Comic Shops Get Free DC Nation Presents: DC Future State in November

DC Comics is to publish a promotional magazine for the upcoming two-month Future State event, kicking off in January. DC Nation Presents: DC Future State will be sent, free, to comic book retailers, and stores can order additional copies from Lunar Distribution or Diamond UK, respectively. Retailers will receive double the copies that they most […]

The Wheel of Time (Image: Tor Books)

The Wheel of Time Series Posts Audio Preview- But Are You Ready?

Last time we checked in with Amazon Prime's live-action adaptation of author Robert Jordan's literary world, The Wheel of Time star Rosamund Pike was dropping news on the production resuming and that a week's worth of work had already wrapped. She also went on to discuss the new COVID protocols in place and what it's like […]

Beadle & Grimm's First Kickstarter Funded In 12 Minutes For Pathfinder

Beadle & Grimm's First Kickstarter Funded In 12 Minutes For Pathfinder

This week, Beadle & Grimm's launched their first-ever Kickstarter for a brand new Pathfinder project, and it's already been funded. The company launched a crowdfunding page for the Pathfinder 2E Complete Character Chronicles, which is a pretty awesome concept as they have made a unique product that tabletop RPG fans will love. The item is part […]

Lance Briggs' Political Journey From Football To Graphic Novel

Lance Briggs' Very Political Journey From Football To Graphic Novel

Over ten years ago, I wrote a small piece about someone called Lance Briggs starting a new comic book line. And that he was an American Football player, and that I was clearly none the wiser. I stated he was something called a linebacker for somewhere called the Chicago Bears and I was already lost. […]

Serena Deeb faces Leyla Hirsch on AEW Dynamite after Thunder Rosa dropped the NWA Championship to Deeb on UWN Primetime

Thunder Rosa WWE Bound? Drops NWA Title to AEW's Serena Deeb

Thunder Rosa dropped the NWA Women's Championship to AEW star Serena Deeb amidst rumors that Rosa could be headed to AEW. Deeb, the new NWA Champion, will defend the title on tonight's episode of AEW Dynamite. Deeb won the title on UWN Primetime Live, and will face Leyla Hirsch on Dynamite tonight. AEW President Tony […]

Funko Unveils Marvel Black Light for Today’s FunkoShop Drop

Funko Unveils Marvel Black Light for Today's FunkoShop Drop

Funko has unveiled some new releases that will drop exclusively in their Funko Shop. Today's theme is dedicated to Marvel Black Light as three new collectibles will be hitting the shop. Marvel Black Light is not new as Target got a huge variety of merchandise online and in-store. Captain America, Iron Man, Doctor Strange, Thor, […]

Does Doctor Strange Now Now About One More Day?

Does Doctor Strange Now Know About One More Day? (Spoilers)

During the events of One More Day, Peter Parker sought help from Doctor Strange when his Aunt May was dying. Strange told Peter that he could do nothing to grant Aunt May her life back but helped Peter seek the aid of several others including Doctor Doom, the High Evolutionary, Reed Richards, and Doctor Octopus. […]

LOS ANGELES, CA / USA - FEBRUARY 09, 2020: Vivica A. Fox walks the red carpet at the Elton John AIDS Foundation Party on February 09, 2020 in Los Angeles, California. (Image: Silvia Elizabeth Pangaro /

Night of the Living Dead: Vivica A. Fox To Star in Latest Remake

It's hard to deny the continued cultural impact of George A. Romero's Night of the Living Dead (1968), which gave birth to the modern zombie genre as we know it. Already remade four previous times, the latest comes from CineTel Films, according to Bloody Disgusting. The studio was responsible for the latest incarnations of the […]

Nintendo Direct Main Logo

Nintendo Drops One Last Direct Mini: Partner Showcase For 2020

Nintendo decided to drop a surprise Direct Mini: Partner Showcase this morning, the last one for 2020, in fact. A lot of games were revealed with some surprises in the mix, like the fact we're getting a Cloud Version of Hitman 3, remastered versions of No More Heroes 1 & 2, and more info on […]

DC Collects John Ridley's Batman In Hardcover

DC Collects John Ridley's Batman In Hardcover In June 2021

DC Comics has released details of the first of the Future State storylines to be collected – not as a Future State book but as a creator-themed collection. Batman by John Ridley The Deluxe Edition will be published on June 29th in hardcover for $17.99. They will collect his stories from Batman Black & White […]

Season 1 Recap | The Mandalorian | Disney+

The Mandalorian Recaps Season 1 Before This Week's Season 2 Return

We know what you're thinking: "But Bleeding Cool, what if I forgot some of the important stuff from the first season of 'The Mandalorian'? I mean, it's been a year and… well… 2020's been a real sh*tstorm so…" Hey, hey, hey! Relax. Take a deep breath. It's all going to be okay. Because the fine […]

Shiny Darkrai Raid Hour is Tonight in Pokémon GO

Shiny Darkrai Raid Hour Is Tonight In Pokémon GO

Darkrai Raid Hour is tonight in Pokémon GO. From 6 PM – 7 PM, most of the gyms in the game will be taken over by Their Five raids featuring this Mythical Dark-type raid boss. With these tips, you can maximize on Raid Hour in Pokémon GO and potentially even catch a Shiny Darkrai. Our tips […]

TMNT: The Last Ronin #1 The Remaining Turtle Revealed

TMNT: The Last Ronin #1 The Remaining Turtle Revealed (Spoilers)

Today sees the delayed and long-awaited publication of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Last Ronin #1, by Kevin Eastman, Peter Laird, Tom Waltz, Esau Escorza and Issac Escorza. Retailers ordered more than IDW was expecting, as a result stores got around 20% less than they ordered. And as a result, copies have been selling for […]

Creepshow: Marilyn Manson, Ali Larter & 9 More Join Season 2 Cast

With production currently underway on Shudder's Creepshow currently underway, the horror anthology welcomes a number of very familiar faces aboard for a very twisted ride. Joining the cast for the second season are Marilyn Manson (Sons of Anarchy), Ali Larter (The Rookie), Iman Benson (BlackAF), Ryan Kwanten (True Blood), Barbara Crampton (Re-Animator), C. Thomas Howell […]

Fall Guys Gets A New Godzilla Outfit Ahead Of Godzilla Day

Fall Guys Gets A New Godzilla Outfit Ahead Of Godzilla Day

Wanna try and win a crown in Fall Guys dressed as The King of Monsters? Well now you can with this new Godzilla outfit. Devolver Digital and developer Mediatonic got together with Toho to bring the iconic monster to the game. Starting on November 3rd (Godzilla day) during a limited time only, fans will have […]

Jim Jaspers And The Fury In Today's X Of Swords: Stasis

X-Men's Sheriff Gia Whitechapel, Shares Name With Adult Performer

We noted her mention in a previous text piece, and suggested that Sheriff Gia Whitechapel of the Blightspoke domain in Otherworld might be a bit of a Warren Ellis character. But we did not know just how far that might go. This is what we were previously told in Marauders #13. A celestial graveyard of […]

The logo for the Capitol Wrestling Center, new home of WWE's NXT Brand.

Rumor: New WWE COVID Outbreak Could Affect NXT Halloween Havoc

In news that will surely come as a shock to the various coronavirus truthers that populate the WWE performance center including coach The Road Dogg and multiple NXT wrestlers, a new outbreak of COVID-19 could impact tonight's NXT Halloween Havoc. According to Dave Meltzer at F4WOnline, the outbreak happened on Friday and several people were […]

SEGA Reveals Sonic The Hedgehog Double Packs For Nintendo Switch

SEGA reveals one of their first products you can tell are made for the holidays with two Sonic The Hedgehog Double Packs for Nintendo Switch. The company is basically doing you a service in a way as they're giving you two games in a single cartridge for a fraction of what they'd be together. as […]

Jock, Nick Derington and Matt Taylor's DC Future State Team Variants

Jock, Nick Derington and Matt Taylor's DC Future State Team Variants

It's Future State time! DC Comics has, of late, been issuing Team Variant covers for comic stores who cannot afford to go the whole hog and get a 3000 print run on an exclusive variant cover. Instead, DC Comics do a 10,000 print run on each cover and let twenty stores buy a minimum 500 […]

THE MASKED SINGER: Lips in the “The Group C Premiere - Masked But Not Least” episode of THE MASKED SINGER airing Wednesday, Oct. 28 (8:00-9:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. © 2020 FOX MEDIA LLC. CR: Michael Becker/FOX.

The Masked Singer Season 4 Offers World Series-Safe Preview & More

Sorry, Los Angeles Dodgers fans, but there might be one group that's more excited about your team winning the World Series than you are: viewers of FOX's The Masked Singer. That's because they don't have to worry about the singing competition series being delayed by extra innings or championship celebrations. That means we'll get to […]

Electabuzz & Magmar Community Days Set for November in Pokémon GO

Electabuzz & Magmar Community Days Set For November In Pokémon GO

Two Pokémon GO Community Days in one month? Niantic has indeed announced that both Electabuzz and Magmar will indeed be spotlighted for two separate Community Day events this November, surprising longtime players who have never seen the company double up on this monthly feature. Likely due to the fact that the delayed Abra Community Day, […]

Four Page Preview Of King In Black #1 by Donny Cates and Ryan Stegman

4 Page King In Black: Black Knight #1 Preview by Jesus Saiz

It's Black Knight time! Si Spurrier is currently gloriously desecrating the hallowed halls of Great Britain with an Arthurian bent where even the demons are in rebellion at the grotesqueness of it all, in Hellblazer for DC Comics. But DC has decided that they don't want any of that any more… so maybe Si Spurrier […]

Norman Reedus as Daryl Dixon, Melissa McBride as Carol Peletier - The Walking Dead _ Season 10, Episode 9 - Photo Credit: Chuck Zlotnick/AMC

The Walking Dead: Norman Reedus on Different Daryl/Carol Spinoff Plan

Earlier this month, AMC's The Walking Dead offered fans a sample of a table read for one of the "extra episodes" that are currently in production. The scene from "Home Sweet Home" featured Lauren Cohan (Maggie), Jeffrey Dean Morgan (Negan), Melissa McBride (Carol), Norman Reedus (Daryl), Angel Theory (Kelly), Cassady McClincy (Lydia), Cailey Fleming (Judith), and […]

Silent Hill Content Arrives In Dead By Daylight Mobile

Silent Hill Content Arrives In Dead By Daylight Mobile

Behaviour Interactive revealed this week that the Silent Hill content had finally arrived in Dead By Daylight Mobile. As part of the additions to the game, you have two new characters joining The Entity's Realms as you're getting Cheryl Mason, previously known as Heather as a Survivor. Meanwhile, the Killer is Pyramid Head, known here as […]

X Of Swords... Is Not Going To Be Ten Issues Of Sword Fighting?

X Of Swords… Is Not Going To Be Ten Issues Of Sword Fighting?

The X Of Swords crossover event so far has seen a variety of Krakoa and X-Men-related folk gather very specific swords from around the Earth, to ready themselves for battle again their opposite members from Arakko, following the instructions and predictions of Saturnyne and Otherworld. During which, we have learned more of the history of […]

The Shovel - Weekly TV Recaps of WWE Raw, WWE Smackdown, Impact Wrestling, AEW Dynamite, and WWE NXT [Photo: Shutterstock]

Impact Recap – Wrestling Wedding Ends in Shocking Tragedy

In part two of The Shovel: Impact Wrestling edition this week, Deonna Purrazzo sues Impact, and the wedding of John E. Bravo and Rosemary ends in tragedy. Who could have seen that coming?! Read on to find out all about it! I'm Jude Terror, and this is The Shovel, the weekly wrestling recap column where […]

Frostpunk Board Game Over 1000% Funded On Kickstarter

Frostpunk Board Game Over 1000% Funded On Kickstarter

To say that the city-building survival board game Frostpunk has met and exceeded its goals on Kickstarter would be a gross understatement. In actuality, the game by publisher 11-Bit Studios has been met with 1000% funding on Kickstarter and is still going quite strong. As of the time of writing, Frostpunk: The Board Game's funding campaign […]

Power Rangers #1 and Darth Vader #7 Top Advance Reorders

Power Rangers #1 and Darth Vader #7 Top Advance Reorders

Two weeks' worth of Advance Reorders below (I may have forgotten last week's) with Power Rangers #1 topping this week, and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Last Ronin getting its second printing in both. Greetings from the coal face of the direct comics market. Where retailers try to increase their orders of certain comics ahead […]


Narcos: Mexico Nets Season 3; Diego Luna, Showrunner Not Returning

Viewers of Netflix's Narcos: Mexico had a whole lot of "good news/bad news" to sort through Wednesday morning. On the plus side, the righteously popular drug-trafficking drama series will be back for a third season- which had been rumored but unconfirmed for some time. But when the series does return, it will be without Diego […]

EA Sports Will Delay Madden NFL 21's Trailer Due To Protests

EA Sports Brings Madden NFL 21 & FIFA 21 To Next-Gen Consoles

EA Sports announced today that they will officially be bringing both FIFA 21 and Madden NFL 21 over to both next-gen consoles. The move was kind of expected as people had already chimed in that it was a likelihood, especially since EA as a company isn't going to miss out on two new consoles having […]

Yesterday, Lunar Distributed Two Weeks Of DC Comics At Once

Yesterday, Lunar Distributed Two Weeks Of DC Comics At Once

Results will vary store to store, of course. Some comic book stores that have signed up to Lunar Distribution (soon to be all of them) received yesterday's stack of comic books late last week. But some received them yesterday, to go on sale the same day. Consistency and reliability is not quite what it was. […]

The Mandalorian Season 2 (Image: Disney+)

The Mandalorian Makes "Star Wars" Accessible to Not Just SW Diehards

In case you've been living under a rock, or in the Degobah system, you know that Disney+ made a name for themselves with last year's breakout hit The Mandalorian. It's a "Star Wars" story, but it doesn't beat you over the head with the lore or make you feel bad if you don't know who […]

Shiny Duskull Spotlight Hour is Tonight in Pokémon GO

Animation Week 2020 Event Comes To Pokémon GO In November

In the midst of the spooky Halloween 2020 Event, Niantic is looking ahead to November. They have just announced the month's first Pokémon GO event, which will tie-in to the Pokémon Journeys: The Series anime. Here are all the details so trainers can prepare. Animation Week 2020 will run from Friday, November 6th, 2020 at 8 […]

Jim Jaspers And The Fury In Today's X Of Swords: Stasis

Mad Jim Jaspers And The Fury Appear In Today's X Of Swords: Stasis

There is but one X Of Swords title published this week from Marvel Comics, but it's a big one. X Of Swords: Stasis #1 by Jonathan Hickman, Tini Howard, Pepe Larraz, Mahmud Asrar, Marte Gracia and Clayton Cowles. And it begins with a tour of Otherworld, with an emissary of Saturnyne making her presence known […]

Ginger Snaps is coming to television (Image: Copperheart Entertainment)

Ginger Snaps: The Brilliant Abject Horror Of Adapting Film for TV

The horror cult classic film, Ginger Snaps, that spawned two sequels after its' 2000 release, has found a home in television with the help of Sid Gentle Films. The film starred Emily Perkins and Katharine Isabelle, as the two macabre-obsessed sisters, Ginger and Brigette, in the midst of Canadian suburbia.  The unique tale of the abject […]

The Mandalorian Gets Adorable as Hot Toys Announces Cosbaby Line

The Mandalorian Gets Adorable as Hot Toys Announces New Cosbaby

Hot Toys has joined in on all the madness for The Mandalorian season 2. They have announced a new wave of adorable Cosbaby figures featuring your favorite bounty hunting duo. Three of them could possibly be little mini spoilers for the upcoming season. Within the Cosbaby wave, there will be two featuring the ever-loving and […]