"Onward" Review: A Love Letter to All Things Fantasy, D&D, and Family

"Onward" Was Initially Not Set in a Fantasy World at All

Onward has been on digital streaming services for a week now and is set to debut on Disney+ this Friday. It is a really well-done film and has a pretty straight-forward story. That is except for its setting. Putting this very deeply personal story in a modern world that contains magic was a genius idea, […]

Virtual Viewing of Disney's Magic Happens Parade

Disney Parks Blog Posts "Magic Happens" Parade Video

Disney Parks Blog has been blowing up their YouTube account trying to put a smile on all of our faces the last couple days. And I have to say, when not making me cry because I miss being in the parks dearly, they for sure provide a lift. Today they posted a virtual viewing of […]


"Mulan: Rise of A Warrior": A Look at the 2009 Live Action Movie

Disney's Mulan was supposed to open in China and the US this week, but it was postponed due to the coronavirus pandemic. Theatres in China and the US are closed. Nobody is going out. Disney has to eat any potential box office revenues from the postponement, but no cinemas are open to show it anyway! […]

Rebecca Hall Talks Iron Man 3

Rebecca Hall Shares New Details About Her "Iron Man 3" Villain

When it comes to Marvel Cinematic Universe movies the one that is probably the most divisive among the fanbase is Iron Man 3. There are some people who think it's the best of the Iron Man movies and some who, to this day, are still mad about the twist ending involving the Mandarin. As we are […]

#VoicesFromHome: Dapper Dans Share Disney Magic

Disney "Dapper Dans" Bring Us A Little Disney Magic at Home

Disney fans: I feel you. Almost on an hourly basis, I think about the Parks. While I have never been to Disneyland, I have been to Disney World on multiple occasions, and life is basically just passing the time until I can get back again. The snacks, the rides, the magic. Yes, magic. Disney magic […]

"Black Widow": David Harbour Says Red Guardian is the "Best Character" in the MCU

David Harbour Thinks it Would Be Fun if Black Widow Released Online

David Harbour thinks we shouldn't have to wait for theaters to be open to see Black Widow. He thinks we should see it now. The actor has thrown his support behind just putting the movie out on VOD services, instead of waiting for theaters to reopen after the current situation is over, as he told […]

Shiri Appleby

Shiri Appleby May Direct New Disney+ Body-Switching Film

Shiri Appleby is in talks to direct a new body-switching film for Disney+. The deal is being worked on right now, as talks have taken place over Zoom while the Hollywood shut-down continues with no end in sight. The film is titled Wouldn't It Be Nice, with a script by writer Emma Fletcher (Parks and […]

Storytime with John Stamos | Disney

John Stamos Reads Disney Storybook "A Kiss Goodnight"

John Stamos is a huge Disney fan like a lot of us. He owns an extensive Disney memorabilia collection, posts constantly from the parks on social media (usually from Disneyland in California), and he has starred in a bunch of Disney-related specials on tv and online. On their YouTube page right now, they are hosting […]

Disneyland 2017 Holiday

Disney Parks in California, Florida to Stay Closed Indefinitely

Disney Parks in California and Florida are staying closed indefinitely. They made the announcement this afternoon, after stay at home orders are still in affect for Orlando and all of California where Walt Disney World and Disneyland are located. In addition, all employees will be paid now through at least April 18th. Check out Disney's […]

Star Wars Concept Art 1

Star Wars: Yahoo Debuts New "Rise of Skywalker" Concept Art

Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker has come and gone, yet still is hotly debated by the fanbase. It will continue to be for years and years. Into that debate comes the Rise of Skywalker Art Book, full of concept art, VFX shots, and tons more info from the beginning stages of the production all […]

Meghan Markle

Meghan Markle To Narrate Disney+ Nature Doc 'Elephant'

Meghan Markle has her first Hollywood gig after leaving the Royal Family. She will narrate the upcoming Disney+ Nature documentary Elephant. The film "follows one family's extraordinary 1,000-mile journey across Africa on an adventure that will change their lives." The film goes live on April 3rd. This will be Meghan Markle's first official anything after […]

Will Disney+ Bring Back More Star Wars Characters?

Disney+ in April: Onward, More Clone Wars, National Treasure, and More

Disney+ is adding some great content throughout April for us all to enjoy while we are social distancing. The biggest news of course that Onward will hit the streaming service on April 3rd, only four weeks after being in theaters. The final season of Star Wars: The Clone Wars continues, tons of new and awesome […]

"The New Mutants" Director Talks Those Reshoots Rumors

"The New Mutants": Screenwriter Comments on the Original Delays

The New Mutants has had quite a journey trying to get to the big screen. It was originally supposed to be released in 2018 where Fox was gearing up to have a very interesting year of X-Men movies. There were three, The New Mutants, Dark Phoenix, and Deadpool 2, and they all looked completely different from each […]

"The Rise of Skywalker": Greg Grunberg Says There is No Directors Cut

"The Rise of Skywalker": Greg Grunberg Says There is No Directors Cut

To say that Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker divided fans would be a bit of an understatement. In fact, the last two Star Wars movies have been divisive but that's a different article. There were a lot of people that weren't happy with the way everything wrapped up. Some began to latch onto the idea […]

"The New Mutants" Director Felt Less Pressure After "Dark Phoenix"

"The New Mutants" Director Felt Less Pressure After "Dark Phoenix"

The world is in sort of a weird place right now and a lot of movies and productions are getting rightfully delayed due to the coronavirus and theater closures. While all of these delays are sad there have been others that feel like kicking someone when they are down. One of those movies is The New […]

'Star Wars' Tribute To 'The Dark Crystal' That Was Cut From 'Rise of Skywalker'

'Star Wars' Tribute To 'Labyrinth' Cut From 'Rise of Skywalker'

Star Wars fans have a complaint, well, lots of complaints about the sequel trilogy of films, but one of the chief ones is the lack of an abundance of creatures. The Rise of Skywalker had some creatures, including Babu Frik, but one bigger creature that was cut form the film would have had special meaning […]

"Onward" Review: A Love Letter to All Things Fantasy, D&D, and Family

"Onward" is Getting an Early Digital and Streaming Release

If there was one bigger movie that was truly impacted by the spread of the coronavirus it would probably be Onward. The Pixar movie garnered pretty decent reviews from critics but within days of its release, it became very apparent that the box office was going to suffer for this one. Onward has only made $103 million […]

Auto Draft

Production on "Avatar 2" and its Sequels Delayed Due to Coronavirus

The delays keep coming as coronavirus continues to spread around the world. There are some productions where the delays and shutdowns seem like kicking someone when they are down. For example, The New Mutants finally had a release date and was ramping up its marketing just in time to get another delay. Uncharted has been in […]

"Black Widow": The Filmmakers Really Wanted to "Get Under Her Skin"

"Black Widow": The Filmmakers Really Wanted to "Get Under Her Skin"

Yesterday, we got word that Disney decided to delay the release of Black Widow due to the coronavirus. Anyone who has been following the Hollywood centric news about the virus more or less knew that this was coming. It just didn't seem like everything would be back to normal in less than six weeks so Disney […]

New "Artemis Fowl" Behind-the-Scenes Featurette

Hear an Irish Blessing in this New "Artemis Fowl" Teaser

Disney announced another round of delays for their movies yesterday and it was a little surprising to see that Artemis Fowl was not on that list. Disney has delayed through the middle of May and this movie is just a week or so later. Maybe Disney is hopeful that things will even out a bit […]