2000AD Revives Invasion 1984 To Help London's Cartoon Museum in 2020

Rebellion, publishers of Judge Dredd Megazine and 2000AD, is helping out London's Cartoon Museum and its fundraising activities. They are  creating a special T-shirt, profits from which will go towards keeping this museum going through these rough times. The new T-shirt, available exclusively from the 2000 AD and Treasury of British Comics webshops, features the […]

The Ren & Stimpy Show will be reimagined for Comedy Central (Image: ViacomCBS)

The Ren & Stimpy Show Reimagining Joins Comedy Central Animation Block

Even with live-action television productions across the pop culture landscape slowly starting back up, viewers should be ready for another wave of announced delays as networks and streamers look for replacement programming. One of those sources is adult animation because of how production work can readily be adjusted to meet COVID-19 and social distancing, and […]

Logitech G Releases The G923 Racing Wheel & Pedals

This morning, Logitech G unveiled the G923 Racing Wheel and Pedals, giving you a new racing experience from your own home. The company has made two versions, one for the Xbox One and one for the PS4, both of which will give you as realistic of a feeling for those who are obsessed with driving […]

Has The Big Death In Empyre #4 Already Been Undercut? (Spoilers)

That Very Big Moment From Empyre #4 (Spoilers)

We mentioned this last night and everything seemed to explode. The big revealed ending for today's Empyre #4. An issue that saw Hulkling take some rather regrettable decisions, as the new emperor of both Skrull and Kree empires in an assault against the genocidal Cotati alien race, as it seems that one good genocide deserves […]

Will Sasha Banks and Gina Carano be mixing it up before The Mandalorian? (Images: WWE/Disney+)

The Mandalorian Season 2: WWE's Sasha Banks "Calls Out" Gina Carano

Disney+ live-action Star Wars spinoff series The Mandalorian is one of those very rare 2020 returning series that somehow found a way to dodge most of the obstacles COVID-19 threw at television productions across the pop culture landscape. Series creator Jon Favreau confirmed the series' second-season return for October, and that EP Dave Filoni, Peyton […]

This Is The Zodiac Speaking Will Be Released In September

This Is The Zodiac Speaking Gets New Details & A Trailer

Klabater and Punch Punk Games revealed new details and a Kickstarter today that their upcoming game, This Is The Zodiac Speaking. We've known about the game for a few months now, including the release date of September 24th, 2020 for PC and all three major consoles. But this week we learned a little bit more […]

Fantomex And The Marvel Universe

Fantomex Has Been Around A Lot Longer Than We Thought (Spoilers)

Fantomex is a weird character. Created by Grant Morrison and Igor Kordey in New X-Men #128 back in 2002), he was designed as a character playing off of European pulp heroes Fantômas and Diabolik. He was later revealed to be an escaped experiment from the Weapon Plus programme that created Captain America, Deadpool and Wolverine. […]

Hitmen: A Tone-Deaf, Unfunny Sitcom About Contract Killers

Hitmen Review: Tone-Deaf, Unfunny Sitcom Misses Its Mark By A Mile

Hitmen on paper looks like a pitch in every screenwriter's drawer: a comedy about goofy contract killers on the job. That's like the default of every screenwriter. It stars British comediennes Mel Giedroyc and Sue Perkins aka Mel and Sue as a pair of goofy killers who are barely competent at their jobs. It is […]

PUBG Mobile Gets An Ancient Secret & A New Arena In Latest Update

PUBG Mobile Gets An Ancient Secret & A New Arena In Latest Update

PUBG Mobile is getting freaky as Tencent Games and PUBG Corp. have released new content into the game revealing an ancient secret. With what looks like the kind of content you would expect to see in Destiny 2 or Warframe, the devs have added in a new Ancient Secret Mode update that includes in-game events […]

Gen 13, New Gods and Sci-Fi – More Big Comics From DC in 2021

We looked at some of the DC Omnibuses, Absolutes and Compendiums scheduled for 2021 earlier, but there are plenty of other big books aside from the predictable collections of currently serialised comic books, that also may suggest upcoming publishing plans. With Grifter arriving in Batman #101, could a new collection of Gen 13 suggest a […]

The official logo of the WWE.

Khan Taking Over WWE, Assumes Role as Company's New President

With ratings in the gutter and nothing they throw at the wall seeming to stick, WWE has resorted to hiring a Khan to run the company. Upstart wrestling promotion has a Khan. Two of them in fact. So it couldn't hurt for WWE to try one, right? In a press release this morning, WWE announced […]

PC Building Simulator Receieves An Esports Expansion

PC Building Simulator Receieves An Esports Expansion

PC Building Simulator just got a new expansion that will have you dealing with the obsessed esports player as you build them a tower. The Irregular Corporation has released the latest esports expansion for their indie hit onto both Steam and GOG, as you become the engineer behind the talent. You'll be building, repairing, and […]

The Biggest, Baddest Spoilers for The Walking Dead #192

Has The Big Death In Empyre #4 Already Been Undercut? (Spoilers)

Superhero deaths have become a bit of a sigh-inducing trope over the last couple of decades. A big event, a big death, a few years pass and that death is reversed. At one point, Marvel Comics implemented a dead-is-dead edict to try and counter this but it didn't take. Recently Jonathan Hickman baked the revolving […]

Rich Swann cuts a promo to close out Impact Wrestling on 8/4/2020

Impact Wrestling 8/4/2020 Report Part 2: The Agony of Rich Swann

Impact Wrestling's first episode in a post-Raw-Underground wrestling landscape is struggling to find its way in a world much different than 48 hours ago. Can Impact succeed? We'll see her in part two of our Impact report. We get a promo for Brian Myers, and then Eddie Edwards comes to the ring. Looks like his […]

Akupara Games Announces The Darkside Detective: Season 2 For 2021

Akupara Games Announces The Darkside Detective: Season 2 For 2021

Akupara Games announced this week that sometime in 2021, they will be releasing Season Two of The Darkside Detective. Working with developer Spooky Doorway, the devs will be bringing the game back for another round of adventures as you solve six new point-and-click mysteries surrounding ghosts, the afterlife, the occult, and more. We got more […]

Marvel Cancels Doctor Strange With Today's #6 - Updating the MIA List

Marvel Cancels Doctor Strange With Today's #6

It was never officially stated as cancelled, but there wasn't a Doctor Strange #7 even in Marvel's original June 2020 solicitations, only a #6 in May. Then shutdown happened, no one knew exactly what was happening and the solicited Doctor Strange comic books were rescheduled rather than being canned as some were. However, today's Doctor […]

Johnny Swinger gets the 3-way he asked for... but not like he expected on Impact Wrestling 8/4/2020

Impact Wrestling 8/4/2020 Report Part 1: Johnny Swinger's Lucky Day

Impact Wrestling airs tonight, but it's got a lot to live up to. Shane McMahon changed the world yesterday when he brought the exciting new concept of "Raw Underground" to WWE Monday Night Raw last night. Will any other form of pro wrestling be able to compete again. We'll find out tonight, I guess. Previously […]

Niantic is Running Tests to Change the Pokémon GO PokéCoin System

Niantic Is Running Tests To Change The Pokémon GO PokéCoin System

Niantic has been running PokéCoin tests in Australia since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. These limited trials have introduced to these Australian Pokémon GO trainers to new methods of accruing PokéCoins through daily tasks. Currently, the only permanent way to earn PokéCoins is by keeping Pokémon in gyms for a certain amount of time each […]

Marvel Comics Cancels Black Cat- But She Returns in The King In Black

Marvel Comics Cancels Black Cat- But She Returns in The King In Black

Black Cat was one of the delayed-then-rescheduled Marvel Comics titles but solicitations for Black Cat after #12, out today, in the much anticipated Black Cat Iron Man armour issue. But Marvel also confirms that it is the final issue of the series – if the lack of schedules for months to come hadn't given it […]

New Who's The Boss? Series Planned; Tony Danza, Alyssa Milano Return

With an announcement that we have to admit we didn't see coming and actually sounds pretty promising, Sony Pictures Television and returning original cast members Tony Danza (Tony Micelli) and Alyssa Milano (Samantha Micelli) are teaming up for a sequel series to the classic ABC sitcom Who's The Boss?. The original series is part of […]

Amazon Launches A New Starfinder Interactive Audio Game

Amazon Launches A New Starfinder Interactive Audio Game

Amazon has teamed up with Paizo to release a brand new interactive audio game based in the Starfinder universe using Alexa. The game has three episodes that you can play immediately, featuring the voice talents of Nathan Fillion and Laura Bailey, among others. You can play the game using any Alexa-enabled device, including Amazon Echo, […]

Robin King, Harley Quinn and Empyre in The Daily LITG 5th August 2020

Robin King, Harley Quinn and Empyre in The Daily LITG 5th August 2020

The world can seem like a terrible and strange place sometimes, but at Bleeding Cool you can still read all about comics, merch, TV shows, games, movies and more. Yesterday, that saw comic books take the headlines back with the new Robin King, Harley Quinn's new look at a BIG spoiler for Empyre #4. The […]

MARVEL'S AGENTS OF S.H.I.E.L.D. - "Brand New Day" - With the help of Kora on the inside, Sibyl and Nathanial continue their fight to shape a dark new future for S.H.I.E.L.D., managing to stay one step ahead of the agents along the way. If the team is going to turn this one around, they'll have to get creative, and maybe even a little out of this world, on the penultimate episode of "Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.," airing WEDNESDAY, AUG. 5 (10:00 - 11:00 p.m. EDT), on ABC. - (ABC/Mitch Haaseth) MING-NA WEN

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Season 7 Preview: A Dark New Future Takes Shape

We're going to start off this bare-bones preview (not our fault) for this week's Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. with an observation. "Brand New Day" is the penultimate episode of the series' run, with next week's "The End Is at Hand" and "What We're Fighting For" serving as the two-hour, two-episode wrap-up. With that said, things […]

Black Desert Mobile Launches Two New Game Modes

Pearl Abyss revealed today that Black Desert Mobile just got two new game modes with Path Of Glory and Field Of Valor. Both modes are designed to give you a little bit of an option in gameplay while still giving you the BD experience. Path Of Glory follows more of the classic tower-defense gameplay, while […]

Jimmy Palmiotti Promotes POP KILL and Gives Bleeding Cool 20% Off

Jimmy Palmiotti writes for Bleeding Cool about The Long Journey into Kickstarter – and a gift to the Bleeding Cool readers.  POP KILL #2 is currently running live. It's my 14th Kickstarter. We have art by Dave Johnson, Juan Santacruz, Brian Reber, Amanda Conner, and story by Dave and I; all put together by the […]

WWE Raw 8/3/20 Part 4 - And Then it All Went Horribly, Horribly Wrong (Image: WWE)

Raw Underground, Poison, and Non-Political Antifa Equals WWE Ratings

The numbers are in, and it's official: Raw Underground equals ratings. Also, poisoning Montez Ford so he collapses before and during a match equals ratings. And also, having non-political Antifa protestors in hoodies throw firebombs at a transformer equals ratings. I'm not making judgments here. The numbers speak for themselves. Raw Underground Equals Raw Viewership […]

Funko Announces Anime Saint Seiya Pop Vinyls

Funko Announces Anime Saint Seiya: Knights of the Zodiac Pop Vinyls

Anime fans rejoin! The hit series Saint Seiya: Knights of the Zodiac is getting their own wave of Funko Pop vinyl. Packed with colors and new molding technique some of your foveate knight's return. Saint Seiya fans will be happy to see 5 of their favorite characters with Pegasus Seiya, Andromeda Shun, Cygnus Yoga, Dragon […]

The Biggest, Baddest Spoilers for The Walking Dead #192

Marvel Comics' Empyre #4 Will Make News Headlines Worldwide SPOILERS

Tomorrow will see the publication of Empyre #4, the fourth issue of Marvel Comics series that has seen the Avengers and the Fantastic Four deal with a combined invasion of Skrull and Kree alien empires together – that turned out to be an assault on the seemingly-peaceful plant-like Cotati race. But then it turned out […]

An official poster for Mulan. Credit: Disney

Mulan Will Drop On Disney+ On September 4th

Oh, this is not a good thing for anyone. Disney is currently hosting one of their earnings call, and they have dropped something is likely going to have a massive ripple effect on the industry as a whole. Mulan was the first big Disney property that was delayed from the COVID-19 pandemic and got so close […]

Level99 Games' EXCEED Fighting System Adds BlazBlue To Its Roster

Level99 Games' EXCEED Fighting System Adds BlazBlue To Its Roster

Level99, a game company that prides itself by being a top source for anime-based tabletop games across the globe, has announced a new set of expansion decks for its card game, the renowned EXCEED Fighting System. This expansion will be based on the BlazBlue series of fighting video games. As mentioned in our review of the […]

Stephen Mooney's Half Past Danger Returns With a Christmas Special

Stephen Mooney's Half Past Danger Returns With a Christmas Special

It may be July, but that won't stop creator Stephen Mooney from celebrating. Mooney's creator-owned series Half Past Danger was first released by IDW Publishing back in 2013 and ran for two volumes. It is a pulpy WWII story that pitted Staff Sergeant Tommy "Irish" Flynn, a soldier who thought he knew what monsters were, […]

Watch The Trailer For Horror Film Murder In The Woods Right Here

Watch The Trailer For Horror Film Murder In The Woods Right Here

The trailer for Danny Trejo starring film Murder in the Woods has debuted online. The horror film stars José Julián (A Better Life, Shameless), Jeanette Samano (ISA, Female Fight Squad), Chelsea Rendon (Vida, Bright), Catherine Toribio (Jane the Virgin), Jordan Diambrini (The Outfield) and Kade Wise (Empire), Soledad St. Hilaire (Beatriz at Dinner), Kurt Caceres (Better […]

Overwatch Launches Its Summer Games 2020 Event

Overwatch Launches Its Summer Games 2020 Event

Blizzard has officially launched the Summer Games 2020 event in Overwatch, bringing with it a ton of new activities and skins. Like most events, you're getting a bunch of new items you can unlock or purchase with in-game currency, but this time around they've added a new game with Lucioball Remix. For those of you […]

Meltdown Comics Building Burns Down in Los Angeles

What Was Once Meltdown, Burns Down, In Los Angeles

Industry-leading and highly prominent comic book store Meltdown Comics of Sunset Boulevard,  Los Angeles closed down for good back in 2018 after twenty-five years.  Famous for appearing in many movies and TV shows, with a prominent A-list actor customer base and a tendency to hit all manner of headlines, with promotions, launches and premieres. The […]

LOS ANGELES, CA - June 05, 2018: Mario Lopez at the premiere for "Incredibles 2" at the El Capitan Theatre (Image: Featureflash Photo Agency / Shutterstock.com)

Saved By the Bell Actor Mario Lopez Talks Revival Series, Career

Mario Lopez has quite an impressive eclectic television resume. The actor and host is most synonymous with his role on the NBC Saturday Morning youth sitcom Saved by the Bell and spinoffs as the popular jock and dancer A.C. Slater. Since the series, Lopez has been front and center with hosting gigs on the entertainment […]

McFarlane Toys RAW-10 Uncage’s the Ape Known as Cy-Gor

McFarlane Toys RAW-10 Uncage's the Ape Known as Cy-Gor

Last week McFarlane Toys showed off a new line of figures; Raw 10. It featured robotic animal warriors that had devastating power fused with cybernetics implants. There were four figures in total, but the one most people will know Cy-Gor from Todd McFarlane's Spawn series. This character was created initially by McFarland for his toy […]