Pillow Talk, a Professional Pillow Fighting Graphic Novel, For 2023

Pillow Talk, a Professional Pillow Fighting Graphic Novel, For 2023

Stephanie Cooke and Mel Valentine have sold their YA graphic novel, Pillow Talk, to Lily Kessinger at HMH/Etch. Publisher's Weekly describes the graphic novel as featuring "Grace Mendes aka Cinderhella, a fierce competitor in the Pillow Fight Federation (PFF), an underground pillow fight league that's part roller derby, part professional wrestling." Pillow Talk is scheduled for publication in […]

Law & Order: SVU table read had an interesting new cast member at the table (Image: NBCU screencap)

Law & Order: SVU: Christopher Meloni Returns for Season 22 Table Read

Law & Order: SVU fans who were looking forward to a reunion between Benson (Mariska Hargitay) and Stabler (Christopher Meloni) on the long-running Dick Wolf series will definitely like what they see in recent social media posts from Hargitay and showrunner Warren Leight. With Meloni's Stable set to front his own L&O spinoff series sometime in […]

Pokémon GO Teases Xerneas, Yveltal, & Zygarde in New Video

Pokémon GO Teases Xerneas, Yveltal, & Zygarde in New Video

They've arrived! Generation Six Pokémon from the Kalos region have entered Pokémon GO for the very first time. Niantic introduced a set of new species that can be caught in the wild, hatched from Eggs, and battled in raids in their hit mobile game… but then, they took to social media to tease three Kalos […]

The Biggest, Baddest Spoilers for The Walking Dead #192

Black Widow Going To At Least #10 – Especially After That Cliffhanger

Black Widow time… When it comes to Marvel Comics solicitations, it's rare that you know when a comic book has been cancelled. Unlike DC Comics, they are not keen on adding LAST ISSUE or FINAL ISSUE to the listings. So when Marvel solicitations miss an issue of a comic book for a month, people fear […]

The official logo for AEW Dynamite on TNT

AEW Dynamite Recap – Chris Jericho Teases Inner Circle Breakup

Winter isn't just coming, folks. Winter is Here. AEW doesn't have another PPV until 2021, so this episode of Dynamite is looking like the biggest show until then, at least on paper. A year in the making, Kenny Omega is facing Jon Moxley for the AEW Championship. Unlike most television title matches, I kinda sorta […]

Planet Zoo Releases The New Aquatic Pack This Week

Planet Zoo Releases The New Aquatic Pack This Week

Now you too can have cute penguins for people to look at in your park as Frontier Developments released the Aquatic Pack for Planet Zoo. The pack will officially go live on December 8th and run you $10 to add. Like most packs, you're getting a new set of animals to add as well as […]

PopCultivator Launches As Crowdfunded Fan-Owned Comic Book Studio

PopCultivator Launches As Crowdfunded Fan-Owned Comic Book Studio

PopCultivator, a new comic book studio launched a public offering today through equity crowdfunding platform, WeFunder, where investors can buy in from $100 up. And the executive team have some familiar names. Josh Blaylock, Chief Creative & Executive Officer, and owner/publisher of Devil's Due Comics. Mark Powers, Consulting Editor and former Senior Editor X-Men editor. […]

New Sleepaway Camp Film May Be In The Works Star Teases

New Sleepaway Camp Film May Be In The Works Star Teases

Sleepaway Camp is one of the standout slashers of the boom that occurred in the 1980s, and to this day, features one of the best endings to any horror film. The three sequels were not nearly as good as that original, but not without their moments either. That first one, though, that is a special […]

Ubisoft Opens Registration For Rainbow Six Invitational 2021

Ubisoft Opens Registration For Rainbow Six Invitational 2021

Ubisoft announced earlier today that they have officially opened up registrations for the Rainbow Six Invitational 2021. This year's event will take place in a LAN environment created by the organizers with zero audiences around, all done to protect the teams and crew. Which means we're probably not going to be seeing this one held […]

A Better Look Under The Next Batman's Cowl For DC Future State

A Better Look At The Next Batman For DC Future State in 2021

Bleeding Cool was the first to report the plans for Batman in what was then dubbed 5G or Generation Five. That Batman #100 would have ended with the supposed death of Bruce Wayne, the series would have been relaunched with a new Batman written by John Ridley, with Bruce Wayne revealed to be still alive […]

Kenny Omega won the AEW Championship from Jon Moxley on Dynamite: Winter is Coming, with help from Impact Wrestling's Don Callis

Omega Beats Moxley for AEW Belt, Takes it To Impact Wrestling

In a shocking ending to Winter is Coming, tonight's special episode of AEW Dynamite, Kenny Omega defeated Jon Moxley in the main event to win the AEW Championship. But the victory wasn't without controversy. After a hard-fought, roughly half-hour match, Omega seemingly feigned an injury as Don Callis, visiting from Impact Wrestling to do guest […]

2K Games Pens New Deal With Kevin Durant For NBA 2K21 Mobile

2K Games Pens New Deal With Kevin Durant For NBA 2K Mobile

2K Games announced a new partnership with NBA superstar Kevin Durant and Thirty Five Ventures revolving around NBA 2K Mobile. Durant will be the icon athlete for Season 3 of the game, along with the plan for him and TFV to collaborate with 2K on future game development, exclusive content, in-game merch, and more opportunities […]

The Daily LITG, 3rd December 2020

Alex Ross & Rick & Morty – The Daily LITG, 3rd December 2020

Welcome to the Daily LITG. The world can seem like a terrible and strange place sometimes, but there are highlights. At Bleeding Cool you can still read all about comics, merch, TV shows, games, movies and more. From I Am Not Starfire to Rick And Morty – The Daily Lying In The Gutters remains a […]

Eastern Promises Sequel In The Works With Jason Statham

Eastern Promises Sequel In The Works With Jason Statham

Eastern Promises was an excellent crime family drama by David Cronenberg that came out in 2007 to wide acclaim in 2007, including an Oscar nomination for Best Actor for star Viggo Mortensen. Now, 15 years later, it seems we will be jumping back into that same crime family, as Danish director Martin Zandvliet is prepping […]

World Of Warships Receives A 2020 Holiday Update

World Of Warships Receives A 2020 Holiday Update

Wargaming has revealed details to the latest World Of Warships update on the way that should get you into a more festive mood. The company has added the 0.9.11 update, which includes the VIII Kansas, IX Minnesota, and X Vermont for all players to research. Also running from December 1st-24th, you will get special daily […]

The cover to Amazing Spider-Man #850, the last issue featuring artist Ryan Ottley.

Top 500 Most-Ordered Comics & Graphic Novels in October 2020

We've just run the top ten October 2020 comic books, graphic novels, toys, games, marketshare sold to the direct market of comic book stores through Diamond Comic Distributors in October 2020. The top 500 October lists follow after the full marketshare… no DC Comics of course. But they would never have stopped Spawn getting into […]

True Beauty: Hit Webtoon Gets Live Action TV Series on Viki

True Beauty: Webtoon Hit Gets Live Action TV Series Adapt on Viki

True Beauty, the popular Webtoon series is getting a live-action South Korean TV series that will be simulcast to the US on Rakuten Viki, a leading streaming service for Asian content. True Beauty, will be exclusively available to U.S. viewers on December 9th.  The Webtoon has more than five million followers and the new, live-action, […]

The Godfather Vito Corleone Takes  Easy with DAMTOYS

The Godfather Vito Corleone Takes It Easy with DAMTOYS

DAMTOYS is back with yet another 1/6 scale figure from the cult classic film, The Godfather. Vito Corleone returns but is featured in his golden years in this new edition 1/6 scale figure. Capturing the likeness of The Godfather himself, Marlon Brando, DAMTOYS is not holding back with this amazing 12″ tall figure that also […]

Spider-Man and Dracula Motherf**ker Top Diamond October 2020 Charts

Spider-Man and Dracula Motherf**ker Top Diamond October 2020 Charts

Diamond chart time. And a special congratulations to former Bleeding Cool columnist Alex De Campi and Erica Henderson, whose graphic novel Dracula Motherf**ker from Image Comics was the best-selling graphic novel in the Diamond direct market in October this year, beating out the collection of Marvel's summer event, Empyre. Someone at DC's Black Label should […]

Sting is now a part of AEW (Image: AEW key art)

Sting Shows Up on Dynamite, Signs Multi-Year Deal with AEW

After speculation earlier this year following his contract expiring with WWE, Sting has finally made good on that rumor he'll show up in AEW. Sting appeared to end a beatdown by Team Taz against Cody Rhodes, Darby Allin, Dustin Rhodes, and Arn Anderson following a match between Rhodes and Allin vs. Ricky Starks and Powerhouse […]

Faye Lau Returns To Season Four Of The Division 2

Faye Lau Returns To Season Four Of The Division 2

Ubisoft revealed details of Season Four of Tom Clancy's The Division 2, as we learned the character Faye Lau has returned. The former Division Agent will be the Prime Target this season as part of the upcoming Title Update 12, which will go into effect on December 8th. The update will include new weapons and […]

Detective Story Magazine June 23, 1933.

Are Pulps Ready to Parallel Vintage Comics and Explode in Value?

A guest post from Rick Akers, a Heritage Auctions Consignment Director and Comics Buyer. He also heads up the Heritage Auctions Comic Market direct sales dealer program and is an expert in pulps and other vintage material. The golden age comics market has been exploding with new interested collectors over the last several years and […]

The Wheel of Time (Image: Tor Books)

The Wheel of Time Showrunner on Swords, Fighting Styles, Music & More

Fans of author Robert Jordan's literary world were given a chance to see the journey that a Heron-Mark Blade made from design to build to appearing on set to finally make its way in front of the camera. In addition, showrunner Rafe Judkins (Chuck, Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.) offered to answer ten questions about the […]

Kalos Debuts Today! Generation Six Unleashed in Pokémon GO

Level Up: Complete Guide To Level 42 Requirements In Pokémon GO

The level cap has been raised to 50 in Pokémon GO, tasking Level 40 trainers with earning XP and completing new requirements in order to level up. Here's everything trainers need to know about Level 42 and how to get there. When you click on your profile page in Pokémon GO, you will now see […]

How Rare Is The King In Black #1 Thing Secret Variant Cover?

How Rare Is The King In Black #1 Thing Secret Variant Cover?

So, yes, The King In Black #1 came out today. Bleeding Cool reviewed it earlier in the week courtesy of a Marvel Unlimited leak, and we took a peek of how it was playing out more widely in the Marvel Universe. But should we have been paying more attention to the cover? It turns out […]

Wonder Woman 1984: Coming to the U.K. Early, New International Poster

Wonder Woman 1984: Coming to the U.K. Early, New International Poster

Despite the fact that the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has never been worse, Warner Bros. is one of a couple of studios that are looking to release a major blockbuster into theaters. While they are giving Wonder Woman 1984 a simultaneous streaming release on HBO Max, the movie is still hitting theaters domestically and internationally. It […]

Auto Draft

Mezco Toyz Drops Gomez Clan of the Crimson Dragon One:12 Figure

Mezco Toys has done it again as they randomly dropped the long-awaited Clan of the Crimson Dragon One: 12 Collective Gomez. This figure has been rumored ever since the San Diego Comic Con Clan of the Golden Dragon was released. Sporting red eyes in a new red dragon ninja outfit, this Gomez is out for […]

Star Wars Defenders Of The Lost Temple #1 Sells For Almost $1000

Star Wars' Bo Katan's First Appearance Sells For Almost $1000 on eBay

It was the 17th best-selling graphic novel in the direct market back in March 2013. Dark Horse's third-best-seller of the month. A Star Wars OGN based on the Clone Wars cartoon, Star Wars: The Clone Wars; Legends Of The Temple by Justin Aclin and Ben Bates, for the princely sum of $7.99. On a mission […]

Mads Mikkelsen is Reportedly in Talks to Join Fantastic Beasts 3

Mads Mikkelsen Talks Replacing Johnny Depp in Fantastic Beasts 3

The Fantastic Beasts series have had kind of a weird ride so far. The first movie did pretty well and got generally favorable reviews from critics and fans of the Harry Potter series. This was the beginning of a multi-part story that Warner Bros. was planning on telling, but the second movie did not do as […]

The Dark Avengers Assemble In Marvel Future Fight

Netmarble revealed that six new characters are coming to Marvel Future Fight as the Dark Avengers have now assembled. Today's update adds six new characters to the game that will change the way you head into battle as you will be given Sentry, Scorpion, Daken, Ares, Moonstone, and Molecule Man as options to add to your team. As well as a […]

Marvels Snapshots: Civil War Jumps To $29 On eBay

Marvels Snapshots: Civil War Jumps To $29 On eBay

As mentioned earlier today, the Marvels Snapshots one-shot Civil War was published by Marvel Comics today, But it seems a few people might not have known what it was. And now do. And, in the belief that the character may be appearing in other Marvel comic titles soon have decided this is a collector's item, […]

the rookie

The Rookie: Brandon Routh Cast for Potential Season 3-Long Storyline

DC's Legends of Tomorrow star Brandon Routh is moving on from his five seasons on the long-running CW to the set of the third season of ABC's The Rookie. Created by Alexi Hawley and starring Nathan Fillion, the police drama is set to introduce Routh's Doug Stanton in the fourth episode and is contracted for […]

Madden NFL 21 Teams With Campbell’s Chunky On Hunger Relief Tourney

Madden NFL 21 Teams With Campbell's Chunky On Hunger Relief Tourney

EA Sports revealed this week that they are teaming up with Campbell's Chunky soup for a special Madden NFL 21 charity tourney. Working with GENYOUth, The Chunky Million Meals Challenge is an esports tournament built to help tackle hunger in schools. Funds generated by the tournament will deliver 100 million meals to combat food insecurity […]

Amazing Stories Vol. 3 No. 5 cover and art by Frank R. Paul.

The Amazing Stories Pulp That Influenced Science and Science Fiction

Even if you're unfamiliar with pulp fiction, chances are excellent that you've seen the cover of Amazing Stories volume 3 number 5, cover-dated August 1928.  It has become perhaps the most famous cover of the pulp era because it's the image that is often used to represent the past's vision of the future.  Looking beyond […]

The official logo for WWE Monday Night Raw. Credit: WWE.

WWE Raw Ratings Down Again WHY GOD DANG IT WHY?!

Generally, The Chadster considers himself an easygoing sort of guy. I drive a Mazda Miata, which is the official car of the effortlessly cool. I don't give my wife, Keighleyanne, crap about texting with that guy Gary all the time. The only thing I want out of life is for WWE Raw and all its […]

Demon Slayer Nezuko Kamado Unleashes Her Demons with Good Smile

Demon Slayer Nezuko Kamado Unleashes Her Demons with Good Smile

The demons have been unleashed as Good Smile Company puts up pre-orders for the new deluxe figma from the hit anime series, Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yiba. Demon Slayer has been getting a lot of collectibles lately, but this one really takes the cake. Straight from Max Factory, Nezuko Kamado is ready to kick butt […]