Overwatch Anthology: Expanded Edition Coming This Fall From Dark Horse

Overwatch Anthology: Expanded Edition Coming From Dark Horse

Blizzard Entertainment's Overwatch has been an incredibly popular video game since its launch in 2016. Since then, it has blossomed into a highly successful intellectual property and has spawned merchandise and adaptations across numerous platforms.  One of these is comic books, and through Dark Horse Comics, Overwatch has released a series of one-shots that expand upon […]

American Horror Story S10: Frances Conroy Image? Where's Kathy Bates?

So with all of that time we spent yesterday getting excited about Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk's American Horror Story as Season 10 exterior filming kicked off in Provincetown, we almost missed out on something when we reported on FX on Hulu's new trailer that included a mini-teaser for AHS spinoff series American Horror Stories. But what […]

"Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines 2" Pushed Further Back In 2020

Hardsuit Labs Layoff Several Staffers After Losing Bloodlines 2

Sad news coming out of Hardsuit Labs as several developers have been laid off after the company lost Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines 2. For those who aren't aware, last week Paradox Interactive announced that they had pushed the game back again, this time indefinitely as they took Hardsuit off the project. This came after […]

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After 20 Years Joe Madureira Teases Return Of Battle Chasers With #10

Battle Chasers is a fantasy comic book by Joe Madureira that he launched in April 1998 as part of Wildstorm's Cliffhanger creator-owned line, and then Image Comics. It was slow coming, with many months between issues, including a delay of 16 months for issue #7.  The last issue, #9, was published in September 2001 and […]

Tony Schiavone and Tony Khan appear on Impact Wrestling

Tony Khan Declares Himself Captain of Anti-WWE Wrestling Alliance

Greetings, comrades. It is I, your El Presidente, bringing you breaking news from Impact Wrestling. AEW head honcho Tony Khan appeared in another paid ad on Impact Wrestling tonight, but instead of insulting Impact and flaunting his money, Khan decided to give a state of the wrestling industry address. During his speech, Khan declared himself […]

Giovanni Battle Guide for Pokémon GO Players: March 2021

Poké Spotlight: Getting To Know Krabby Outside Of Pokémon GO

Part of the fun of the main series Pokémon games is the lore of each species, which Pokémon GO recreates with short descriptions in their Pokédex entries. However, looking into the roles these Pokémon play in other games, and even the anime, can enrich the experience of hunting these creatures in Niantic's mobile game. In honor of […]

DC Has Infinite Frontier Event, Marvel Has Infinite Destinies Event

DC Has Infinite Frontier Event, Marvel Has Infinite Destinies Event

Today DC Comics announced an Infinite Frontier summer event. A few hours afterwards, Marvel announced an Infinite Destinies event. Though Marvel had this first as they solicited the Infinite Destinies annuals for the summer of 2020. The annuals dropped off Marvel's schedule as a result of the pandemic but never returned – until now. The […]

George Costanza quits his job and tries to show back up the next day like nothing happened.

Tony Khan Reacts to Joey Ryan Trying to "Costanza" His Cancellation

Greetings, comrades! It is I, your El Presidente, reporting to you from Orlando, Florida, where I just spent the weekend hiding inside the body of a golden statue of Donald Trump to gather information on my enemies. But it's what happened on Twitter today that I'm here to tell you about, my friends. A purported […]

The One Ring RPG Scores $1.5M Crowdfunding

The One Ring RPG Scores $1.5M Crowdfunding With Two Days Left

Free League Publishing announced today that their Kickstarter for The One Ring RPG was surpassed $1.5m in funds before it ends. With just under two days left to go, they have smashed through their goals and pretty much have the funding they need for a massive release of the RPG. If you're not familiar with […]

Tom King Writes Supergirl: Woman Of Tomorrow, Drawn By Bilquis Evely

Tom King Writes Supergirl: Woman Of Tomorrow, Drawn By Bilquis Evely

Bleeding Cool broke the existence of the Supergirl: Woman Of Tomorrow comic book last week, to much online criticism. The usual thing. And today, DC Comics has confirmed the news, as revealed in the last page of Infinite Frontier #0, of the new series, Supergirl: Woman Of Tomorrow, an eight-issue series launching on the 22nd […]

The Bottom Line 'Cause Chad Said So graphic, made by me, The Chadster. Graphic design is my passion.

WWE Raw Takes Top Spot on Cable Once Again

Everything's coming up Chad! And by everything, The Chadster means WWE's ratings, which are, as far as The Chadster is concerned, everything. WWE Raw took the top three spots on the cable charts posted by Showbuzz Daily this week. As far as everything else, yeah, ok, that's not so great. The Chadster's wife won't come […]

Microsoft & Samsung Partner Once Again For The Xbox Series X

Microsoft & Samsung Partner Once Again For The Xbox Series X

Microsoft and Samsung have announced a renewed partnership, this time around over their latest consoles, the Xbox Series X. Today they revealed that the Samsung QLED has become the official TV partner of the console in both the U.S. and Canada. We have a little bit from the announcement below, but the shorthand is that […]

The World Realises That Shazadam Is Real

The World Wakes Up To Shazadam Being A Thing In Infinite Frontier #0

A month ago, Bleeding Cool made mention that DC Comics was going to be referring to Black Adam as Shazadam in Infinite Frontier. Now we had no idea how long this would last, no idea if it would go further than that issue, maybe it was a balloon sent up by Brian Bendis for introducing […]

mayans m.c.

Mayans M.C. Season 3 "Brothers": For EZ & Angel, There's No Going Back

In two weeks, the next chapter in FX Networks and series co-creator/showrunner Elgin James' Mayans M.C. begins as brothers EZ Reyes (J.D. Pardo) and Angel (Clayton Cardenas) begin traveling down a deadly road to redemption- a journey neither of them may come back from. But is redemption what each of them really wants? As the […]

Niantic Announces Plans for Pokémon GO Tour: Kanto Make-up Event

Niantic Announces Plans For Pokémon GO Tour: Kanto Make-Up Event

Niantic has announced the full details for the upcoming Pokémon GO Tour: Kanto Make-up Event. This will be a bonus strictly for those who paid for the Pokémon GO Tour: Kanto ticket after a mishap during the event allowed some trainers who did not pay to acquire the ticketed Special Research for free. Rather than […]

Infinite Frontier Reflects Justice League Zack Snyder Cut (Spoilers)

Infinite Frontier Reflects Justice League Zack Snyder Cut? (Spoilers)

A month ago, Bleeding Cool was the first to ask what Earth Omega was. Today we get the answer in Infinite Frontier #0 and set the scene for the DC summer event, Infinite Frontier. Major spoilers ahead, of course. The planet was first mentioned by Josh Williamson in his Future State: Justice League series as […]

Chris Bey, Black Taurus, and Ace Austin will compete for a shot at the X-Division Championship

Impact Preview: Cow Masks, Eye Patches, Fedoras, Mohawks, Cowboy Hats

Here's what's happening on Impact Wrestling tonight. Ace Austin, Black Taurus, and Chris Bey will compete in a triple threat match to determine the number one contender for the X-Division championship. The three won a six-man tag match on Impact last week against Willie Mack, Josh Alexander, and Trey Miguel. The X-Division Championship match will […]

Razer Reveals The Inaugural Razer DevCon 2021

Razer Reveals The Inaugural Razer DevCon 2021

Razer announced that they will be launching a brand new online convention this year with the formation of Razer DevCon 2021. The inaugural event will be taking place on May 7th, 2021, starting at 10AM PT on the official Razer Twitch channel. The event will aim to gives developers of all kinds to gain insight […]

Taskmaster #3 Taegukgi Variant References Captain Marvel #17 2nd Print

Two comic book retailers familiar to Bleeding Cool readers are Ssalefish Comics of North Carolina and Wonderworld Comics of Michigan have created a joint retailer exclusive variant cover of the second printing of Taskmaster #3 from Marvel Comics, the issue that featured the first appearance of South Korea's equivalent of Captain America, Taegukgi. Which has […]

Hello Kitty and Friends Supercute Adventures Trailer | Supercute Adventures (Image: Sanrio)

Hello Kitty Film Finds Two Directors for Live-Action Animation Hybrid

Hello Kitty is a little closer to becoming a reality — or at least a hybrid of animation and live-action, so close enough! According to Deadline, the live-action and animated combination of Hello Kitty's theatrical debut is getting closer, after nabbing directors for the iconic Sanrio brand that helped make Hello Kitty a household name. […]

Fall Guys Developer Mediatonic Has Been Acquired By Epic Games

Epic Games had an interesting reveal today as they announced they have acquired Mediatonic, the developer of Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout. The company dropped the news themselves today, along with the quotes on the matter you see below, as parent company Tonic Games Group will now be under their umbrella. TGG created a small Q&A […]

Tommy Lee Edwards Draws Mark Millar's Jupiter's Legacy: Requiem

Tommy Lee Edwards Draws Mark Millar's Jupiter's Legacy: Requiem

In January last year, Bleeding Cool reported the news that Mark Millar was writing a ten-issue Jupiter's Legacy series, then called Jupiter's Requiem. Now The Hollywood Reporter has the exclusive scoop that Mark Millar is to publish… Jupiter's Legacy: Requiem. It will be drawn by his 1985 artist Tommy Lee Edwards and it is now […]

New Godzilla vs. Kong International Poster is Very Punchy

Godzilla vs Kong Director Gives Hope to the Future of the Monsterverse

Godzilla vs. Kong is still very much one of the most anticipated 2021 releases – and in a time where releases are scarce, getting a Monsterverse pay-per-view style fight is just the fix we need. When we received the first of three new Godzilla films back in 2014, fans were thrilled to see how far […]

Harry Potter Game Hogwarts Legacy Will Have Transgender Characters

Harry Potter Game Hogwarts Legacy Will Have Transgender Characters

Flying in the face of recent comments by J.K. Rowling, the upcoming game Hogwarts Legacy will have transgender characters. The news came down from Bloomberg today, who got confirmation on the addition to the game as you will be able to choose everything about your character's appearance, including what gender they identify with (or if […]

Infinite Frontier #1 To #6 – DC Comics' Summer Event For 2021

One month ago, Bleeding Cool scooped the news that DC Comics was to publish an Infinite Frontier #1 to follow today's Infinite Frontier #0, as well as the news that Supergirl: Woman Of Tomorrow would be launching. As a result, I was castigated online, as usual, for breaking embargoes I had never been subject to. […]

Titans Season 3 has something coming out this Monday. (Image: WarnerMedia)

Titans Season 3 Location-Scouting Looks Are Heavy on Dark & Creepy

After a build-up to yet another amazing costume-reveal (this time, for Damaris Lewis's Blackfire) as well as a look at Savannah Welch (Six) going through training for her role as Gotham City Police Commissioner Barbara Gordon (aka Oracle?), we're back to checking in with HBO Max's Titans director of photography Boris Mojsovski via Instagram to […]

Giovanni Battle Guide for Pokémon GO Players: March 2021

Pokémon GO Battle League Season 7: Top Great League Meta

The GO Battle League Season Seven has begun in Pokémon GO. It has kicked off with a run of Great League exclusive battles, which limits the CP of Pokémon used in PVP bouts to 1500. Prepare to take your buddies into battle with this guide, breaking down the top species to use in Pokémon GO […]

Bryan Hitch Draws Frank Quitely All-Star Superman For Crime Syndicate

Bryan Hitch Draws Frank Quitely All-Star Superman For Crime Syndicate

This is the famous opening to All-Star Superman #1 from Grant Morrison and Frank Quitely that launched that most legendary of Superman comic book series from DC Comics, safe in the knowledge that everyone knew the origin of Superman and it could be conveyed in four panels and limited words. It's a classic scene that […]

The Masked Singer Season 5 Introduces Cluedle-Doo; Russian Dolls Sing

The Masked Singer Season 5 Introduces Cluedle-Doo; Russian Dolls Sing

We've been reporting about how the fifth season of FOX's The Masked Singer is going to be one of change, including the addition of new wildcard rounds set to shake up the road to The Golden Mask Trophy. We even know there's going to be a COVID-related change to the season-opener, with Niecy Nash filling […]

Metroid Prime Samus Aran Replica Helmet Lands at First 4 Figures

Metroid Prime Samus Aran Replica Helmet Lands at First 4 Figures

Bring the heroine Samus Aran home as First 4 Figures announces their newest statue. This time fans will be able to get their hands on a replica helmet from the hit game Metroid Prime from her Varia Suit. This helmet is not able to be worn and stands 19" tall and is displayed on a […]

"Who Is Red X" Mystery Continued In Infinite Frontier and Teen Titans Academy

"Who Is Red X" Mystery In Infinite Frontier and Teen Titans Academy

The mystery of who the new Red X character for Future State: Teen Titans was not revealed in January or February, despite –  or maybe because of – jumping in value on eBay and getting a special combined third printing. Red X appeared as a longterm prisoner of the future Titans, and has been teased […]

Voyager Trailer Includes, Sex, Drugs and Chaos in This New Sci-Fi Thriller

Voyagers Trailer Includes, Sex, Drugs and Chaos in New Sci-Fi Film

The first official trailer for the upcoming sci-fi thriller Voyagers has just dropped today — and we're receiving our first official look at a film promising a little shock value fun.  The new film comes from Limitless director Neil Burger, with a space-centric setting where several young people are embarking on a mission to colonize […]

Mythic Legions All-Stars 4 Includes Two MOTU Homage Figures

The hit fantasy figure line Mythic Legions from Four Horseman Studios is back as they debut the lineup for their All-Stars 4 collection. The All-Stars series allows fans to get reissued figures from some of the hottest Mythic Legion figures and even some new additions. Four figures will be returning in this wave with Tibius, […]

Barbara Gordon, Happy To Be Oracle in Infinite Frontier and Batman

Barbara Gordon, Batgirl was created by Batman television series producer William Dozier, comics editor Julius Schwartz, writer Gardner Fox and artist Carmine Infantino as a new female counterpart to the superhero Batman that could be introduced into publication and the third season of the TV show simultaneously. The character made her first comic book appearance […]

WWE Raw Worked Beginning To End Last Night.  Let's Look At Why.

Raw Worked Beginning To End Last Night; Let's Look At Why

If you watched WWE Raw last night on the USA Network, you might have noticed that you actually watched the entire show, beginning to end.  And clocking in at three hours, watching the whole show has become something of a chore for fans over the past few years.  While three hours is probably too much for […]

Boss Fight Studio Reveals Two Exclusive H.A.C.K.S BBTS Figures

Boss Fight Studio Reveals Two Exclusive H.A.C.K.S BBTS Figures

Boss Fight Studio is back with two more amazing figures from their Vitruvian H.A.C.K.S. that is exclusive to Big Bad Toy Store. Standing roughly 4" tall, B'an Ran Shi the Hobgoblin and General Bah-sak, the Red Knight, are ready for action. Both figures are highly detailed, highly articulated, and come with accessories. Both the Hobgoblin […]