Comics and Complication: Spider-Man and the Public Health Crisis

Comics & Complication: Spider-Man and the Public Health Crisis

Welcome to the fourth Comics & Complication series. The first dealt with the concept of heroism and The Nail, the second looked into anger and World War Hulk, and the third is about comics as propaganda for social change. The Comics Code Authority, or CCA, was formed in the early 1950s to allow comic publishers […]

A scene from Ultimate Beastmaster (Image: Netflix)

Ultimate Beastmaster: An Ode to Sylvester Stallone Reality Comp Series

Ultimate Beastmaster is truly a masterpiece. Parallels have been made to American Ninja Warrior but Netflix's international phenomenon which includes a 600ft insane obstacle course is truly a beast. The show premiered in the winter of 2017 and featured 108 competitors from 18 different countries and a panel of 12 judges representing six. The hosts […]

Creepy Tale Will Be Released On Nintendo Switch This Month

Some cool news from No Gravity Games as we will see Creepy Tale makes its way onto the Nintendo Switch next week. Developed by Deqaf Studio, the game originally dropped on PC back in February 2020, earning some positive reviews for the way they incorporated storytelling and puzzle-solving into this uniquely animated tale. Now the […]

Going to Hell Because of Bread? Pat Shand Talks Warrior Nun: Dora

Going to Hell Because of Bread? Pat Shand Talks Warrior Nun: Dora

William Christensen is the publisher of Avatar Press and Bleeding Cool. He doesn't write for Bleeding Cool, believe me, I've tried – until now. When we managed to persuade him that with a Netflix show Warrior Nun airing based on an Avatar Press comic book, and a collection of Warrior Nun: Dora being Kickstartered, that […]

The official logo for the musical Hamilton.

9 Things You Probably Didn't Know About Hamilton

Sure, you've heard the Hamilton soundtrack, you saw it on Broadway or on tour, and you've seen the movie on Disney+, but there's an entire world of trivia behind Lin-Manuel Miranda's creation of the cultural phenomenon. While this is by no means an exhaustive list, here are a few fun facts to impress your friends […]

An Original Boxed Copy Of Super Mario Bros. Is Up For Auction

An Original Boxed Copy Of Super Mario Bros. Is Up For Auction

One of the first games released by Nintendo for the NES is the classic Super Mario Bros. in 1985 which became the standard for platforming. While the franchise has gone through a lot of different changes over the years, the original title remains a classic from the characters to the levels to the music, even […]

The Viral Video That Helped Create Hammer: A Post Ragnarok Tale

Jason Crager writes for Bleeding Cool, Where does inspiration come from? I often get asked that question being a comic book creator and artist. Inspiration can come from many places for me. In the case of the comic book Hammer, the inspiration for that came from a viral video. I saw one of the first […]

Hamilton on Disney+ Review

Hamilton Review: Stripped-Down Elements Place Emphasis on Performances

Unless you've been hiding under a rock since 1776, you're acutely aware of America's obsession with freedom, and our love for the old white dudes who founded our country. Well, and apple pie, but that's neither here nor there; besides, it's delicious. So slice up a piece and get ready to celebrate America's birthday with […]

Star Wars Sith Lords Get 3-in-1 Wall Art Set from LEGO

Star Wars Sith Lords Get 3-in-1 Wall Art Set from LEGO

The dark said of the force is growing with LEGO as they unveil another Wall Art Set. These new wall art sets are bringing the art and collectible world together and you can now build pictures. This set will have 3 different Sith Lord portraits Star Wars fans can make. Darth Maul, Darth Vader, and […]

rodman comics chaos

Abandoned Pull Boxes – Will There Be A Comic Store In Your Future?

Rod Lamberti of Rodman Comics of Ankeny, Iowa, writes weekly for Bleeding Cool. Find previous columns here. Right now, things are actually going decently here. Magic: The Gathering sales are hot for us; comics sales are not what they were before the closing due to the virus, though the lack of Marvel material is a large part of […]

The Walking Dead answers: Who is Hershel? (Image: Skybound)

The Walking Dead Video Remembers Hershel Greene, on Page and Screen

While we await the news from all parts of the Walking Dead universe that's set to head our way as part of this summer's Comic-Con@Home virtual SDCC 2020, the fine folks at Skybound are offering up the next chapter in their "Who Is…?" video series, where each episode profiles a character from the television series and […]

Pokémon: In Truly Feel-Good Moment, Man Opens 1st Edition Charizard

Rare First Edition Base Set Charizard Pokémon Card On Auction

A rare, first edition Base Set Charizard from the original Pokémon Trading Card Game is on auction right now at Heritage Auctions. It is currently on the block for $8,750 USD (as of the time of writing) and is graded at a Mint 9 grade and the auction ends on July 9th. When a person […]

Soho on England's Independence Day, 4th July

NOTCOMICS: Today, July the 4th, is England's Independence Day. The day in which the government in its infinite wisdom has stated that pubs can open again. Bars, restaurants, the lot. Some have, some haven't. So I took a walk-with-cycle down Soho's Old Compton Street and a few surrounding offshoots – a Dean Street here, a […]

Trailer For Seth Rogen's American Pickle Debuts, Hits HBO Max Aug. 6

Trailer For Seth Rogen's American Pickle Debuts, Hits HBO Max Aug. 6

Seth Rogen's new film An American Pickle will release onto HBO Max on August 6th, and the trailer debuted today. The film will no longer hit theaters, or be distributed by Sony Pictures, who have sold the film's world rights to WarnerMedia. Instead, they will put the movie on its streaming service HBO Max, which launched in May. […]

We Get a Good Amount of Slashing Action With KUNAI at PAX East

KUNAI Is Getting A Physical Release From Limited Run Games

The Arcade Crew has partnered up with Limited Run Games to release a physical edition of KUNAI for the Nintendo Switch. The game was released earlier this year and has become a pretty decent success as you basically ninja jump your way around trying to figure out how you were created and what's going on […]

ScamWatch: Fake GQ Mexico Editor Approaching Comics Artists

Afua Richardson is a major comic book artist, with work including being co- creator of Genius, artist on Black Panther. and regular comic book cover spotlights on Marvel, Image and Dynamite books. But this week, she posted a warning on Twitter about a fake GQ Mexico representative commissioning work from comic book artists. She writes; […]

The Lost Boys (Image: WarnerMedia)

Stranger Things 4 Video Store Fridays Honors Filmmaker Joel Schumacher

It's been a little less than a month since the writing team for Netflix's Stranger Things 4 killed the lights and locked the doors on their weekly "Video Store Fridays" (VSF). For those of you new to it and didn't catch our obsessive coverage of it, every week, the writers would post five films that […]

Unboxing The Super7/Topps  2020 MLB Big League Cards & Figure Box

Unboxing The Super7/Topps 2020 MLB Big League Cards & Figure Box

Super7 has recently released a new collaboration with Topps to feature some of their SuperSports MLB figures in special boxes of the card company's 2020 Big League product. Each special box will come with five packs of cards from the product, along with one of five Super7 MLB figures: Aaron Judge, Cody Bellinger, Jose Altuve, […]

Why Empyre Is Spelled With a Y - And Five Other Major Spoilers

Why Empyre Is Spelled With a Y – And Four Other Major Spoilers

There has been much mock, none more so from Bleeding Cool's own Jude Terror over the upcoming Empyre event comic from Marvel. Mostly around the spelling. Despite a bump in post-shutdown orders, numbers on Empyre are relatively low as, it seems, some folk are just not sure what's going down, and if they'll like it. […]

Tessa Thompson at the World premiere of 'Avengers: Endgame' held at the LA Convention Center in Los Angeles, USA on April 22, 2019. Editorial credit: Tinseltown /

Tessa Thompson Speaks On Representation In The MCU

Tessa Thompson, the MCU's Valkyrie herself, has been making the rounds and stopped by Variety Actors on Actors. While discussing her role in the MCU, she touched on something that Marvel Studios has been criticized on: diversity and representation. Anthony Mackie, The Falcon, went on the same show last week and had comments of his […]

Pennywise is Ready to Party With New Iron Studios Statue

Pennywise is Ready to Party With New Iron Studios Statue

Iron Studios has been releasing some amazing statues lately. Most of these are themed after superheroes from DC and Marvel. This time, however, things get horrifying with their IT Pennywise statue. That statue stands at 8.2 inches tall and features the insidious clown surrounded by his iconic red balloons. Pennywise has two interchangeable heads with […]

Mad Reads Comics to Close in Brighton, Colorado

Mad Reads Comics is a comic book store in Brighton, Colorado – or rather it was. Co-owners Tom Walsh and Kristi Walsh have been running the store together after opening four years ago. They recently closed their bricks and mortar story to go online-only, with a plan to reopen when they found a suitable location, […]

Dustin Rhodes has The Undertaker in a pinning predicament.

Dustin Rhodes Talks Grabbing the Undertaker's "Tombstone"

Wrestling as Goldust in WWE back during the Attitude Era, Dustin Rhodes played on a lot of homophobic stereotypes and on homophobia in the wrestling audience to become a hated heel character. But apparently, it wasn't just the crowd Rhodes was working. In an episode of the Inside the Ropes podcast, as transcribed by 411 […]

Rock Game's Indie Cowboy Life Simulator Launches Trailer

Playway Releases A Launch Trailer For Cowboy Life Simulator

When people think of the United States of America, people will often think of the American West. Some of the United States' grandest moments took place in the Old West – from the unlawful antics of Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid to the outlaw Jesse James and his own ignoble exploits, the West was […]

Reaver #9 Review: Escalated Rather Quickly

Reaver #9 Review: Well That Escalated Rather Quickly

As anticipated last issue, things escalated rather quickly as the repentant man-mountain Essen Breaker and his murderous and diminutive colleague Rekala run into some unexpected complications. They're both in the brutal seaside city Haas Haaden to stop a stream of missing kids, consigned to a horrible fate. Still, all of the factors seem aligned against […]

Brooke Hogan is another former Impact star WWE could pick up.

Booker T Wants a Tessa Blanchard, Charlotte Flair, Brooke Hogan 3-Way

With Impact Wrestling parting ways with their reigning world champion, Tessa Blanchard, earlier this month, it left the company without a main event for their upcoming Slammiversary PPV. Impact has resolved that situation by adding a mystery opponent, probably a fired former WWE star, to the now Fatal Four Way match that also includes Trey, […]

Atlas Receives A Brand New Maelstrom Map For Season Four

Atlas Receives A Brand New Maelstrom Map For Season Four

Grapeshot Games dropped a new map for Atlas players to enjoy as the Maelstrom Map kicks off Season Four within the game. The update kicked in last night of both PC and Xbox One players, as this map is now replacing the original Atlas. The Maelstrom map is smaller in size to intensify exploration for […]

DC Comics Mask Up in The Daily LITG, 4th July 2020

DC Comics Mask Up in The Daily LITG, 4th July 2020

The world seems like a terrible and strange place sometimes, but at Bleeding Cool you can still read all about comics, TV shows, games, movies. anf now, stage shows. We have also been covering multiple accusations by many people in and around comic books of sexual harassment, grooming and worse. Bleeding Cool EIC Kaitlyn Booth […]

shutterstoMark Hamill at the World premiere of 'Star Wars: The Force Awakens' held at the TCL Chinese Theatre in Hollywood, USA on December 14, 2015. Editorial credit: Tinseltown / Shutterstock.comck_351343061

Luke Skywalker Wears A Joker Mask Thanks To Mark Hamill

Icon Mark Hamill won both Twitter and the internet in the last 24 hours, not by tweeting about watching Hamilton like seemingly the rest of the known universe, but my posting an epic meme of Luke Skywalker. Wearing a Joker mask. This is man is such an expert at social media at this point, is […]

Ubisoft Forward Art

Ubisoft Forward's Latest Trailer Shows Off Teasers For Two Games

Ubisoft released a new trailer this week for Ubisoft Forward, showing off just a little more from two games now confirmed to be a part of the event. The live stream will take place next Sunday on July 12th, 2020, and will essentially be the showcase the company normally would have held at E3 2020 […]

Yen Press Announces December 2020 Titles at Anime Expo Lite

Yen Press Announces December 2020 Titles at Anime Expo Lite

Yen Press announced a slate of upcoming titles during the Yen Press Industry Panel that was part of the Anime Expo Lite virtual event. Acquisitions included manga titles, new light novels and an art book. These titles are all scheduled for release in December 2020. Overlord: The Complete Anime Artbook By Hobby Book Editorial Department […]

Tony Khan will donate ONE MILLION DOLLARS to COVID-19 relief for AEW Fight for the Fallen

Fight for the Fallen: Tony Khan to Donate $1 Million to COVID Relief

AEW was dealt a lemon when Jon Moxley had to drop out of next week's planned Fyter Fest main event match against Brian Cage. The news broke last week that WWE star Renee Young was positive for COVID-19. Though Moxley tested negative, as Young's husband, he had to quarantine for two weeks before he could […]

Kevin Smith Gives Us a First Look at the Iron Bob SDCC Exclusive Funko

Kevin Smith Gives Us a First Look at the Iron Bob SDCC Exclusive Funko

Collector and nerd icon Kevin Smith took to Facebook to show off the recently announced Iron Bob Funko Pop. This was one of the many San Diego Comic Con 2020 exclusives that Funko released this week. Coming out Jay and Silent Bob Reboot, this badass collectible was easily one of the best of the show. Paying homage to […]

THE ISSUE: Mad Anthony Wayne and Batman

THE ISSUE: Mad Anthony Wayne and Batman

According to some notes in a hand-bound volume of miscellaneous Frank Tousey issues of Pluck and Luck written by Ralph Morton, this Mad Anthony Wayne story originally appeared in another publication in some form in 1881. If you happen to be a Batman fan, you might know why Pluck & Luck #256 interests me. General […]

Perry Mason Chapter 3 Preview Finds Mason Needing Answers from Drake

We see what you did there, HBO and Perry Mason. You tricked us into believing that the Matthew Rhys (The Americans)-starring series was going to run for eight episodes. You even put together an impressive cast that included John Lithgow, Tatiana Maslany, Juliet Rylance, Chris Chalk, Shea Whigham, and more to make it look convincing. But […]

Paradox Interactive Acquires Playiron Game Studio

Paradox Interactive Acquires Playiron Game Studio

This week, Paradox Interactive announced that they had acquired Playiron Game Studio, the makers of Airlines Manager. The company was founded in 2010 and has been producing mainly mobile titles since its inception. The company will now become the eighth internal studio under the Paradox banner. While Paradox touted their success with their current game, […]