Comic Store In Your Future - Are You Sure We Have One?

Comic Store In Your Future – Are You Sure We Have One?

Rod Lamberti of Rodman Comics of Ankeny, Iowa writes weekly for Bleeding Cool. Find previous columns here. In these uncertain times, I just found out last week some of our customers did us a heck of a solid. They bought items from the Binc Foundation and listed us so some of the proceeds would go to the store. […]

Smackdown Ratings Fall as Baron Corbin Mistreated by Otis

Smackdown Ratings Fall as Baron Corbin Mistreated by Otis

In an outrageous display of disrespect for The Ratings King of Friday Night, Baron Corbin was embarrassed before and during his match with Otis on Friday Night Smackdown last night, leading to a dip in both ratings and viewership for WWE's blue brand. Before their scheduled match, Otis happened upon Baron Corbin's crown on a chair […]

We Make Small Games Reveals More Of That Tiny Spaceship

We Make Small Games Reveals More Of That Tiny Spaceship

Calgary-based developer We Make Small Games revealed more info on their upcoming game That Tiny Spaceship, along with a trailer. The game was recently included in the Indie Live Expo being held by Playism and Ryu's Office, and with it came a bunch of new info as the game has been quiet for a while. We now […]

Mile High Comics Launches 'DC Sucks' 50% Off Sale

Mile High Comics Launches 'DC Sucks' 50% Off Sale

In a fit of curiosity, wondering how UCS, Lunar and DC Comics were going to continuing distribution monthly copies to the UK and the rest of Europe without bankrupting everyone, I recalled that Chuck Rozanski of Mile High Comics had a German shipping hub to facilitate his international shipping, sending everything to one place where […]

Sasha Banks and Bayley Cry on the Floor After Tag Title Win

Sasha Banks and Bayley Cry on the Floor After Tag Title Win

Sasha Banks and Bayley are the new Women's Tag Team Champions, and they chose to celebrate by taking a shot at TMZ reporter turned dirt sheet mogul turned guy who plays a reporter on WWE Backstage, Ryan Satin. Satin famously reported rumors that Banks was seen crying on the locker room floor after she and […]

Larkon Studios Says Legends Of Ellaria Will Be Released In 2020

Larkon Studios Says Legends Of Ellaria Will Be Released In 2020

Some news this week from Larkon Studios about their upcoming game Legends Of Ellaria, as they are aiming for a release this Fall. The game has been in Early Access on Steam since July 2017, and since that time while we've heard a few updates on development, we haven't heard a lot of when it […]

To Bruce Wayne and Selina Kyle, a Baby Girl, in Catwoman 80th

Last weeks Catwoman 80th Anniversary Special ran Selina Kyle through many versions of herself. That included a trip courtesy of Tom King, Mikel Janin and Jordie Bellaire to a version of her life seemingly abandoned by DC Comics (at least until the Batman/Catwoman series comes along – maybe Christmas if you're good). One that also […]

Elmer Fudd and Bugs Bunny in Looney Tunes Cartoons (Image: HBO Max).

Looney Tunes Cartoons Bans Guns: "We Can Do Cartoony Violence"

Having screened the preview shorts as well as what's been released on the streaming service so far, it's pretty easy to understand why Looney Tunes Cartoons ranks at the top of HBO Max's "must watch" list. Produced by Warner Bros. Animation, and executive produced by Pete Browngardt (Uncle Grandpa) and Sam Register (Teen Titans Go!), […]

RockGame Announces Ninja Simulator With A New Trailer

RockGame Announces Ninja Simulator With A New Trailer

For those of you looking to become a ninja but don't have the patience to train, good news! Ninja Simulator is on the way! Developed by RockGame and being published by them and PlayWay, this title is an action-adventure stealth game where you become the ninja! The entire thing takes place in feudal Japan where […]

Marvel Comics Liquidates 32 Omnibuses to Comic Book Stores

Marvel Comics Liquidates 32 Omnibuses to Comic Book Stores

I was going to run this yesterday but things got a bit out of hand. So while retailers are looking at the added costs that DC Comics may be about to land them with regarding distribution, Marvel Comics may have helped out a little with this list of thirty-two Omnibus titles that Marvel is looking […]

NEW AMSTERDAM -- "Double Blind" Episode 215 -- Pictured: (l-r) Ryan Eggold as Dr. Max Goodwin, Jocko Sims as Dr. Floyd Reynolds -- (Photo by: Virginia Sherwood/NBC)

New Amsterdam Team Talks COVID-19 Impacting Season 3 Storylines

NBC's New Amsterdam was one of the dozens of television productions that were impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic back in late February/early March. Aside from the planned pandemic-themed season finale being scrapped for obvious reasons and the season not ending on the note it originally intended, the health crisis hit close to home as several […]

Magic: The Gathering Commander Rules Change Forthcoming

Magic: The Gathering Commander Rules Change Forthcoming

At the most recent CommandFest, taking place digitally today, the Commander Rules Committee revealed their plans to alter a major tenet of the rules for the player-driven Magic: The Gathering format. With an official announcement to be made soon after the Core 2021 prerelease events conclude, Commander will now facilitate "death" triggers for commanders. Today, via livestream, […]

The Punisher Has Words For The Police Who Use His Skull Logo

Punisher Creator Gerry Conway Looks to Reclaim Punisher Skull Logo

Bleeding Cool has seen a lot of traffic recently on our story looking at the Punisher's reaction to police offers using his Skull logo as a motif. It's a topic that Bleeding Cool has covered a lot over the years, with soldiers, police and QAnon conspiracy theorists choosing to use the logo of Marvel's most […]

Becky Is Hitting VOD Streaming & Drive-Ins This Friday, Here's A List

Becky Review: Gory And Violent Revenge Film Brings The Goods

Becky became available to stream on VOD platforms this weekend, while also opening on drive-in screens around the country. The Home Alone-style revenge thriller has made waves for having comedic actor Kevin James star as the neo-Nazi bad guy in the film, complete with a swastika tattoo on the back of his head. Stunt casting […]

Dauntless Will Launch The Call Of The Void Update On June 11th

Dauntless Will Launch The Call Of The Void Update On June 11th

Phoenix Labs have revealed that the next update to Dauntless called "Call Of The Void" will be dropping into the game on June 11th. This is going to be a massive content update that will throw in a bunch of new challenges such as a gauntlet, an evolving narrative, a training area for people to […]

Reaver #8 Review: "Trying To Be The Shepherd"

Reaver #8 Review: Trying To Be The Shepherd

Two members of a team pressed into saving the world meet again on the edge of it, covered in blood and surrounded by fire. No, it's not the second act of Avengers: Endgame but a fantasy yarn about bad deeds and the lengthy quest for redemption. Essen Breaker is normally a natural disaster of a […]

Maggie returns to The Walking Dead (Image: AMC).

The Walking Dead: Greg Nicotero Teases Jaw-Dropping Season 10 Finale

Leave it to The Walking Dead season finale director Greg Nicotero to know just the right words to get fans excited for the series' return (whenever that may be). We've been passing the time waiting for news on when the mothership series will finally wrap up its tenth season, when Fear the Walking Dead will […]

Santa Ragione Announces Milky Way Prince – The Vampire Star

Santa Ragione Announces Milky Way Prince – The Vampire Star

Santa Ragione revealed their latest game this week as Milky Way Prince – The Vampire Star will debut at the Steam Game Festival this year. Technically, the game was first shown off at the Independent Games Festival as a student entry, but as far as getting a more public reveal, next week is when the […]

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How Batman #92 Puts Gotham City on Lockdown From DC Comics This Week

On March 29th, 2020 I write a Bleeding Cool article which, at the time, was meant to tease that week's upcoming Batman #92. It wasn't published, instead, Diamond Comic Distributors warehoused the print run and shut down, as a result of coronavirus pandemic orders. Over two months later, it is finally coming to comic books […]

Willem Dafoe Stars In Tommaso, Check Out The Trailer Now

Willem Dafoe Stars In Tommaso, Check Out The Trailer Now

Willem Dafoe's latest collaboration with director Abel Ferrara Tommaso is now available to stream on VOD services. The surreal drama had its debut at last years Cannes Film Festival, Tommaso tells the story of a man trying to hold onto his sobriety while his life spins out of control down darker and darker paths. Reviews […]

Desperados III Receives A new Interactive Trailer

Check Out The Special Desperados III Miniatures Trailer

To celebrate the release Desperados III, THQ Nordic released a special trailer this week featuring all of the characters in miniature form. In this trailer, actions speak more than words. At least that's the way the developers view it as they have created this special trailer of real-life miniature action figures, which was staged in […]

ucs comic

Now UCS Distributes Marvel, Image, Dark Horse Etc – Midtown Backstock

UCS Comic Distributors is one of the two new premiere distributors of DC Comics monthly titles. They were formed when DC Comics approached Midtown Comics for a solution during Diamond shutdown, and now it's become part of DC's permanent solution, dropping Diamond entirely. One question is if UCS will distribute my other publishers as well […]

The official logo for WWE Friday Night Smackdown.

AJ Styles Exposed Himself to Drew Gulak on WWE Smackdown

With a week to go before the Intercontinental Championship match between Daniel Bryan and AJ Styles on next week's WWE Smackdown, the pair faced off in a war of words on Smackdown last night. Styles accused Bryan of doing things the hard way by fighting for his spot in the tournament finals last week. Styles […]

NACON Officially Announces "Hunting Simulator 2"

Hunting Simulator 2 Receives A New Equipment Trailer

NACON released a brand new trailer this week for Hunting Simulator 2 showing off all of the equipment you'll be able to use. As anyone who does game hunting in the wilderness knows, you can't just take one single shotgun or rifle out into the wild and hunt for whatever you want. What you hunt […]

Magic: The Gathering Core 2021 News And Reveals Continue

Masticore Of Its Domain – The Daily LITG, 6th June 2020

The world seems like a terrible and strange place sometimes, but fandom still brings us together. These are strange times, but The Daily LITG is becoming a valuable way to quantify just what comic book geek culture is up to in this time of trial. Yesterday that saw Magic The Gathering Masticore reveals even beat […]

Laszlo from What We Do in the Shadows (Image: FX Networks).

What We Do in the Shadows Review: Witches Casts Sexy Comedic Spell

Once again, FX's What We Do in the Shadows proves to be the best remedy and escape from reality currently staking out a spot on broadcast, cable, or streaming. It has been the best way to kick back and relax after long workdays; and with each episode, they manage to make characters more likable and […]

New Funko Layoffs Include Funko Funkast and Heartfelt Goodbyes

Funko Layoffs Will Now Include Funko Funkast And Social Staff

This pandemic has taken its toll, and we will continue to still see the fallout in the months to come. One big hit inside the toy community is the layoffs at Funko. We have already seen reports that Funko will be cutting back shipments this year, as well as postponing and canceling a lot of […]

Roger Goodell speaks to the NFL players (Image: NFL)

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell: "We Were Wrong for Not Listening"

The National Football League took heat from both current and veteran players for what was described at best as a tepid response and at worst as empty, hypocritical noise in their message of "support" for the George Floyd protestors and NFL players. So much so that over a dozen NFL players got together to record […]

Star Wars The Last Jedi "Broom Boy" Shoots His Shot On Returning

Star Wars The Last Jedi "Broom Boy" Shoots His Shot On Returning

Star Wars: The Last Jedi is the most divisive film of the last decade. No matter which side of the argument, you fall on that cannot be denied. What also cannot be denied is that the ending is awesome. During the Canto Bight sequence in the film, we meet a young stable boy named Temiri […]

Kingdom Majestic Compilation Coming To Consoles In Europe

Kingdom Majestic Compilation Coming To Consoles In Europe

The indie micro-strategy game series Kingdom is getting a compilation release in Europe! Kingdom Majestic, the brainchild of development team Raw Fury and game publisher Microids Indie, will release on that continent on July 9th of this year. This compilation of the 2016 indie strategy game Kingdom New Lands and its 2018 follow-up sequel Kingdom Two Crowns will feature […]


Diamond Says DC Comics Terminated Relationship Rather Than Answer Qs

Today, Bleeding Cool ran the news that DC Comics is to quit Diamond Comic Distributors, in favour of their newly created distributors UCS Comic Distributors and Lunar Distribution. In the Q&A, DC Comics blamed the existing direct market. There was plenty of gossip all round. In the latest of a series of statements that are […]

The Miz & John Morrison’s prank makes Braun Strowman explode in anger: SmackDown, June 5, 2020

Who Won the Prank War on WWE Smackdown Last Night?

On last night's WWE Smackdown, Miz and Morrison fell victim to one of the classic blunders, the most famous of which is "never get involved in a land war in Asia," but only slightly less well-known is this: never play pranks on a monster among men. Did Braun Strowman end up on top by the […]

Mobile Indie Game Crying Suns Launching On June 25th

Mobile Indie Game Crying Suns Launching On June 25th

Humble Games, creators of the Humble Bundle, is working together with Alt-Shift to bring Crying Suns, a new indie rogue-lite game, to mobile! The game will be coming out on June 25th of this year. Crying Suns, as explained by the above image, is a tactical rogue-lite game where you take the role of the […]

Marvel Collect! By Topps App Part 1

Topps Marvel Collect! App Puts Out A Card With Kirkman's Invincible?

Marvel Collect! by Topps launched as an app about a year ago, and it's very likely an app many have seen advertised.  The app works much like the other apps that Topps has produced by promoting virtual trading card collecting. The app is free, but of course, to get certain types of currency to guarantee […]

A look behind the scenes of Netflix's Cowboy Bebop (Image: Netflix).

Cowboy Bebop Writer: Netflix Adapt Won't "Scarlett Johansson" Anime

Between series star John Cho's injury and the COVID-19-related production shutdown, the news vibe on Netflix's live-action Cowboy Bebop series had been quiet for some time. But over the past few weeks (and with word that filming location New Zealand is opening back up for film and television productions), fans have had reason to feel […]

Indie Action-RPG Tower Of Time Coming To Switch, PS4, And XBox One

Indie Action-RPG Tower Of Time Coming To Switch, PS4 & Xbox One

Indie game publisher Digerati, in conjunction with developer Event Horizon, has announced the upcoming launch dates for their action-RPG Tower of Time for various consoles. Tower of Time will release for the PlayStation 4 on June 23rd or 24th, the Nintendo Switch on June 25th, and the Xbox One on June 26th. Tower of Time is […]