This The Change Tom King Had To Ask Warners About? Batman/Catwoman #2

The Change Tom King Had To Ask Warners About? Batman/Catwoman #2

Okay, so that wasn't The Sewer King being Jokerised at the end of Batman/Catwoman #1 by Tom King and Clay Mann. Trying to read too many possibilities. It was the Joker disguising himself as such, ahead of Catwoman's visit. Makes more sense of the colour scheme I guess. And six weeks later we get a […]

Locked Down is a Shaggy Dog Screwball Comedy for the Lockdown

Locked Down is a Shaggy Dog Screwball Comedy for the Lockdown

Locked Down is another unexpected production that came out of the lockdown of 2020. Written, financed, and shot within 4 months, it's another British approach to lockdown stories for film and television. Unlike the reactionary and exploitation thriller tropes of the Michael Bay production Songbird, it's a more sedate affair offering a picture of London […]

Traditional Football Comes To Fortnite For A Special Event

Traditional Football Comes To Fortnite For A Special Event

Epic Games has added traditional football to Fortnite this week as they prepare for a special event with the Fortnite Pelé Cup. The company has teamed up with 23 different clubs from around the world to have their team's colors represented in this special event, in which you will be able to rack up points […]

The Return Of The Authority - But What's Up With Midnight and Apollo?

The Return Of The Authority – But What's Up With Midnighter/Apollo?

On December 17th, Bleeding Cool looked at gossip that The Authority were to return to DC Comics after we got the tipoff that a) The Authority would be mentioned in an upcoming comic and b) Apollo would return as well as Midnighter and Grifter from the Wildstorm universe. Whether their appearance in a Superman comic would lead […]

Six (Image: History)

Titans S03: Savannah Welch Cast as Barbara Gordon; Killing Joke Origin

Viewers of HBO Max's Titans are already expecting a third season filled with some serious changes and intense action. We've got the action shifting to Gotham as Curran Walters' Jason Todd akes on the Red Hood persona- and gets a sweet costume alongside Anna Diop's Starfire. Fans will also be introduced to Dr. Jonathan Crane (and […]

New WWE Pops Enter The Ring During Funko Fair FUN TV

New WWE Pops Enter The Ring During Funko Fair FUN TV

The Funko FUN TV reveals continues as Brain Mariotti, and Mike Becker make their way to the next stage of the Funko Fair sneak peek ride. We enter the ring as new WWE Pop has been revealed. Up first is Mike Foley's persona, aka Mankind, the masked and deranged lone who is looking for the […]

Slam Bradley, The Next Barman In The Next Batman #2 (Spoilers)

Today's The Next Batman #2 goes to the near future of Gotham by also bringing back something from its past. As the superhero speakeasy of Gotham, hidden from the prying eyes of The Magistrate, and run by one Slam Bradley. A senior executive at DC Comics once shared with me that they had no idea […]

Disco Inferno is leading a boycott against AEW on Twitter. (Image: WWE)

Disco Inferno Hates Lance Storm's Idea for a Wrestling Video Game

Former WCW star Disco Inferno doesn't believe people would be interested in playing a wrestling video game where the players work together to create a five-star match. Despite support from respected wrestling Lance Storm, who came up with the idea, Disco Inferno disagrees that the idea can be taken seriously. Lance Storm took to Twitter […]

Full Details for Tonight’s Shroomish Spotlight Hour in Pokémon GO

Full Details For Tonight's Shroomish Spotlight Hour In Pokémon GO

Tonight is Shroomish Spotlight Hour in Pokémon GO. Let's take a look at what this hour will offer including the focus on Shroomish and the weekly bonus. First up, Shroomish is not currently available in its Shiny form. With the kinda exception of Wobbuffet, which was already available as a Shiny if you hatched and evolved a Wynaut, […]

Spoiler Spoilers - Stephanie Brown, the Traitor in Next Batman #2?

Spoiler Spoilers – Stephanie Brown, Traitor in The Next Batman #2?

Stephanie Brown is in the slammer with Cassandra Cain. The cells, part of the Magistrate Detention Facility in the near-future Gotham as part of in the DC Future State in today's The Next Batman #2, from DC Comics today. And Stephanie Brown is reading The Dispossessed by Ursula K. LeGuin, seventies sci-fi story that is […]

Nancy Drew Cast Talk Season 2 Differences, Who's Aglaeca Bait & More

The CW's Kennedy McMann-starring Nancy Drew finds Nancy and hew "Drew Crew" facing down a second season filled with new mysteries and dangers- and the possibility that the Aglaeca is going to kill them all. Because pulling off a second season successfully is deadly enough? As if the Final Destination-like experience the 'Drew Crew" had wouldn't […]

Funko Fair FUN TV Reveals New Funko Soda’s On The Way

Funko Fair FUN TV Reveals New Funko Soda's On The Way

The Funko FUN TV reveals continue as Brian Mariotti, and Mike Becker make their way to the Funko Soda World. This ride gives fans a quick look at some of the upcoming Soda vinyl that will be showcased during the Funko Fair. We can guess that each one of these reveals will contain a 1:6 […]

Bleeding Cool's Comic Book and Graphic Novel JobWatch

JobWatch: 21 Jobs in Comics And Graphic Novels, Right Now

There's a lot of job worries in comics and the comic book industry these days.Bleeding Cool's JobWatch is an occasional look at people hiring in the comic book industry at all manner of levels, sales, creation, editorial, production or more. And if you are looking for staff, or know a job going, contact with […]

Kevin Nash is outspoken about his dislike of fellow WWE Hall-of-Famer President Donald Trump

Kevin Nash Demands Details on Security for Joe Biden's Inauguration

Joe Biden's inauguration as President of the United States is happening this week, and there are reportedly 25,000 troops expected to be in the capital to guard the event from additional acts of violence by unhinged Trump supporters and white supremacist militias such as the January 6th insurrection encouraged by President Donald Trump himself. It's […]

Harry Potter: Puzzles & Spells Is Now Available In South Korea

Zynga revealed this morning that they have officially launched Harry Potter: Puzzles & Spells in South Korea, starting today. The company has slowly been broadening its horizons for where the game can be played, and there' no better market at the moment than one of the most densely gamer-concentrated areas on the planet. Especially for […]

Next Batman #2

The Very Dysfunctional Family Of Lucius Fox – Next Batman #2 Spoilers

In The Next Batman #1, we discovered that the Fox family in the future-ish Batman have a rather complex life. Lucius Fox, owner of the Wayne fortune has designed the technology behind The Magistrate, the Peacekeepers and the Cybers. The technology that holds Gotham in a fascist grip, taking down any masked vigilantes with a […]

Lucifer dropped a small clip from Season 5b on New Year's Eve. (Image: Netflix screencap)

Lucifer Season 5 Return Not on Netflix's February Calendar (For Now?)

Last week, the writing team behind Netflix's Lucifer offered fans as honest and direct of an update on when the series would be returning for the remainder of its fifth season as possible. They didn't know. Last Wednesday, the writers responded to a question about when "Season 5B" would premiere by letting fans know they're as […]

Crunchyroll Officially Launches Princess Connect! Re: Dive

Crunchyroll Officially Launches Princess Connect! Re: Dive

Crunchyroll Games has officially launched the English version of their popular mobile anime RPG, Princess Connect! Re: Dive. The game is being published in partnership with Cygames and Funplex, as the gaming community for this launch has already received 800k global pre-registrants since pre-registration started on December 3rd. We have more info on ther game […]

Rorschach #4 Tells The Story From Watchmen #1 Final Page

Rorschach #4 Tells Captain Carnage Story From Watchmen #1 Final Page

The final page of Watchmen sees Dan Dreiberg and Laurie Juspeczyk meet up again, after learning, courtesy of Rorschach that Eddie Blake, The Comedian has been murdered, setting off the whole Watchmen storyline. But it also involves the pair reminiscing about Rorschach and their own superheroic lives, and shows the kind of contrast between the […]


Riverdale Season 5 NOT Looking Good for Cheryl; Reggie's Time Capsule

So you know the drill. The CW and EP Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa's Riverdale returns this Wednesday night with a fifth season that's going to take Archie (KJ Apa), Betty (Lili Reinhart), Jughead (Cole Sprouse), Veronica (Camila Mendes), Toni (Vanessa Morgan), Cheryl (Madelaine Petsch), and the gang through the paces of their senior year before tossing them into the […]

Funko Unveils New Rock & Roll Pops During FUN TV

Funko Unveils New Rock & Roll Pops During FUN TV

Funko Fair begins today, and the event started with a new episode of FUN TV with Brian Mariotti and Mike Becker. The episodes depict them going through a special sneak peek ride that starts with looking at some new and upcoming Pops for their Rocks line and even some Sports and TV. So turn up […]

Leonard Cohen: On A Wire Hardcover – November 9, 2021

Philippe Girard Creates Leonard Cohen: On A Wire Graphic Novel

When Leonard Cohen died in 2016, Canadian cartoonist Philippe Girard wanted to tell his story in comic book form, set in Montreal, but believed someone else would do it first, so held off. But no one did. So Leonard Cohen decided to get on with it. And thus we have, Leonard Cohen: On A Wire […]

CBS All Access is changing its name this March. (Image: ViacomCBS)

CBS All Access Becomes Paramount+ This March; Updated Series Line-Up

It's been four months since ViacomCBS first announced that CBS All Access was set to be rebranded with the name Paramount+, and now we know when that rebranding will take place. On March 4, the changeover will go live in the U.S. and in Canada (though the Canadian service will apparently shift into an expanded offering […]

Zombie Army 4 Season 2's Final Mission Is Now Live

Zombie Army 4 Season 2's Final Mission Is Now Live

Rebellion Developments have released the last DLC of Season 2 for Zombie Army 4 with the amazing Dead Zeppelin storyline. What's worse than having the undead travel across the ground? Having them in the air so they can get out of Germany and to anywhere in the world to spread like a plague. It's up […]

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Terry Moore's Serial Comic Book Gets A Second Printing

Last year, Terry Moore surprised fans with the announcement of a new comic book series, Serial, which began publication this month. The comic focuses on his character Zoe, who first appeared in Terry Moore's Rachel Rising. A serial killer of a young girl, possessed by the demon Maius, planning to bring about the End Times. As […]

Doctor Who: Big Finish Celebrates Female Producers

Doctor Who: Big Finish's Future is Female; RTD Early Who Script Adapt

Big Finish has been producing Doctor Who audios since 1999, starring Tom Baker, Peter Davison, Colin Baker, Sylvester McCoy, Paul McGann, David Tennant, and John Hurt. Now they're kicking off 2021 by celebrating their newest audio drama producers – all of them female – and their forthcoming work on the Doctor Who and Torchwood audio […]

Funko Fair Begins Today and the Release Schedule Has Been Revealed

Funko Unveils 9 Days of Reveals With New Funko Fair Map

Funko Fair is finally here, and that means a whole new set of Pop, Soda, and other new product reveals are right around the corner. These reveals usually take place during both London and New York Toy Fair conventions over January and February. However, times have changed, and to keep fans safe and sound this […]

The Full Timeline For DC Comics Future State

Let's Have Another Look At The DC Future State Timeline

Back in November, the DC Comics Future State preview book revealed the full DC Future State timeline and what book goes where. It didn't get a lot of play, but now seems the perfect time to reel it out again, letting us know which book goes where. And Bleeding Cool cut them up and put […]

The Muppet Show (Image: Disney)

The Muppet Show Must Go On! All 5 Seasons Hit Disney+ This February

Maybe it might be a bit much to declare it one of "The Greatest Shows on Television Ever" (that might be our little inner geek talking there) but it's definitely the example by which all subsequent Muppet shows have been judged- and all five seasons of comedy and variety are coming to Disney+. That's right, […]

Full Details for Tonight’s Shroomish Spotlight Hour in Pokémon GO

The Hoenn Celebration Event Is Now Live In Pokémon GO

The Hoenn Celebration Event begins today in Pokémon GO. Here, you can find our breakdown of what's happening and our tips for gameplay during the event. The Hoenn Celebration Event in Pokémon GO will include… NO NEW SHINY RELEASE! Womp womp. It will, though, include,… Treecko, Torchic, Mudkip, Taillow, Loudred, Nosepass, Aron, Meditite, Roselia, Carvanha, Numel, […]

Cobra Kai Season 3 still (Image: Netflix)

Revisiting Karate Kid 2 – The Daily LITG, 19th January 2021

Welcome to the Daily LITG. The world can seem like a terrible and strange place sometimes, but there are highlights. At Bleeding Cool you can still read all about comics, merch, TV shows, games, movies and more. Whether that's Cobra Kai, Doctor Who, deleted Pokemon Go Promises, Mighty Morphin sales or more, the Daily Lying In […]

Star Trek: Discovery – Five Questions After Season Three

Star Trek: Discovery – 5 Huge Questions Season 4 Needs to Answer

With season three wrapping on CBS All Access' Star Trek: Discovery and the crew's settled into their home in the 32nd century, it's a brave new galaxy to explore. We have a new captain and I have questions about the ship's place within the realm and beyond. Without further adieu, let's start, shall we? What […]

Full Details for Tonight’s Shroomish Spotlight Hour in Pokémon GO

Pokémon TCG Offers Peek At New Battle Styles Expansion Artwork

2021 is going to be a huge year for Pokémon fans. It's the franchise's 25th anniversary and the celebration is going to be historic. The Pokémon TCG is planning many major releases, including an anniversary set slated for the fall. They will kick off this very special year with the special Shining Fates set in February, […]

The cover to SWORD #2

Marvel Graciously Waits One Issue Before Crossover in SWORD #2 [XH]

Happy MLK Day, everyone! Marvel put out three X-books last week, and we're gonna recap them as usual. Like Dr. King, I too have a dream– a dream that Marvel will one day give Chris Claremont an ongoing series. That dream has yet to come true, but they did put out a Chris Claremont Anniversary […]

The official logo for WWE Monday Night Raw. Credit: WWE.

Watch: Gillberg Makes Triumphant WWE Return in Raw Video Highlights

Howdy folks! The Chadster here. I like to run these video highlights from WWE Raw articles every Tuesday morning to counteract all the negativity from Jude Terror during the Raw live recap. Does that guy even like wrestling?! Anyway, The Chadster likes to stick to the true purpose of entertainment journalism: the shameless promotion of […]

Animal Crossing: New Horizons Is Getting A Makeup Line

Animal Crossing: New Horizons Is Getting A Makeup Line

Have you ever wanted to have a makeup line that looked like it came from Animal Crossing: New Horizons? Well, one is on the way! Whether you like the game or not, one of the things that's kind of hard to deny is that Nintendo went all out to develop a color scheme for the […]