Lying In The Gutters: 4th March 2013 – Blackface Geordi La Forge And Other ECCC Controversy


Geordi La Forge cosplay at ECCC…

This year's ECCC had, for the first time, streaming video for many panels. Which meant every word, every inflection wasn't just performed for the present gathering of people but for the whole world. Which means when someone said something that might be considered newsworthy or unfortunate, I received several emails almost instantly. There was one story we ran specifically around one individual's contentious statements, that were reported, word for word, in context. However the person he spoke about denied the story, it all went a little batshit crazy. The publisher in question requested that I remove the story, which I did because they asked so nicely. With camphones, wifi and all manner of new technology, this kind of event may occur more and more. Naturally there needs to be more care for the speaker when his audience can be worldwide, rather then twenty people in a room. But also there has to be understanding that people are people, and may showboat, exaggerate or just speak out of turn when there's an audience.

So anyway, what have people been reading this week?

Top Twenty Traffic Stories Of The Week

  1.  When DC's Batbook Covers Gently Weep
  2. I've Just Had A Terrible Thought About Those Marvel Teasers
  3. Uncanny Avengers #4 Tells You The Future Of The Marvel Universe
  4. The Amazing Spider-Man's New Mary Jane
  5. Mike Deodato On THAT Avengers Cover
  6. Sam Raimi Plans To Write Evil Dead 4 This Summer
  7. Looks Like John C. Reilly Will Be Popping Up In Anchorman
  8. Now Every New 52 DC Comic Spoils Batman Inc #8
  9. Batman Inc #8 – An Early Review. With Some Spoilers
  10. Marvel Counts To A New 52?
  11. The New Iron Man Poster Seems To Back Up The Guardians Of The Galaxy Tie-In Story
  12. Before Watchmen Becomes After Watchmen
  13. A Death Of A Legionnaire… And The Future Of The Legion
  14. A Little Shuffling At DC Comics
  15. Eight Thoughts About Eight Comics
  16. If Doc Ock Can Be Spider-Man, Then I Guess Ultron Can Be Doc Ock
  17. Halle Berry Says She's Almost Certainly Back For More Storm
  18. Rumour: Marvel's Got Movie Plans For The Hulk, But Not A Trip To Planet Hulk
  19. The Return Of "What If" To Marvel
  20. Iron Man 3 Poster – Seven Iron Men In Action

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And Yet Ten More From ECCC

  1. Marvel ECCC Panel Lays Out Future Story Plans
  2. Matt Fraction To Write Sign Language Issue Of Hawkeye
  3. Marvel ECCC: The Spreadsheets That Track The Marvel Universe
  4. It's Possible That JMS May Not Be Writing For Dynamite Any Time Soon
  5. A New Female Ventriloquist For Batgirl
  6. ECCC: A Dark Horse Contender
  7. The Cosplay Of ECCC
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  9.  Centaur Policemen
  10. ECCC IDW Panel: The Truth Is Still Out There – X-Files Returns, With Chris Carter

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