bunch of games from Magic: The Gathering to Pokémon. In fact, right now they are […]

Auto Draft

A "Left Bros" Copy Of Super Mario Bros. 3 Is Up For Sale

In the massive world of games collecting there are a few boxes that get special attention, like the "Left Bros" version of Super Mario Bros. 3. Currently, on Heritage Auctions, there is a copy of the game, still boxed and wrapped, that contains the "Left Bros" look going for $16.5k and it ends on July […]

Magic: The Gathering Art Spotlight: Seb McKinnon

Magic: The Gathering Art Spotlight: Seb McKinnon

Let's face the facts for a moment folks – Magic: The Gathering's art style has suffered from a glut of works that many people could deem as "too digital" for years now. One such piece that falls in this category is the Khans of Tarkir art for Monastery Swiftspear. It's a piece that simply feels too […]

We Review Science Division's Star Trek Interactive Tribble

We Review Science Division's Star Trek Interactive Tribble

One of the most iconic alien figures in all of Star Trek history has to be the Tribbles, first introduced in the original series in 1967. The small, furry, toupe-looking creatures basically only do a couple of things. Eat, reproduce, and squeak. As Dr. McCoy once said, they seem to be born pregnant, which seems […]