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Tim Seeley Adds Cyberfrog to #ComicWritersChallenge

Jim Lee, Joe Quesada and Cyberfrog Added to #ComicWritersChallenge

Yesterday, Bleeding Cool reported on the call from Gail Simone for comic book writers to offer up a sacrifice, a much-loved piece of original artwork that they had received in their career, something that meant a lot to them, for auction. With the proceeds going to Black Lives Matter-related charities. More people have stepped up, […]

Will Sliney Creates Kid Face Masks for easyJet Aeroplanes

Will Sliney Creates Kid Face Masks for EasyJet Flights

Will Sliney is an Irish comics artist, well known for his comic book work for Marvel on Spider-Man, X-Factor and Defenders as well as his graphic novel Celtic Warrior: The Legend of Cú Chulainn. he has been commissioned by easyJet to design face masks for young children who may be flying this summer when flights […]

The Flash Giant Volume 2 #5 Cover

The Walmart Report: Is the DC Giants Line Done?

Most comic book shops are reopening or attempting to reopen, and we are the cusp of an actual (mostly) typical comic book month in June.  There will be reduced releases from all publishers, as the printing of new comics gets back to normal, and Diamond ratchets back up distribution.  DC, by circumventing Diamond for several […]

The Golden Hour

Niki Smith's New Graphic Novel, The Golden Hour, From Little Brown

Niki Smith is a comic book writer and artist who grew up in Kansas and now lives in Munich with her wife. She has created comics for DC Comics and The Nib, while her debut graphic novel, Crossplay from Iron Circus was a Lambda Literary Award nominee. This year saw the publication of her graphic […]

Scream: Curse Of Carnage #6 Letters Page is From a Different World

Scream: Curse Of Carnage #6 Letters Page is From a Different World

Scream: Curse Of Carnage is one of the series that Marvel Comics had planned and solicited to print but, instead, decided to publish digitally instead. While the sixth issue comic is published digitally as it would have been in print, today, Marvel decided not to redo the letters and editorial page, which makes it read […]

Jessica Olien's Middle-Grade Graphic Novel Debut, Fox Hall, For 2023

Jessica Olien's Middle-Grade Graphic Novel Debut, Fox Hall, For 2023

Jessica Olien is the author and illustrator of number of pre-school books such as The Blobfish Book, Shark Detective, Adrift: An Odd Couple of Polar Bears, and Right Now all with Balzer+Bray. She is also the illustrator of Hamsters Don't Fight Fires from HarperCollins. Her cartoons and illustrations have been published in the New Yorker, […]

Auto Draft

Constantine Can See His Own Pencils (Justice League Dark #22 Spoilers)

I am a sucker for when comic books reveal that they are comic books. Yesterday in Action Comics #1022 saw Superman and his Superfriends come to terms with their own reality being rebooted a few times. People seemed to really like it – or at least, really like talking about it. And while yesterday's Hellblazer: […]

Christine Suggs' Graphic Memoir to be Published by Little Brown

Christine Suggs is a graphic designer, illustrator, and comics creator who lives in Dallas, Texas. In 2015, she graduated magna cum laude from the University of North Texas with a degree in communication design, an emphasis on graphic design, and a minor in history. You can see Christine's comic strips and cartoons on Instagram and […]

Maybe Someday: Stories Of Promise, Visions Of Hope from Many Creators

A Wave Blue World's latest anthology, Maybe Someday: Stories Of Promise, Visions Of Hope, the sequel to their anthology All We Ever Wanted is hitting Kickstarter right now, including work by (breathe in) Natasha Alterici, Alejandro Aragon, Darren Auck, Max Bemis, Anthony Breznican, Ryan Cady, Mario Candelaria, Joe Caramagna, Tyler Chin-Tanner, Gab Contreras, Shawn Daley, […]

The 1970s Punk London Hamlet Graphic Novel, Created During Lockdown

The 1970s Punk London Hamlet Graphic Novel, Created During Lockdown

Kev F Sutherland is a renaissance man of comic books, He has written comics, he has drawn comics, from Marvel's Doctor Strange to Viz Comic to The Beano's Bash Street Kids. He launched the big annual British comics convention in Bristol when the UKCACs went away. He has put on major stage shows, is a […]

Today More DC Comics Characters Realise They Were Rebooted (Spoilers)

Can Our Own Reality Be Rebooted? The Daily LITG, 3rd June 2020

The world seems like a terrible and strange place sometimes, but fandom still brings us together. These are strange times, but The Daily LITG is becoming a valuable way to quantify just what comic book geek culture is up to in this time of trial. There was the recognition of the Black Lives Matter protest […]

Spider-Man Scales Manhattan Bridge at Black Lives Matter Protest

Spider-Man Scales Manhattan Bridge at Black Lives Matter Protest

Our comic book heroes have become part of the protest language of the times.  This has been true, in other forms, throughout the course of history. Robin Hood, The Three Musketeers, and many more over decades and centuries.  And now, Spider-man. Over the past few days, we have seen comic book iconography used again and […]

DC Cancelled Comics Still Avalable in Walmart

DC Cancelled Comics Available in Walmart – and eBay

Last week, Bleeding Cool reported a number of cancelled books at DC Comics, announced all in one evening. That included a number of the 100-Page Giant titles. But, as was then pointed out to Bleeding Cool, while the titles may have been cancelled, they were still on sale at Walmart. Or at least they were, […]

Where In The World Is Moira Mactaggert?

Where In The World (Or Krakoa) Is Moira MacTaggert?

In Jonathan Hickman, Pepe Larraz and RB Silva's House Of X/Power Of X, Moira MacTaggert changed the face of the Marvel's Xbooks. Revealed as a mutant all this time, her power is to restart reality on her death, reverting it back to the moment of her birth. With Destiny telling her hat she will be […]

Comics & Complication, Stories to Guide Us – Superman and the Nail

Comics & Complication, Stories to Guide Us – Superman and The Nail

On the evening of June 2nd, 1932, the father of a young Jewish immigrant collapsed during a late-night robbery at his thrift store. His son, inspired by his own helplessness, went on to create arguably one of the most influential superheroes in history; a man immune to bullets and the ability to stop any crime […]

Man-Bat Rescheduled by DC Comics - But Where is Generation One?

Man-Bat Rescheduled by DC Comics – But Where is Generation One?

The five-issue Man-Bat miniseries, slated to debut in May with issue #1, won't just be rescheduled and delayed. Instead, DC has confirmed to retailers that it will be resolicited. Planned to be written by Dave Wielgosz, an Assistant Editor for DC and drawn by Batman artist Sumit Kumar, it will now come out in September […]

John Constantine Vs Racist Ghosts in Hellblazer #6 (Spoilers)

"John Constantine is a Virus" – Hellblazer #6 (Spoilers)

It was meant to come out in April, but then stuff happened. But this issue of John Constantine: Hellblazer #6 dealing with a preponderance of mystery deaths in a hospital, suffering under pressure is sadly as relevant now as it would have been back in April. But it also gets a lot more relevant due […]

Today More DC Comics Characters Realise They Were Rebooted (Spoilers)

More DC Characters Realise They're Rebooted (Action Comics Spoilers)

Today (or tomorrow depending) sees the release of Action Comics #1022 by Brian Michael Bendis, John Romita, Danny Miki, Brad Anderson and Dave Sharpe. It's been a while since #1021. Previously, Superman had revealed that he was Clark Kent, Lois Lane had written a revelation that the Daily Planet's owner was a gangster, head of […]

The Diving Into The Comic Vault logo. Photo: Baltimore Lauren.

Diving into the Comic Vault: Adventures in Wonderland #1

In 1865 the world was introduced to Lewis Carroll's Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. The titular Alice and her friends in Wonderland would go on a myriad of adventures throughout the entirety of the series, which delighted both the young and young at heart. It should come as no surprise that these stories would inspire all kinds […]

Scott Dunbier, Rob Liefeld, Jonah Weiland, Talking About America

Yesterday, Bleeding Cool looked at a number of comic book creator-and-adjacent commentaries on social media on the current protests in America right now. But the current situation has brought out voices that are not normally known for commentary for such issues. Here are three, well-known white Americans working in the comics industry looking at their […]