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Penguin Random House Extend Last Sunday's FOC To Wednesday Midnight
Earlier this week, Bleeding Cool reported on Penguin Random House having to apologise for their retailer ordering platform ".Biz" going down on Sunday, right when comic book store Final Order Cut-Off orders were due. We are aware that there was an outage on .Biz from 8:08pm EST January 17th to 7:00am EST January 18th that directly[...]
Hawkeye, X-Men, X-Force Delayed At Diamond But Not From PRH
Diamond Comic Distributors have let retailers know that "due to a systems issue affecting Penguin Random House", the following Marvel Comics titles — originally solicited with an on-sale date of November 24th  will now arrive one week late with comics intended to be sold on the 1st of December." This also means that stores that[...]
This Week's Marvel Delivery From Penguin Random House Looks Better
This is a look at Rodman Comics of Iowa, Ankeny's delivery of this week's Marvel Comics titles from Penguin Random House Not the damage replacements but the actual weekly Marvel Comics delivery Looking more and more like a Lunar Comics Distribution package and a sign that Penguin Random House have fixed the comic book distribution[...]
Penguin Random House Marvel Comics Deliveries - Getting Better?
Bleeding Cool has been showing you a shower of terrible comic book deliveries from Penguin Random House to comic book stores these past few weeks The shipped comics have often arrived in terrible, unsellable condition, leading Penguin Random House to issue an apology. Photo sent to Bleeding Cool by comic book store, permission granted. However, the damage[...]
Retailers Report On Marvel Comics Damages From Penguin Random House
Bleeding Cool has been covering a number of issues with the first week's shipment of Marvel Comics titles to comic book stores from their new exclusive distributor Penguin Random House, as well as an apology them made to comic stores for what went down One comic book store owner Mark Hajunga of Comics, Cards &[...]
Penguin Random House Apologises for Marvel Comics Distribution Issues
One overseas retailer writes to Bleeding Cool regarding Penguin Random House distribution of Marvel Comics, saying; During the summer I placed an order just to try them out and to get some backlist DC and Kodansha I received my shipment in August and as you can see by the attached images it was in a terrible[...]
Retailers Report On Marvel Comics Damages From Penguin Random House
Penguin Random House have issued the following statement to comic book retailers who have been ordering Marvel Comics from them "Thank you for reaching out and providing your feedback in regard to damaged product We appreciate your patience as our teams are working through the claims backlog Please be advised that replacement stock is limited[...]
Penguin Random House Lost Their First Marvel Comics Shipment To DCBS
Well, that's not a great start for Penguin Random House is it? DCBS is the biggest retailer of direct market comic books in the world, which is why it was picked by DC Comics to become their exclusive distributor of direct market comic books to other retailers, Lunar Distribution They are now also distributing Ahoy[...]
Diamond Responds To IDW Distriubution Announcement I Haven't Seen
IDW Publishing and Penguin Random House Publisher Services  today announced an exclusive worldwide multi-year sales and distribution agreement for IDW's newly published and backlist comic book periodicals, trade collections, and graphic novels to the Direct Market comic shops beginning June 1, 2022 The new agreement complements and expands their current partnership, in which PRHPS sells[...]
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As of next week and going forward, all Marvel Comics/Penguin Random House items will have Sunday Final Cut-Off Order dates, rather than Monday The first will be this Sunday, the 11th of July, with the cut-off being midnight ET, or 9 pm PT, or 5 am the next morning BST Diamond will continue Monday FOC for[...]
Marvel Cancels Diamond Orders Must Reorder On New Terms
Instead, they must be reordered from Diamond using the new less favourable terms, or through Penguin Random House's possibly less favourable terms These have been added to this month's Previews – which explains why the collection list is so long in the September solicitations The shoes have started to drop… Cancels Diamond Orders Must Reorder On[...]
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After Diamond Comic Distributors lost 85% of DC Comics direct market distribution to its own biggest customer, DCBS, in the form of Lunar Distribution, it then appears to have lost the same amount of Marvel Comics direct market distribution to its Maryland neighbour, Penguin Random House However, Diamond had a get-out clause, those stores that[...]
First Reactions To Marvel Comics/Penguin Random House/Diamond News
Penguin Random House is starting to up the game as they get closer to becoming Marvel's exclusive direct market distributor to the direct market of North America It looks like that, as with DC Comics, Diamond UK's monopoly on the direct market of Marvel may be retained – I'm trying to get further confirmation on[...]
Retailer Exclusive Marvel Covers Only Through Penguin Random House
Bleeding Cool understands that Marvel Comics will only be offering retailer exclusive covers of comic books directly through their new exclusive direct market distributor Penguin Random House Retailers, shows, subscription boxes, or creator studios will not be allowed to order them through the wholesale distributor, Diamond. Bleeding Cool has been looking at the  Diamond/Penguin Random House/Marvel[...]